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Community Spirit contest! - posted on 11th Apr 2017 at 6:33 PM
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#3251 Old 16th Apr 2017 at 9:51 AM Last edited by Johnny_Bravo : 16th Apr 2017 at 11:11 AM.
Waking up incredibly sick, out of the blue. What the fuck.

Scumbag body.
Needs to rest while sick

Stuffed nose only clears when standing/walking.
In addition to that, what's the media doing? Erdogan is likely to fuck up Turkey after getting elected today, and already fucked up the relation between Turkey and EU. But the German media decides it's more important to tell us coloured eggs could be a little dangerous.

Going BAMBAMBAMBAM #ExtremeMusic#HashtagsRstupid#StillMetalTho#IronySucksToo
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#3252 Old 16th Apr 2017 at 2:20 PM
I am mad beacuse I am to old for any kind of breaks at university No christmas break (no why not put a group-project over christmas - every lector/examinator ever)(??!?!?!).No sport-break. No spring-break, no autumn-break. Just one summer-break when you need to work all summer so you can afford your rent and food. Funny.

And why does my teachers have their class after we examinated it? Just why?! Make no sense.
"it's your own responsibility".

Sorry for the english. Wish i could vent in swedish
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17th Apr 2017 at 1:08 AM
This message has been deleted by OrennaKhali.
#3253 Old 17th Apr 2017 at 1:27 PM
Vent #1: My aunt has called me twice today, and I've ignored it both times. Am I being rude? I just really don't feel like talking to her on the phone, when she probably wants to talk to my mum.

Vent #2: My computer broke, like, a month ago or more, and I really really want to play Sims soon. My boyfriend has promised me he'd help me build a new computer, but still just sorta... Says some things about it, but then idk, stops? I don't even know. I feel rude for keeping nagging him about it, but you know...

Vent #3: My mum keeps going on about me and studying and that I shouldn't go to Copenhagen and I should at least look at places to live in Aarhus instead, and instead of just stressing about where to live in Copenhagen, I'm now back to stressing about where to study, because Aarhus does seem like a better idea by now. I'm also seriously stressing about going to university it self, because right now I just really really don't wanna do the social aspect of it, or working in any sort of groups or the drinking, which seems like a huge part of it according to my friends. This is kicking me back to decisions like "do I even wanna go to university?", now doubting decisions that I took years ago.
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#3254 Old 18th Apr 2017 at 2:28 PM
People that try to sell solar panels need to go away.

Some dude called yesterday and left a message stating that I could have a system installed and it would 'pay for itself' with the money I'd save on my electric bill. What he failed to mention is the massive increase I would have to pay on my property tax bill which is already hefty enough considering I don't have town water, sewer and stupid things like street lights. My private well has over 300 total dissolved solids ( gross) which kills my fish so I have to buy water to drink and for my finned friends in the 2 tanks I have. I have a septic system and I zero need or desire to roam the neighborhood at night. Our school system also sucks as more then 50% of students cannot read grade level. 90% of the taxes collected from property taxes goes to the school system. A rant for another day I suppose.

So, no...the few dollars I would save on my electric would not pay for such a system as the savings would not cover the costs elsewhere. These people are no better in person. They can be found trolling the floor space of big box stores like Lowes or Home Depot. They offer the same BS story, but when I ask if they are going to pay the taxes on their system, I always get looked at like I have 3 heads. Apparently these people never bother to read town by-laws and or have zero concept of what property taxes are.

A electric clothes dryer is one of the worst offenders when it comes to electricity use. The sun dries clothes for free! Drying racks are cheap and come in a garden variety price points of sizes. This is just one of many ways to save $$ on a electric bill. There is no need to tack on a extra $1,000.00 plus on my property tax bill.

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#3255 Old 19th Apr 2017 at 1:11 AM
Got home late last night. House had an AWFUL smell from all the water, even though it has mostly dried now. Also discovered our brand new pristine mattress which WAS white is now stained a horrible brown. That got me more than anything, like I feel I can't have ANYTHING how I want it. I even went as far as getting a waterproof protector for it, as my husband tends to bleed quite often, so this was like 1 step forward and 10 back.

He is calling the real estate for the first time about it in a few hours. I'm dreading the likely battle that will be ahead. Everyone tells me they'll have to pay for our ruined possessions, but going by past events I can't just believe that. Landlords are backed by fine print and technicalities and you don't need to be a genius to know who the real estate will side with.

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#3256 Old 20th Apr 2017 at 10:11 PM
Anyone who still thinks it's ok to say "retarded" when they mean stupid or something else. What's worse, often when you try to point out why, they just give you flack and double down. Please, people, just stop! It's friggen hurtful to many people. You want to insult someone, aim at them and not at a bunch of innocent bystanders. Thank you.
#3257 Old 21st Apr 2017 at 12:02 PM
"How was your day at work?"

Me: http://i.imgur.com/kMEYLEY.gifv

I'm writing a TV series, yeah. It's a cross between True Detective and Pretty Little Liars.
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#3258 Old 21st Apr 2017 at 12:37 PM
Dear Amazon,

You frickin' suck! Stop selling noxious plants! While I don't often agree with government agencies, there is a reason these plants are not allowed to be sold in states and declared as 'noxious' by the USDA.


I've had a problem with a pest vine in one of my gardens for the past few years. It was spreading and killing plants either by strangling them and or blocking out sunlight. Simply cutting the vines did nothing. Removing roots was a never-ending task and nobody at the big-box stores were helpful for what to use on said vines to kill them. Yesterday we went to our local Mom and Pop owned garden center and spoke to them about it. In less in 5 minutes we knew what we were dealing with and how to get rid of it as they asked a simple question. They wanted to know what color the roots were and asked if they were orange. The answer is yes, they are orange.

There are 3 species of a plant called bittersweet. There is Bittersweet nightshade, Oriental bittersweet, and American bittersweet. The first one is a noxious plant that is toxic. The second one I have in my yard which is noxious and toxic and the third one is 'safe' to have. Amazon is selling Oriental bittersweet as American bittersweet.

I did not buy the Oriental bittersweet that is trying to take over my yard. Somebody in the neighborhood has it and the birds or some other critter left seeds in my yard. The only reason I now know Amazon sells this crap is because when I looked up 'bittersweet', a link to their website was the first to come up.

To kill this vine takes some effort and it is up to the individual of how to deal with it. I don't like napalming my yard with chemicals when I have a problem, just as I don't napalm my house when I see a spider in the house, ect... Spiders are beneficial insects as are many other bugs such as ladybugs. When I have a option use a chemical that targets a specific problem, I will always use those. To kill this vine, I needed to use a vine and stump killer. The one I bought is put out by Bonide and has a applicator that looks much like a nail polish brush. The vines are cut down close to ground level, then the chemical is applied to the cut area so the plant will absorb it back to the roots. I can't say how long it takes to kill the plant as I just applied it yesterday.

This vine has grown throughout the plants in this particular garden, most of which are hostas. This chemical will kill hosta and other plants, so I was given 2 options by the garden center. Either dig up the hosta and move them, or be really careful and only apply the chemical to the cut back vines. I opted for plan B as I didn't feel like digging up a dozen large hosta. I'm not going to lie, this process was tedious and time consuming, but it was better than rearranging all the plants in the yard of which I have many. The third option would apply if I didn't have any plants around or didn't care. That option was pour some of the vine and stump killer into a tuna fish can and apply with a paint brush. This would also work for large areas if somebody didn't want to use a sprayer.

If you find this stuff in your yard, deal with it and do not buy it from Amazon! People there lie about which species they are selling!

There's no rest for the wicked
#3259 Old 21st Apr 2017 at 6:38 PM
A couple of comments about your post.

First, this is the first I've heard that you are not supposed to napalm your house if you see a bug! That explains the absence of life in my apartment building. So, handy tip, there. Thanks.

Second, do NOT shop at Amazon. Period. Once upon a time it was a good place to buy things. You could count on getting what you were paying for and good customer service in the event there was a problem. This is no longer the case. Currently I'm typing on a computer they sent me, which was NOT the one I ordered and which they refused to take back. And on my bookshelf is a useless Kindle. It just has a problem I'm certain a technician could fix, but Amazon no longer has their customer service number on their website. They want you to ask the "Amazon community" to help you solve your problem. Well, isn't that lovely? Knowing you powered your machine off and back on and now it works may be interesting, but it doesn't help someone with a bigger problem.

Amazon is seriously on my banned list. I will only shop there if no one else on planet Earth sells what I need.

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