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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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#3226 Old 19th May 2018 at 6:44 AM
Loki Beaker FINALLY got abducted by aliens! *Does a happy dance* I've played him so many times, and had him up on the roof with the telescope night after night throughout his entire adult life; I was starting to think he was hard-coded not be to abducted.
#3227 Old 19th May 2018 at 1:53 PM
the curiouses are still the weirdest people in my game,their new home looks like this

yes it was originlly 4 frugal lane c

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#3228 Old 19th May 2018 at 10:45 PM
Well last night, I installed meetme's cleaned neighborhood templates and moved Alexandra Teatherton to Strangetown. She quit her job as an Adventurer and is pursuing her LTW as a Captain Hero. I moved Ajay Loner into the same apartment complex as her and cheated so that they could be friends. They both got in the hot tub and Ajay did the 'splash' interaction with Alexandra, resulting in two bolts... THEN they fell in love when I moved Chester Gieke into the apartment complex. I got him into the Criminal career track and did the same thing; I cheated to make him friends with both Alexandra and Ajay. Only problem is that for some reason both Alexandra and Chester fell in love with each other, even though I was careful and hit 'Likes' on the Sim Modder for both. I don't plan on playing either of them extensively but it makes for good drama.


#3229 Old 19th May 2018 at 11:21 PM
Iona Rai-Wrightley, just turned 18 and celebrated by marrying her mob boss boyfriend, Gordon King (who is 2 days away from Elderhood). She also gave birth to twins Wayne and Crimson King. None of these happy things could save their wedding party though, that was a complete disaster since Gordon attacked one of Iona's 13 year old sisters, let alone when he attacked the other. Oops. The couple seem happy though...

Kat Larson gave birth to her third child, Sherie Ottomas. The father is definitely her boyfriend, Richard Ottomas this time, thanks to the bright blonde hair. Her younger son, Clemant became a child. She now has 2 children and a Toddler, whilst living in a small 3 room (1 bedroom, 1 bathroom and a 4x6 living room/kitchen/dining room area) and only working part time. Hopefully once Richard graduates, he'll be able to afford them a nice fancy trailer to live in.

In the the trailer parks, Storm Powers became a teenager, following her older brother Axel. Her younger sister Girr still has 3 more days of childhood. Jonah got fired from his job for coming in late again - shame, he was due a promotion and with that money he was going to move his family to a nice house. Him and Roxie are starting to argue because of the stress that has put on her. She works at a diner in Bluewater village and there's no chance of climbing up the career ladder. Jonah's starting to become friendly to Gordon King, maybe a job in the criminal career track is on the horizon? (Provided Jonah never finds out his youngest daughter is actually Gordon's)

Over in the secret mini-mansion just outside of the city, Fricorith Tricou has gotten himself one of those fancy death phones. Hmm... Who will he resurrect? Maybe his parents? Rainelle? The old vampire woman (Allegra Gorey) who lived in his house before him and loves scaring him on his way to work?

I think Downtown is my favourite subhood

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#3230 Old Yesterday at 9:53 AM
I just stopped for the night but I installed ACR earlier and it's totally awesome. I tested it on some college kids in my test hood (Veronaville) and I started using it on a CAS couple. Ben and Tim Daniels' autonomy wasn't at it's highest but whenever Tim came home from work they would always make out on the couch in their undies. Then I tested twojeff's 'preg for all genders', but I forgot that whoever initiates the interaction they get pregnant... it was Tim . But Squinge's 'pregnant sims wear any outfit' mod works great! All except the fact that there's no mesh for the particular clothes Tim wore, so there was no baby bump, but that'll be solved with a download from here. During this time Ben adopted a neighborhood stray named Ilia(?) and Tim gave birth to a son they named Austin. Of course the moment was ruined by a Hobby NPC coming in to give Tim a card to the secret cooking lot . I didn't take a lot of pictures but here's Austin as a toddler. I couldn't get the camera as close as I wanted to but he takes more after Ben (the one with black hair).

With this I'm gonna eat something and head to bed, I told myself I wouldn't stay up too late and yet here we are .


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#3231 Old Yesterday at 1:59 PM
Primavera, you are having so much fun with your new computer! I agree, ACR is the bomb.

Barbara Jones has been extremely worried since her miscarriage. The doctor has told her she doesn't dare try again. That makes her very low in importance to Lord Krankor and the Chicken Court. She fears he is looking for a reason to send her, Edward, and Bobby to the penal colony. She's not worried about herself or Edward. She's worried about Bobby. There's no coming back from the penal colony.

It's official. They failed to clear tax season, meaning their income was too low to contribute their fair share (90%). They know the Big Eye has been turned on them and are terrified. Barbara called an old friend of her dad's, Maximillian Oglethorpe. He would do anything for his BeBe, so he agreed to sell his home and move in with them to try to help boost their income. He didn't really want to sleep on the sofa, and their house is so small, so he's planning to do some refurb to it.

Max took a good, hard look at their finances. He didn't get a retirement from his job because all retirements were nulled by Lord Krankor. So, all he brought with him was the money from the sale of his house and his savings. The Jones' had saved almost nothing. Max got a job, but has very little chance of advancement. They aren't going to make it. He is determined to keep them out of a penal colony. So, he convinced the pair to advertise for room mates. Thus, Matthew and Jessica Picaso have joined the group. They are still in a cramped space, so adjustments will have to be made. There will be sleeping on sofas and chairs. They probably will end up moving some of the appliances and the bathrooms outside under tarps. But, they will meet tax season, they hope.

Gone, though, are the dreams of Bobby's going to college. It's so expensive only the richest, most influential people can afford it. Barbara and Edward are going to sit down with him and explain it to him.

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#3232 Old Yesterday at 3:02 PM
My first lot of born-in-game Sims (The unborn babies of Pascal Curious, the Patel's & Brandi Broke, as well as some Sims I decided should have children: Regan and Cornwall Capp, The Ramaswarmi's and Picasso's) all graduated college and/or became adults this rotation.

Admittedly, some born in game Sims have already gone off to have their own children when they were teens and young adults, so I can't really say the next generation is starting... In fact the oldest sim with at least 1 born-in-game parent (Reece Ottomas) is halfway through childhood already. But. Still. It's so amazing to think these Sims have grown up (admittedly very slowly seeing as I've been playing this megahood since 2014) if these Sims were real, and aged normally... They'd be 4!!

If you're wondering, the Ottomas twins are a little younger, as this was when UC first came out and I wasn't sure Samantha's pregnancy was fixed, I terminated it and made her pregnant again. The twins will become adults soon enough though.

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#3233 Old Yesterday at 4:04 PM
The Ottomas twins were fixed with a patch long before UC.

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#3234 Old Yesterday at 5:27 PM
Originally Posted by Justpetro
The Ottomas twins were fixed with a patch long before UC.

I know. I was just extra cautious when I installed UC. Better be safe than sorry :p

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
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#3235 Old Yesterday at 8:07 PM
Originally Posted by smorbie1
Primavera, you are having so much fun with your new computer! I agree, ACR is the bomb.

I am :D! I'm treating this desktop like it's precious cargo, I make sure it's cleaned of dust and I check for updates often to keep it running. And yes, ACR is the best invention since sliced bread. I gotta get used to the controls, some things are a little confusing (like I set a couple to be 'Married Only' or something under jealously and it resets back to 'In Love'), and the 'Sim Can/Cannot Get Pregnant' still trips me up but so far it works as it should be. Next thing to do is to install a camera mod to take better pictures and all of the downloads I have in my favorites .


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#3236 Old Yesterday at 9:27 PM
I've been too lazy to update what's been going on. Some recent highlights from some of the families.

Burb: John and Jennifer are both nearly at the top of their careers (Education and Athletic) Lucy moved to college. The twins are now teenagers. Ryan is a Popularity Aspiration and is dating Nina Caliente's oldest daughter, Claudia. Sam is a Fortune Sim and has three chemistry bolts with Claudia, rather than the two Ryan has with her. We'll see what happens with that. John is also now an Elder.

Pleasant: My last update in this forum was Daniel being an idiot and getting caught cheating with Kaylynn by Mary-Sue. He reluctantly married her after Kaylynn becomes pregnant. They had a daughter named Brooklyn. Mary-Sue moved out. Because she was becoming lonely and wanted to help a child like her parents and done for her, she decided to adopt a child named Shelly. Angela and Lilith have both graduated from college. Lilith is engaged to a bartender.

Dreamer: Since his divorce with Rachel, Darren has been focusing most of his time on their son who lives with him. Cedric has the Knowledge Aspiration and already has many skill points. Dirk is off at university and in a relationship with Meadow.

Lothario: One of Don's twins with Cassandra moved into Don's place once he was a teenager. Vincent never got along with his mother or his own twin. Don is now a family Sim after the death of his wife Dagmar. He sees Vincent is following in his old ways. It's not exactly surprising since Vincent has the exact same personality at Don. One day while taking his other son Dean to the park downtown, he met a townie named Elizabeth. They were quick to fall in love and get married.

Goth: Mortimer died, leaving the Goth family fortune to Dina. Alexander is off at college and doesn't completely trust her with that much money. Dina and Mortimer's daughter Victoria is one of the most popular Sims I've played. She fits well into the socialite life. Their son Edward is the splitting image of Mortimer.
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