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Additional table bbcode options available - posted on 5th Mar 2018 at 3:12 PM
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Lab Assistant
#3026 Old 14th Mar 2018 at 10:11 AM
Just finished a day at the Delarosa-Lothario-O'Mackey household (Florence has kids with Don, but married Gabe O'Mackey) and I'm having a blast! The twins are up to their usual shenanigans, poking fun at their baby brother on his birthday. He was a terribly ugly duckling as a child, but fortunately grew into his face rather nicely as a teen. He rolled knowledge, which was completely expected. Between his mother, step-father, and one of his older sisters, he's had a lot of studious influence. I like to think it's mostly his sister's influence, though. She struggled for years with her schoolwork (I headcanon that she has ADD), got rejected from private school twice while her other siblings got in due to favorable marks, and buckled down and managed to eke out an acceptance in the last year before college. Cordelia, the only one in the house who isn't a knowledge sim, managed to lose her virginity to her long-time boyfriend Jesse Gavigan. She'd have had a better time if her dad didn't interrupt as they were redressing and coddling each other. At least he didn't walk in during the act. Between that and her twin Clementine ripping farts and dirty jokes all evening, I think it's safe to say these are Don Lothario's children.

Come Visit A Pleasant Place.
#3027 Old 14th Mar 2018 at 2:37 PM
playing in surfside valley (custom terrain,i placed all the sims from the beginning hoods in that town and because there was so many baskerville middleground and elsewhere were added) ajay loners grandfather got abducted his grandmother just gave birth to a child but she is a female so ajay loner will eventually be an alien,i think many other sims will be aliens too.

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
cats are better than humans and shall takeover earth in a couple of centuries after they evolve.
Lab Assistant
#3028 Old 15th Mar 2018 at 4:34 AM
Apple Family: The Cow Mascot got pranked by the Pollen Cloud Prank and he didn't like that at all and now he sees how it feels to be pranked. it was a sim I created that did that to him.

Prince Avalanche
Mad Poster
#3029 Old 17th Mar 2018 at 1:25 PM
Bow your heads in silent respect and say goodbye to the Gieke-Larson family. Long ago they bought one of the first houses available in the new country of Downton, a renegade split off off the old Monopoly.

Things were hard in Downton. After the war, taxes went sky high and the environment irretrievably polluted. Pregnancies are rare; successful pregnancies are almost unicorns. Naturally, the New Regime took great notice when Chester had triplets and the Larson's had quads. The NR took great notice and began to manipulate things to make life harder for the Gieke-Larsons. They were finally able to justify taking their land and sending them to the prison hood. This marked their family for potential break up, meaning the children could be seized and given to "deserving" people who needed them, the adults could also be taken and enslaved as servants. Chester's girls were of special interest because of their use as handmaids.

But, time went on. While the NR did not forget about them, they did leave them alone as they planned the break up of the family. The family did pretty well for people too stupid to figure out how to build walls to protect them from the elements.

Then came the fire. One of the Larson kids was playing with the stove. The entire lot was soon consumed. The families cried and danced before the fire hoping to assuage the fire god. It was, sadly, to no avail.

While the fire was still raging, a special envoy was sent to "rescue" the toddler, infant, and dog. The envoy was consumed by the fire god the second she exited her car.

Eventually it was over. The only survivors were the toddler, infant, and dog, all Giekes. The Larsons are gone. The NR is not yet aware their envoy is dead. They are still waiting for the little ones to arrive at their resettlement center. The prospective families have all been contacted and are waiting for their children, thrilled they don't have to go the handmaid route.

The children will never arrive.

Next door in the prison hood is the Turquoise family. Zircon watched with horror and fear as the entire lot next to his went up in flames. He couldn't help; he was too busy trying to keep it from spreading to his property.

Once the flames died down, he heard the babies crying. He realized no one had come to take them. He walked over, and holding the baby in one arm, he took the toddler's hand in the other, and called to the dog. He will take them and give them a good life. (well as good as it can be in the prison hood - he hasn't built walls yet, either (and it's winter). The authorities will soon discover their representative is dead and the children are gone. They will assume everyone died in the fire. Another prisoner and his family will be assigned to the hood and have a big clean up to do. The file is closed.

Meanwhile, Zircon has three more mouths to feed. He's okay with that, though. It wasn't love or concern that made him save the children from being taken. They would, after all, have gone to wealthy families OUTSIDE the prison. They would have had happy lives. Both of them boys, they would have gone to the best schools. There would have been money for college. They could have traveled anywhere they wanted.

But then, he wouldn't have the Gieke money, would he? The family still had almost 100000§ when they died. Zircon wanted that money. (maybe he will finally build a structure with it)!

"Death cannot stop true love; all it can do is delay it for awhile."
#3030 Old 17th Mar 2018 at 2:22 PM
today i decided to go maxis match.

in other news i started a hood with isabella monty and pollination tech#9 smith,everyone can only breed with others in the family tree so it's going to be one big cluster of incest...

I May Be Life Dumb But I'm Sim Smart(mostly).
cats are better than humans and shall takeover earth in a couple of centuries after they evolve.
Field Researcher
#3031 Old Yesterday at 12:16 AM
Finally I can play again, today I opened a random house to do a little makeover, they are the Picaso family, right now Jessica and Matthew have a little baby boy called Austin, the both of them are working right now, so they needed a babysitter, for Jessica this was a difficult choice, because she wanted to raise his son by herself along with her husband. Matthew is so happy with his son, he love to play with him and teach some tricks.

"Old Town Revival: My Hood"
#3032 Old Yesterday at 7:41 AM
I finished my first Pleasantview rotation! It ended with the Goths, specifically, Cassandra's wedding. Don rejected it, as expected, and the party seemed to be heading towards disaster! However, the missing Bella Goth showed up, and her and Mortimer got remarried! This saved the whole thing. ACR also, behind my back, decided it'd be neat to have Cassandra and Darren start making out. I approve!

Also, Bella is GORGEOUS.

Don Lothario cursed my crops turns out Gilbert is innocent


If you see the weird symbols where quotes or these ' things should be, my iPad was being weird and using smart quotations so I fixed that. Sorry about that!
Field Researcher
#3033 Old Yesterday at 11:37 AM
I had 24 babies born today! <laughs>

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Mad Poster
#3034 Old Yesterday at 5:32 PM
Originally Posted by SleepycatDSL
I had 24 babies born today! <laughs>

Tell me, this is a whole rotation worth...how many single births?

Je mange des girafes et je parle aussi français !...surtout :0)

Find all my old MTS Uploads, on my SFS ;)
Test Subject
#3035 Old Yesterday at 7:16 PM
Default Problems, and then more problems.
My main computer died. Using an old one, but can not load current SimPE as it is an old xp.
IT Needs updating and can't go online with it.

Originally Posted by Tashiketh
What's happening in your Sims game right now? Mine, nothing, because I haven't loaded TS2 in 10 years. :D
#3036 Old Yesterday at 10:40 PM Last edited by Bigsimsfan12 : Today at 12:53 PM.
Yvette Custer, one of Gilbert Jacquet & Breanna Custer's teenage triplets, just gave birth to a daughter, Camille Custer (Brown hair, blue eyes, skintone 3.7). The father is Jason Tinker (one of the Tinker triplets). Yvette and Jason aren't together anymore, but she still invited him round to meet Camille. About 2 hours later, Breanna welcomed in baby Eva Kauker, (brown hair, blue eyes, skintone 2) with her husband Dorian. Eva and Camille are only hours apart in age. Yvette hasn't really proved herself to be much of a mother, but Jason showed particular interest in Camille. Mostly, Breanna took care of both babies until Dorian came home from work and took over so Breanna could sleep.

Over in the Caliente-Pitt's house, the two youngest children of Nina and Ashley (okay, the father isn't actually Ashley... but they don't know that), Ruby and Katrina became teenagers. They grew up to be beautiful. Both have dark auburn hair and tanned skin, with green eyes (I think?) and identical birth marks. They're actually triplets, with their other sister (Joy) leaving with their biological father, Luis Aspir and his reanimated wife Noriko. Nina and Luis's faces mixed together are really nice. All three girls look quite unique but also quite similar, and their faces blend together well without any strange clippings. They're not too bland either.

I've been trying to find potential girlfriends for two of the Dreamer Triplets (I know I'm talking a lot about triplets... but trust me, these are really the only triplets in my hood!). I brought all the single female sims to the lot. Dainton fell quite quickly and effortlessly in love with Nora Ottomas (David Ottomas's youngest daughter). Darryl showed some interest in Felicia Flexor (Max & Joshua Flexor's daughter, with Dina being a surrogate/donor) which ultimately became... nothing. They had 1 bolt of chemistry, but he did for more or less every woman he spoke to that day. The other triplet, Derek, is already in a relationship with Cyan Jocque, the youngest Jocque daughter.

~Your friendly neighborhood ginge
Lab Assistant
#3037 Old Yesterday at 10:55 PM Last edited by Annorah : Yesterday at 10:58 PM. Reason: Something akin to a muscle spasm
I have been patting myself on the back because of the lack of crashes. That ended just now. Great. Here we go again.

But I suppose we refer to gameplay, so... I am currently engrossed in a friendly group: the Singles, Bianca Monty and Kent Capp. Do not know how that happened, but I am not questioning them. Although, Erin and Chloe hate each other's guts, and Chloe may or may not have ruined the whole atmosphere upon cheating on Bianca with Don.

Ah, Romance sims. Can you blame them? Let's see if this group sails through the storm.

In this house, we respect and treasure all Pleasantview, Veronaville and Strangetown pre-mades. Is that clear?

#3038 Old Today at 4:23 AM
SimCity Hospital, continued: Marla put the laptop Lakshmi brought to good use, getting a job as a law firm receptionist and applying to law school. She's not going to have an easy time chasing her dreams, but it's a start at least.

Chloe found out about Paris' death from just about the worst messenger available, that being Cobweb Mab. While aghast, she was even more certain that she should try to cultivate a friendship with Marla.


At Stratford's Retreat, Joshua Ruben woke up feeling awful. He was coughing, had a fever, and felt sick to his stomach...and so did Daniel Grey, while Sophie Miguel was also coughing as she fed the chickens in the back yard, and I was astounded. I don't know how they all got it, but apparently Le Tour Syndrome has not fizzled out due to the efficient isolation of Sandra Roth, the rest of the Roths and Laurence Stratford becoming vampires, and Jill Smith consuming so much Comfort Soup that she didn't even realize she had more than a bad cold. I have a horrible feeling that Laurence may be to blame, as while his vampirism cured him quickly, he was still sick when he got to this house, probably spreading the contagion around so the young people could get infected by the environment. This house is so crowded that it's a hive of infection, but because everyone either knows nothing about the disease or thinks the danger has passed, they aren't going to know right away... Okay, we're getting a proper plague storyline then!

Laurence took the day off work for Celia Jane's birthday party, but fled to his basement when the guests for the party Jacob had decided to throw her started to arrive through the pouring thunderstorm. He really didn't want to be seen by too many people... As Jacob took Celia to her pink cake, Sophie's robot-making workbench out on the front sidewalk (she thinks it's too heavy to steal, and it's too big to fit in the house) got struck by lightning). As the streets are getting busier due to urban development (meaning the amazing mod for more walkbys and cars driving by!), the fire caused a chaotic swarm of walkbys...who invited themselves in for cake-cheering when the fire was out, even though most of them were very smelly by then. These included two members of SimCity's finest who had shown great incompetence by spinning in circles and letting townies mob the fire -- Blake Jitamusukol and Max Flexor. This is important, because llama mascot Jace Garth was continuing his feud with some of the residents by gatecrashing and trying to trash the place (he broke the toilet and managed to discard snack packages all across the kitchen). Daniel yelled at him and got slapped in return before Celia even had a chance to grow up, Jace then turned on Joshua, Delilah O'Feef yelled at and poked him for slapping Joshua, he slapped Delilah, and as Celia was growing to a toddler, Daniel attacked Jace for that, and the fight was on. I think Jacob would have gotten dragged into the brawl if he hadn't had his arms full of very squish-faced green toddler in a bright red dress. (Laurence's features are mixing promisingly with the pollination tech's!) Not sick, and padded by his suit, the mascot made short work of Daniel's attempt at chivalry, and Blake and Max stopped laughing long enough to tell both of them that they had better show up at the courthouse to explain this soon. That didn't stop the fight, however, and after more arguing, this time with Sophie involved and Jacob still caught in a corner with Celia in his arms, Daniel got beaten up again. From his sulking and Jace's gloating, it looked like there was going to be more fighting if this wasn't stopped... Long story short, they'll both be spending the next rotation at the prison. Yes, BOTH. Townies are seldom important enough to run afoul of the law, but that mascot has behaved worse than a cow across three campuses, and following graduates to their new homes to make trouble in the wider world is unacceptable. With the mascot attitude and his horrible personality, he'll probably start a prison riot, but that llama needs to be taught a lesson. And of course there is probably going to be an epidemic in the prison due to Daniel being sick...

Sophie and Delilah got sick of watching the fights and started making out instead, but Delilah still seems immune. Jacob was not so lucky, and got the slice of cake he finally got to eat coughed on by Joshua. By the time the party ended badly, he was sick too. Laurence came upstairs just as the secret society member who hates Delilah showed up, traipsed through the house, and tried to mess with the chickens. I don't know if he actually was intending on stealing a chicken, but Sophie and Daniel were not happy to find him by the coop. They hauled him back into the kitchen and presented him to Laurence for dinner. Laurence believed he was a thief, and was grateful to feel righteous in his feeding. Later, Trista Royce showed up in her usual intruding manner, and congratulated Laurence for adjusting well to the role of a vampire. This upset Laurence badly, and combined with the crisis of faith that had been brewing in his mind since his abduction to trigger a mid-life crisis...or given that he is now potentially immortal, perhaps a better term would be adjustment period. The most noticeable effect was that rather than calmly cleaning up after his housemates, he was still disgusted with their mess -- and took it so far as to be afraid to clean it up. Rather a pity, as he's the only adult human(oid) in the house who can't get the mysterious disease!


Father John Avon had a busy Sunday ahead of him, with work to do at all three churches. Angelo took the initiative to try to "make amends" to Melissa Fancey by hiring her to work at the Downtown church -- well overpaying her, of course, because it's actually a payoff. John, with no idea what she believed he had done to her in the Love Tub, wondered if Angelo was being helpful; with her flame pants exchanged for a demure black skirt and white blouse, Melissa was helpful around the place and skilled enough to be a manager! This gave John time to host Isabella Monty and the twins and try to be comforting, and for Angelo to somehow run afoul of Crumplebum and get thwacked with her purse before she went off to take over the vestry bowling alley. Either the old biddy could see right through his illusion of being John, or she found him doing something very unsuitable for his host and took charge in her usual manner. Either way, she had a good go at running him off, and actually made the demon cry! Angelo then got shouted at and poked by Antonio when the latter showed up after dark; Antonio of course saw him as John, and aside from holding him partly to blame for the wedding disaster, had a lengthy list of demands on how matters were to be conducted. Angelo was distressed, but saw Boss Monty as a promising prospect for corrupting even further than he already was. He wanted to be friends with Antonio!

John got to go to the Veronaville church alone, as he could use the Energizer-like effects of the crucifix in the bedroom (just once a day, though!) while Angelo had to resort to the coffin to get rest. He sold coffins and books, encountered the Monty twins again, and discovered from Beatrice that they both wanted to eulogize their cousins, whether their elders approved or not. He agreed that they were old enough, especially given what they'd already been through. Lola Curious watched him talk to them, then approached him herself. With a characteristic lack of taste and good sense, he tried to sell her a compact blue coffin. She was irritated, but he mastered sales in the process and can now dazzle almost anyone into buying his wares.

Back at the house, a thunderstorm knocked out the television signal, annoying Angelo when he awoke to find his host sleeping peacefully. Angelo tried calling Melissa, and the phone went out too! He contented himself with eating piggishly and banging away on the drum-set until 6 PM, by which time the phone was now working and townie Joe Carr called asking if he wanted to go on an outing. He very much did, but the taxi didn't come and John was still sleeping -- so he took matters into his own hands and got the group transportation to Strangetown. He did a good job renovating the church, and while the outing was considered boring, his impersonation of John seemed to be working out. The outing over, he invited Antonio to come see the place. Despite Antonio bringing his dogs and Sage destroying a pew, they managed to make friends. A tree caught fire due to the storm that was still going on, and while it soon went out, they were very smelly when they left. Angelo went straight for a bubble bath when he got home; John awoke knowing nothing of the adventure in Strangetown. Trista Royce further showed her lack of respect for traditional vampire taboos by showing up around midnight and challenging John to a jam session. He was only too happy to agree, and while he considered it an attempt at redeeming the creature of the night, it made for a very strange scene. Angelo found it very amusing, and tipped them both well.

Things I tweaked for my own game, in case anyone else can use them:
Maxis blue police uniform with black mourning band on badge. (Thank you Fanseelamb for the base DR!)
Invisible shrouded corpse! Only a recolour; requires the Death Shroud from the Price of Victory set by Hriveresse at PBK!
Field Researcher
#3039 Old Today at 5:34 AM
Originally Posted by Rosebine
Tell me, this is a whole rotation worth...how many single births?

I've started a new desert neighborhood and I'm fast breeding to get it where I want it, in generations. Currently they & their parents are in two breeding houses (yes, there are 36 sims in each breeding house at the moment). The 24 will be shifted to their next breeding houses soon. It will be a combo hood with all the PV & ST families. I plan to stop a generation early, where Daniel, Mary Sue, Loki and Circe and the others are teenagers (or nearly teens depending on age). Everyone will still be alive when I stop the fast breeding and get everyone set up in real homes. Then I'll play and enjoyed time with the grandparents & parents and the teenagers before the teens grow up, marry and produce the next required kids.

Two of the pregnancies were twins but I used InSim to change them to single. Neither Herb Oldie, nor Coral Ruggbyrene (Oldie), needed twin siblings.

So far today, I'm in SimPE best friending the 24 with everyone else, which is rather time consuming but will be worth it in the end. Hood will feel more alive with lots of friends autonomously visiting.

TFM's Naughty Sims Asylum - home of my Sim stuff - SC4 Terrains, Lots, Sims, Hairy Skintones, Hoods and some clothes & stuff.
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