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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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#11401 Old Yesterday at 6:18 PM
Originally Posted by arathea
I discovered that sim school is merciless. I had a single teen in a new save. On Monday she went to school when around 1pm a meteor hit the building. All children and teens had to finish their classes (one even had to finish detention) before they were "allowed" to die.

LOL, I have to wonder if the school district sets those strict rules or if they are really set by Grimmy or a collaboration between the two. He does have some pretty high standards, you know. I'm surprised there isn't an entrance exam sims have to pass before he will consider taking them.
#11402 Old Yesterday at 8:03 PM
I thought it could be Grimmy. Not because of high standards but so they didn't came out all at once and he had some time to take them one by one. For these occasions he should consider to hire a team.

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#11403 Old Today at 1:15 AM
Staffing the Reaper position better as needed is not a bad idea even if it doesn't really happen in the game. I've already seen multiple maids dispatched to my sims' houses. Can never tell if that means they are regarded as particularly sloppy or the service team thinks my sim's lot is overly large and thus requires extra attention, but I just let it go and have two maids for the days on which it happens even if one of them ends up goofing off most of the time.
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