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New Creator Theme: Elders! - posted on 1st Sep 2018 at 6:43 AM
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Well, I determined that something was wrong in the Contrary house in a perfectly new neighborhood. It even crashed after Sophia got them to move in with the Jocques, and I tried loading it in build mode.

Bulldoze, and put down a new house for them. It's smaller, more compact, but big enough for the three of them, and they had plenty of money--about $20,000--to play with leftover.

John Mole has a new assignment, thus changed his appearance. Desiderata may be too remote for him, but for now, he's catching a commuter train to downtown to keep an eye on this, that, and the other. There's definitely gambling at Fisk's Bar, but it doesn't seem to be the hotbed of criminal activity in the uberhood, though he caught Steve Dore drinking underage and Dirk Dreamer gambling. That wasn't what he was looking for, so the boys have gotten away with it for now. Sandra Roth wandered in, but didn't do anything naughty. He also has a personal character problem, but sufficient self-control to behave. Violet Jocque hits all the right spots for him, and she's much, much too young. John's rather disgusted with himself. Maybe he'll call up that Betty Goldstein he met at Fisk's, or Lola Curious, or Chastity Gere, or hang out with General Grunt, or . . . the General only played pool with John, so that was excellent decision making on his part. Perhaps the General is going to prove to be one of his contacts, long term. (Pascal, Johnny, and Bella also showed up: it was definitely Strangetown Day at Fisk's!)

I might need to set up mods to block teens from some venues, though.

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