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Nysha's New Creators for July - posted on 1st Aug 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Lab Assistant
#3576 Old 19th Aug 2018 at 3:39 AM
I'm playing a hood that is very loosely based off of greek gods, which has 3 major territories: Erebus, Atlantis, Olympus. Each one is essentially a monarchy right now.

The future heir of Erebus (name escapes me.. Albert Grace?) unexpectedly married the future heiress of Atlantis (Charlotte Grace, long distant family members), causing a shakeup as the families seize up both territories and become a superpowers. It's causing a lot of drama with the residents of the territories. More importantly, it's making the leader of Olympus very anxious, although his attentions are divided because he's caring for his sick child (this is the baby that was born headless if you saw my post about weird glitches.) We'll see how this political drama plays out.

Howeverrrr, Charlotte Grace has not exactly been a loyal new wife (thanks ACR), and is pregnant with someone else's child.
#3577 Old Yesterday at 7:12 PM
Want to play Ottomas in Emerald Heights in an apartment. Can't find one I like. Build apartment. Move in Ottomas. Cecily Wentworth's roommate shows up renting one of the other apartments. (Huh?) So I moved the Gavigans into that one, then the Roselands into the last one. Eveyone unplayed comes piling out to use the tv in the common area, except for Porthos. But when I'm playing him, he goes out and watches tv with Nathan every morning while Cyd (oceanography) is at work! It's funny, because I'm sure the kids would play with Porthos in the afternoon if he would just come out. While not being played, Nathan and Peter made friends, David and Nathan made friends, Sharla and Isaiah made friends . . . funny bunch. It's great for the kids, though, because they get their own fun up unattended, while I'm paying attention to adults working on skills for jobs or making friends or being pregnant, Sharla's off playing with Isaiah, and when I remember to go make her do her homework, she's happy and ready to get it done, and the same when I'm playing Isaiah.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
"English is a marvelous edged weapon if you know how to wield it." C.J. Cherryh
#3578 Old Today at 4:14 AM
So my romance sim who married his family sim childhood sweetheart just satisfied his LTW to sleep with twenty different people... at a community lot... while his wife was at home asleep... because she was pregnant and just barely managing to pass her classes at university because of it... and he rolled a new one... to have 30 first dates. This guy, I swear. Anyway, his wife graduated and they have gone back to the hood to his parents' house where they can raise the baby with some financial stability and two family-sim grandparents to adore it. The wife is also a knowledge sim, so at some point she is going to become a vampire, catch him cheating, and give him the boot. I think his parents will come down on her side, probably. But that won't happen until his little brother gets married to satisfy his father's want for four married kids, just in case them breaking up jinxes it somehow. Also, I might make them have a few more kids first. Also, the wife has a thing for the brother, so that might be the start of something interesting, although the brother has a weird-looking face, so I really don't know. In any case, I sense an interesting (un)life ahead of her.
Field Researcher
#3579 Old Today at 2:06 PM
I've moved five lovely ladies into my military barracks! One teen, four adults. I will soon be moving three more into their building (each barrack building is classed as an apartment). Then, eight men into the one next door, and then a mixed gender group into the final building/
Field Researcher
#3580 Old Today at 2:57 PM
Nessie Larsen had a, or rather two, close brush(es) with death. He's a vampire, so when he was awake during daytime his needs decreased quickly and I was gonna grab him some food, but for some reason he just stood in front of the fridge doing nothing, and as he was getting awfully tired I sent him to bed to deal with it later. When he gets up again he's really really hungry so I have him cook spaghetti which catches on fire and I'm faced with the dilemma of having him trying to reach the fridge to get a snack quickly, and risk catching on fire himself, or move away from the fire and risk starving to death. ...I maxmotive'd him and had him turn into a bat and fly off. Usually I don't try to cheat my way out of scenarios like that, but considering the crisis happened because he couldn't take anything out the first time I tried it, I figured the game owed me this save. Also, his grandchildren Broadway and Savanna grew up to teenagers.

Nessie's dad, Beat Neighbour, died from old age, and so did Beat's late twin brother's wife Sahara Neighbour. I had assumed it'd happen during this session so I had them both invite their respective kids and grandkids the day before. With them gone there was room for three new people to join the oldies' household, so twins Crown and Crab Neighbour, who had just turned into elders, as well as their youngest brother Twelfth Love moved in.

Buddha Neighbour, as always when a relative of his dies, fell into aspiration failure, but got through it alright with a little help from his husband. He also joined the military.

Roadnight Neighbour and her mother Trigger worked on their car and Roadnight looked for a job in Oceanography, but no luck yet. I had entertained the thought of boolproping her into a pregnancy and when Opal Larsen stepped onto the sidewalk it felt like fate, especially since Roadnight found her quite the looker. (Opal also happens to be Beat's ex-wife, Nessie's mum, and also the mother of Sahara's grandson Justice, so although she was more like the donor in this case, she is now technically the parent of kids from three generations of Neighbour's.) Roadnight was swiftly impregnated and later that evening Monsoon Neighbour was born. Opal and Trigger hit it off (unsurprisingly, since Roadnight and her mother seems to have precisely the same taste in women) and the following day they went on a date.

I'd rather be shiny, like a treasure from a sunken pirate wreck.
#3581 Old Today at 4:45 PM
I made Emerald Heights work as a business district!

Determined that even with improvements to my computer's functioning, Zarathustra's amazing lots are still only usable as neighborhood deco. But they do make Downtown look urban, instead of . . . I don't even know. It doesn't ship looking like any sort of town. There's too much space and too small of businesses.

Starting to poke at a new uberhood.

I think . . . I'm going to keep playing in my AGS game when I want to play (see Ottomas, above) but decorate, rebuild, and make-over in my uberhood when I want to do that for a while.

Pics from my game: Sunbee's Simblr Sunbee's Livejournal
"English is a marvelous edged weapon if you know how to wield it." C.J. Cherryh
#3582 Old Today at 5:53 PM
My legacy hood Grissettown is now up and running! Moved my founders in their new house and I plan on taking more pics today


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