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#3926 Old 14th Jan 2019 at 1:22 PM
This last week up until day, I have made good progress in Veronaville. I play the Capps and Consort passed away from old age, while everyone else did well. One Sims was glad that he was gone and that was Bianca Monty Capp, who married into the family. Bianca had a child by one of my Aliens and she named him Séamus. Bianca managed to have another two children, Brenda and Brooke, this time by her husband and she is sending her children, now teens off to University. Patrizio and Isabella managed to have one more child before their old age, and now their child is a teen and they and the all of the teens in the household, Séamus {Scorpio}, Brenda {Scorpio}, Brooke {Gemini}, and Ronaldo {Scorpio} are off to University.

Then I went to the Monty household and played them and there were babies! After several fun sessions of me playing them, they sent their teens, Aldo {Aries}, Avelina {Libra}, Gina {Turus}, and Isolde {Gemini} off to University as well. I thought it was worthy of note that Ronaldo Capp likes Isolde and Gina. Maybe there is a match there?

The we come to the household I am currently playing, The Beare Household is made up of Dubhghlas Beare, who is an Alien Hybrid belonging to the FitzHugh Clan of Strangetown, Diana Beare wife and Beverly F Beare wife, and Cathal J FitzHugh {Alien Hybrid} and Barbara E FitzHugh his wife. Cathal J has just moved in recently and has no children at this point. Dubhghlas has had three sons, Bran {Aries green skin}, Caradog {Aries}, and Manawydan {Aries green skin} all of which are teens and all of them are going to University soon. Bran had a Party and he had the Capp and Monty girls there, and during the party Avalina made it clear that she thinks Bran is hot by kissing him impulsively. {Note I don't play with ACR} So I guess that it might be Bran and Avalina instead of Bran and Isolde like I was thinking might happen. Caradog is thinking of making a match with Brooke Capp after she liked his moves on her at the party and Manawydan is thinking Gina is maybe a good match for him.

So maybe Ronaldo will have a clear shot at Isolde Monty as the soon to be infamous Beare Brothers have picked someone?

Séamus and his half sisters Brenda and Brooke are still not matched with anyone. Likewise Brooke and Brenda's cousins Ronaldo Capp and Aldo Monty. So maybe then some of the other Aliens in Veronaville that I haven't played yet will have someone that these Sims will have a 3 Bolt thing with?

Note: Every Match my Sims make always has 3 bolts.

for info on changing the Mac Open File Limit check out my post here http://www.insimenator.org/index.ph...html#msg1628939
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#3927 Old 17th Jan 2019 at 12:06 AM Last edited by Sunrader : 17th Jan 2019 at 4:33 PM.
It's a sure bet that Amanda Ottomas (Samantha's twin in Widespot) has no idea who her husband, Doug (Peter's cousin) is bowling with! Her still unrecognized long lost father showed up at the bowling alley today and picked up a game with the unsuspecting Ottomas.

Meanwhile, Nathan Gavigan (he dyed his hair during his identity crisis) and Cydney Rose, who share a house and a polyamorous pregnancy with Mary (to them it doesn't matter who the father is), decided they might as well share a job, too. They both hope to sit in the upstairs office one day as Manager of the Bowling Alley, but they are starting off as waiters.

*These are NPCs made to look like playables with SimSurgery. I like my businesses to run themselves. Btw, Cyd's NPC spawned as female. I wasn't sure it would work to change gender with SimSurgery, but I did it anyway also changing the gender flag, and it worked fine.

Ginger Newson finally stopped fighting with her brother and got a job at Widespot General Store. She's probably swooning over Trent. He's the lifeguard at the local pool. And here's Amanda Ottomas looking at the dog collars. They must be thinking of adopting a couple of those strays who hang out in their yard.

*Ginger is also an NPC. That she's wearing her clothes was a happy accident. She would usually be wearing the uniform as the waiters are. I aged the adult NPC that spawned for this spot down to teen before using Sim Surgery and, in aging down, she lost her uniform and was set as everyday. I liked it, though, that Ginger would show up to work dressed like this, the same way she goes everywhere else. I'm sure I'll use this again on purpose somewhere. Meanwhile, she goes by G.G at work so I don't mix her up with her "other" self. Another happy accident, G.G. is quite expressive as she stands there, I think because she's under the speaker and reacting to the music.

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#3928 Old 17th Jan 2019 at 6:47 AM
Jules O'Mackey graduated from university and moved in with her mum, then invited her longtime boyfriend, townie Waylon Menon, to move in with them. She and Waylon were chatting about this and that, when Waylon said, "You know, Jules, I run my own business and we could really use a sharp mind like yours. Would you like to come and work for me in the Social Security Recipient career, as a Social Security Recipient? It's a great opportunity as it's not an entry-level job." Really? For some reason, Jules declined, and instead found herself a well-paying gig as a Bit Player on the Entertainment career track.

The family couldn't really fit into Alexandra's tiny cottage, though, so they've moved again, and are now renting a spacious two-bedroom townhouse in Belladonna Cove. I think Alexandra will miss fishing, but at least she can make up for the years she missed with Jules.
#3929 Old 17th Jan 2019 at 8:50 AM
Those are some funny looking 'maters.

/wɒt Iz lʌv?/
/beɪbi dəʊnt həːt miː/
/dəʊnt həːt miː/
/nəʊ mɔː/
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#3930 Old 17th Jan 2019 at 9:06 AM
Love the pics and the details, @Sunradar
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#3931 Old 17th Jan 2019 at 7:05 PM
Lester Simonik has lived a long and full life and knows the reaper will be coming for him soon. Normally I control my sims pretty closely but since it is his last day I figured I'd let him do whatever he wants...

He's spending his last day going around the house looking at all the paintings he made of his children (most of whom are grown and moved out now).

<3 <3 <3
#3932 Old 17th Jan 2019 at 11:02 PM
The usual birthdays and whatnot. A few pregnancy bumps.

Oh and then Bunsen Beaker (The Beaker's oldest daughter) activated the first Servo bot in this megahood - t063 Beaker, as yet again her cleanbot broke and threw up garbage all over the livingroom and kitchen. t063 has triple bolts for all females in the house and as such has been quite a busy little robot between chores. Even though Bunsen is engaged, I keep noticing them trying to flirt or kiss (but then the interaction would disappear and t063 went off to do chores). Wildly more concerning when you consider my default replacement servo basically looks like a trashcan with legs (though I feel it would be more entertaining if it was the metal godzilla default I found a while ago). He did end up woohooing Brannare (The Beaker's youngest daughter) and they fell in love... which has wildly changed the dynamic of the family. It feels like something from the Jeremy Kyle show "Help! My teen daughter is woohooing our sentient robot butler".

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#3933 Old 18th Jan 2019 at 12:00 AM Last edited by Sunrader : 18th Jan 2019 at 12:13 AM.
Oh, Arthur! This looks soooooo suspicious!

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#3934 Old Yesterday at 2:50 AM
Right now in Lacuna Delta, Sherman Boggle is attempting to sell a small nuclear reactor to Mrs Crumplebottom.

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#3935 Old Today at 2:00 AM Last edited by Sunrader : Today at 5:36 AM.
Hahahahahaha, it worked! For a couple of days, I've been very involved in trying to set up the details for a business and learning how to have uni in the base hood and getting to know a couple of families I haven't really played before and it got late and one of the new families were hanging out on their lawn talking to various neighbors and, suddenly... the ghost!

I had worked for such a long time to set up the ghost of my hood's founder who would appear on various lots at unexpected times because I wanted to be surprised. And, I was! I had totally forgotten about her. I only have a totally horrible pic because I was totally caught off guard! Awesome! :D

EDIT: Ok, it happened again! And I was surprised AGAIN! This is so fun. But I had the presence of mind to get a decent pic or to hit pause, anyway.

So, today, we have a few things happening. The first is this all day project that I STILL can't make work. I want "Hamilton, the bartender" to wear this outfit but he keeps coming to work in that bartender uniform (he's an NPC). In any case, at this moment, it was awesome, cuz there's nothing like having Mom show up at your workplace for an extended family chat.

While I was busy, the stories have been spreading all over Widespot, and sure enough... when least expected, Endora Waters showed up at the Mann's!

Rich appeared not to notice the spirit of the town's founder and richest citizen, but as soon as she left....

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#3936 Old Today at 5:04 AM
In a hood where nearly every child born has been a boy, Ana Patel has beaten the odds to produce two consecutive girls. Little Maida grew up just in time to free up the crib for baby Jessie, while Ana and Ramir cleared out their art room to give Maida her own bedroom.

Since King Peter recently announced the new Children's University Savings Plan (CUSP), children and teens are allowed to have up to $25,000 (the cost of tuition) of parental funds in a savings account with Monique's Online Banking. This makes a nice tax haven for the parents, since money in the bank doesn't appear as part of their net worth. It's only for tuition, though, so if the Sim doesn't go to college, the money reverts to family funds and tax has to be paid on both the capital and any accumulated interest immediately. The Patels have already given Maida her full allowance, which will reduce their next tax bill to pretty much zero, but they're going to have to work hard to put Jessie through college as well - especially as Ana wants another baby!
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#3937 Old Today at 5:25 AM
In Farnham:
Thomas Appleby has discovered that his wife Agnes had an affair with Lord Hugh shortly after the birth of their twins. While he is very bitterly disappointed, and angry at his wife, he did not (as he has the option to do) order her to leave his hearth. Instead, he ignored the infidelity and attempted to act the loving husband to her. She was surprised by this. (as I was..)
However, she is still walking a very thin tightrope, as Lord Hugh dropped by while Thomas was taking a nap and made a few romantic overtures to her, which she did not refuse. She was lucky that Thomas was not awake at the time because she knows his patience is wearing thin for her romantic escapades. But she can't help herself. How can you resist a man with money, power and charm like Lord Hugh from doing so without incurring his wrath?
Agnes simply doesn't know how she's going to balance having a husband and a lover at the same time. She's playing a very dangerous game-one that could result in her being imprisoned and her husband leaving her. She's rather concerned for her own welfare.
In other news Clarice Brocas is now pregnant. It will be her and Andrew's first child.
Ralph and Ellen Fitzalan have both become witches. They don't know what to do with their spell books or cauldrons yet, but they're eager to learn.

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