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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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Mad Poster
#3726 Old Today at 2:27 AM
The first of the Tinsel Town Uni students have started their studies. I've never seen such a bunch of unmotivated and less studious bunch of kids in my life! There's only one of the 10 of them that has declared a major and the rest are just sleep-walking through their classes. They don't want to study, they rarely want to do anything remotely to do with studying and they're all hot for one another.
Stephen Swanson has decided to try the Physics major-but then again,he always was a smart kid.
I'll be surprised if any of them graduate with more than a C average-and they're all going for their first-half semester finals for the freshman year.

Oh, and some of the girls want to get engaged. Especially Angie Swanson who's actively dreaming out loud about getting married and having babies. Angie wants to get engaged to Clay Powers; Christie Lloyd wants to get engaged to Jason Powers. Both of those young men are unaware of these machinations against their freedom. Until the girls make sure of their intentions..

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