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Nysha's New Creators for November - posted on 1st Dec 2017 at 10:00 AM
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#4826 Old Today at 6:40 AM Last edited by kanzen : Today at 9:59 AM.
1. you can modify the beach slope terrain with boolProp constrainfloorelevation false cheat just so I can make a prettier shore line AND keep the columns for my dock.
will this crash my game?? will this work at all??
that's another discovery I'm willing to take.

2. edit: I also soon discovered that the sea foam from the waves won't reach my extension.
I could extend the whole shoreline but I think this looks great as is..

3. update: mm yes...glitchy. My sims walked into the water until their knees before they changed. I think it looks cool to walk in the sea water with your summer dress on like a Spanish Soap Opera femme fatale but then my sim started swimming in the air! Click further out to sea to make them sink into the right height.
though it looks cool to walk in the water, I should fix that

4. FIXED!: beach lot's shore line needs a specific slope so sims can go change to swimwear at the edge of the water (not a few steps in, as what happened a few minutes earlier)
Sims can't swim under the dock, and the closest my sim could go is about 4 tiles away from the dock.
Sims can walk under the dock like the supposed shallow puddle that it is, so that's fine. And sims can still comb for seashells, sunbathe, and make sandcastles at the modified edge.

5. in the end... there were no crashes but the game decided to fix itself? After I put the final version of the lot in the bin to test a clone, the lot generated a straight shoreline. It sank my pillars/columns and damn they looked great. I decided to keep it and make another version with thinner timbre corner columns so the railing posts and support columns under the dock match.

so many discoveries in the a day!

I gave up my dream to earn a living.
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