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Test Subject
Original Poster
#1 Old 26th Nov 2009 at 2:18 PM Last edited by Rubella : 26th Nov 2009 at 6:33 PM.
Default Share your nectar combinations
Making nectar is really profitable, so my sims are on a quest to find amazing recipes.

Here's what I've found so far:

- 5 life fruit, 5 cranerlet
- 8 flame fruit, 2 cherries
- 5 apples, 5 renoit
- 5 apples, 5 gralladina

- 5 plums, 5 gralladina
- 5 apples, 5 cherimola
- 5 pomelos, 5 meloire
- 8 pomelos, 2 watermelons
- 9 flame fruit, 1 gralladina
- 9 pomelos, 1 cranerlet
- 6 limes, 4 renoit
- 5 life fruit, 5 pomelos

I am still looking for recipes that use more life fruit.

I am sure someone has found some I haven't, so what have you got?

Edit: Oh I found the best one! 9 life fruit + 1 pomegranate is "amazing". With perfect fruit and the skill and machine bonuses, it's worth $600+ a bottle.
Field Researcher
#2 Old 27th Nov 2009 at 8:45 AM
This is a good thead!

How much of the nectar quality comes from the sims' skill level? It seems to me that the better my sim gets, the better the nectar quality, no matter what fruit I put in.

Another question: my sim got the wish to make tomato nectar, but the nectar machine only accepts fruit. Has anyone made vegetable nectar? I want to try garlic...
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#3 Old 27th Nov 2009 at 8:55 AM
I keep getting wants to make onion/tomato/garlic nectar and it won't let me. Which is silly, cos tomato is a fruit.

Each item has a nectar value, btw. I found some data on it in the XML. Maybe it'll be helpful, lemme see if I can go grab it.

Edit: Here we go. Each is Nectar Value/Ancient Nectar Weight. I have no idea what Ancient Nectar Weight is for. Anything not listed has a nectar value of 0 (leading me to believe that the wants to use garlic and whatnot are a bug).

Apple: 3/2
Lime: 7/0
Flame Fruit: 18/1
Grapes: 3/0
Watermelon: 7/0
Lifefruit: 22/1
Avornalino Grapes: 5/12
Galladino Fran Grapes: 5/12
Cherimola Blan Grapes: 8/12
Cranerlet Nuala Grapes: 10/12
Meloire Grapes: 12/12
Renoit Grapes: 16/12
Pomegranate: 6/3
Plum: 7/5
Pomelo: 12/3
Cherries: 9/3
Test Subject
#4 Old 27th Nov 2009 at 5:21 PM
At skill 10, 100% life fruit, or 100% flame fruit will usually turn out to be the best results compared to any combination I've been able to come up with. The above formula makes sense for that. I've been able to make outstanding ones of those, which turn to perfect quality in a short time on a rack

At 10 skill, a 100% life fruit one will give your sim 3 days extra life, and a 100% flame fruit one will give a 5 hour positive moodlet. I did not try and see if say, a 50% life/flame will do the same thing or not, or weaken the reward result (like instead of 5 hours maybe 2 hours). The drinks also have special effects (like the flame one looks like it has fire coming out of the glass)

The above also would explain why 100% apple, and 100% grape usually comes out as bad quality while 100% other fruits do not

I am very curious about the ancient nectar weight though. At the nectar merchant, they have nectar that have been aged by many years, some hundreds and some even thousands. I would like to know how this is even possible, as all my nectar made, even at skill 10 only come out to be on average 26 weeks of age
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#5 Old 27th Nov 2009 at 5:48 PM
There's a certain threshhold of percentage over which the life/flame fruit work in nectars, btw. It doesn't have to be 100%.

I think the aging is just something you have to do in-game... Stick it in a rack, forget about it, run through several generations, and it should improve. I'm hoping to get at the actual code behind this stuff soon - right now all I have is XML.

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Test Subject
#6 Old 21st May 2010 at 8:54 PM Last edited by pogman : 6th May 2015 at 11:06 PM. Reason: Adding detail + extras
Here's mine;
50% grapes, 20% watermelon, 20% Lime, 10% apple
70% Apple, 20% Grapes, 10% Watermelon
40% Cherimola Blan, 30% Plum, 20% Avornalino, 10% Pomegranate
10% Avornalino, 10% Grapes, 80% Watermelon
40% grapes, 30% Pomegranate, 30% Life Fruit
50% Flame Fruit, 30% Life Fruit, 20% Grapes
50% grapes, 20% watermelon, 20% Lime, 10% pomegranate
60% Grapes, 30% Plum, 10% Grandalla Fran Grapes
20% lime, 20% Cherimola Blan, 30% Meloire, 30% Pomegranate
10% Apple, 10% lime, 10% Watermelon, 10% Avornalino, 10% Cherimola, 10% Renoit, 10% pomelo, 10% Meloire, 10% Cranlet Nuala, 10% Pomegranate
60% Cherimola Blan, 20% Pomegranate, 20% Avornalino
30% Cherimola Blan, 20% Avornalino, 20% Plum, 10% Pomegranate
30% Renoit, 20% Cherimola Blan, 20% Lime, 10% Cranerlet Nuala
70% Apple, 10% Grapes, 10% Watermelon, 10% Lime
30% Cherimola Blan, 30% Plum, 20% Avornalino, 10% Pomelo, 10% Watermelon
20% Gralladina Fran, 10% Cherimola Blan, 20% Avornalino, 20% Meloire, 10% Cranerlet Nuala, 20% Pomegranate
90% Grapes, 10% Lime
70% Apples, 30% Grapes
60% Watermelon, 20% Lime, 20% Pumpkin
60% Flame Fruit, 40% Avornalino Grapes

I'll probably be adding more soon when I find them. Also, http://sims.wikia.com/wiki/Nectar_Making tells you 10 amazing combinations;
9 Life fruit, 1 pomegranate
7 Life fruit, 2 Flame fruit, 1 plum
7 Life fruit, 2 Flame fruit, 1 watermelon
6 Life fruit, 3 Flame fruit, 1 Cherimola Blan Grapes
5 Cranerlet Nuala Grapes, 5 Life fruit
2 Gralladina Fran Grapes, 2 Cranerlet Nuala Grapes, 1 Flame fruit, 1 Life fruit, 1 cherry, 1 pomelo, 1 Avornalino Grapes, 1 Meloire Grapes
2 Life fruit, 2 Gralladina Fran Grapes, 2 Cranerlet Nuala Grapes, 2 cherry, 2 pomelo
5 Life fruit, 5 pomelo
5 Gralladina Fran Grapes, 5 apples
5 apple, 5 Renoit Grapes - Probably the single best bottle for beginners
Test Subject
#7 Old 22nd May 2010 at 8:27 AM
the best/most valuable wine is 9 life and 1 pomegranate
Lab Assistant
#8 Old 22nd May 2010 at 2:07 PM
Onion/tomato/garlic nectar LOL Pasta Sauce!
Test Subject
#9 Old 14th Jun 2010 at 11:07 PM
Stumbled across this while dumping the last of my inventory into my nectar machines. I didn't expect much, but I wound up with an unexpected amazing!

Amazing: 60% Cherimola Blan, 40% Apple.

It's not as valuable, however, as the 50/50 Renoit-Apple blend, but it seems to age well. It started out less valuable, but three weeks later it's slightly more valuable. Maybe the"ancient weight" that was listed above might have something to do with how well something ages?
Test Subject
#10 Old 24th Jun 2010 at 10:05 AM
Do you people also did the same stupid thing as I did? I always use the 1,2,3,4 keys on my keyboard to make the time go faster and slower I press them quite a lot. So a couple times when I first started nectar making the thing came up with what to name it. My Nectar's names all became 1,2,3 or 4. I thought I would be able to correct it later. Appearently not, Sigh!

Anyways, I read there were 6 kinds of grapes in the WA game. I've found 3 kind so far. Are there any good recepies with grapes? I like the Idea of making 'wine' instead of nectar!
Test Subject
#11 Old 1st Sep 2010 at 2:38 AM
I think I figured out what 'ancient value' is
I noticed my wines don't all gain value at the same rate. Wines with more grapes age much better/faster.
So, I think the ancient value determins how fast the base value incresses.. Or how much is added per day... something like that.
Also, the 'week' of a wine, is what sim week it was made, Not how 'aged' it is.
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#12 Old 1st Sep 2010 at 10:11 PM
Originally Posted by Black_Moons
I think I figured out what 'ancient value' is
I noticed my wines don't all gain value at the same rate. Wines with more grapes age much better/faster.
So, I think the ancient value determins how fast the base value incresses..
No. Only the base value (value at creation) and the storage determine the value gain. The ancient values only get used when the game instantiates the buyable nectars and the nectars you can find in tombs. Afterwards, the ancient nectars gain value just the same as the nectars made by selectable sims.

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#13 Old 19th Sep 2010 at 11:59 PM
Sorry to bump up this thread but its really useful,i used all these combinations since the game came out,this thread should be stickied .
Test Subject
#14 Old 18th Dec 2010 at 4:53 PM
Has anyone any good recepeis with plasma fruit?
6 life fruit, 3 flame fruit and 1 plasma fruit works well.
#15 Old 22nd Dec 2010 at 10:28 PM
I have found with both of my Master Nectar Makers that its a toss up for the best recipe. In an effort to keep a perfect garden you have to keep one of each of the trees going anyway so I just toss any two fruits in the tank to make the nectars, and augment with Life or fire when I dont have enough to put the fruit together. I have two rows of racks in the storage area and fill one row as the other one ages. I take all the stuff out and price it when the new rack is full and put anything back that isnt over 500 dollars. Its usually less than one rack. The storage has two rows of 15 double height diamond faced racks making it 30 of the racks from buy mode, 60 racks in all. When 30 are full I start on the other side, when its full I test the first set and sell anything worth more than $500. I once made over 1000 on a lime+1pomelo combo the next bottle priced at 750 so I stopped selling and lost on that one because the next time the price went to $500. I don't use the consignment store I just hover it over the $ sign and if the price is right I sell it. I stop if the price dips below $500. I always have pure fire and pure life and some 50/50 fire of life combos, but I wont sell them unless the price is high. I have never mixed three fruit. My new nectar makers are not up to lvl 10 so I look at the best price and try to only sell the higher prices, the others go back to age. The Sims I chose to do that are imortal anyway because they have topped out gardening and have life fruit or ambrosia.
Test Subject
#16 Old 28th Dec 2010 at 1:34 PM
Default My combinations
Hi guys!

45 weeks of nectar making madness and still going on!

I'm going for the 1/9 ; 3/7 ; 5/5 ; 7/3 combinations rather than 2/8 ; 4/6 ; 6/4 ; 8/2...don't ask me why, I simply started with the odd combinations and went way too far to start all over again with the even ones XD I made all possible combinations with the 6 varieties of grapes and the 9 fruits and selected the 4-rated (great) and 5-rated (amazing) combos.

So, let's get back to work:

70% Meloire, 30% lime (great)
50% Meloire, 50% pomelo (great)
30% Meloire, 70% pomelo (amazing)
30% Meloire, 70% cherry (great)
90% Meloire, 10% flambé (great)
50% Gralladina, 50% apple (amazing)
30% Gralladina, 70% cherry (great)
50% Gralladina, 50% plum (great)
90% Cranerlet, 10% apple (great)
70% Cranerlet, 30% lime (amazing)
90% Cranerlet, 10% cherry (great)
30% Cranerlet, 70% pomegranate (amazing)
30% Cranerlet, 70% flambé (great)
50% Cranerlet, 50% life fruit (amazing)
30% Cranerlet, 70% life fruit (great)
90% Cherimola, 10% apple (great)
70% Cherimola, 30% apple (great)
50% Cherimola, 50% apple (great)
90% Cherimola, 10% pomelo (great)
90% Cherimola, 10% flambé (great)
70% Cherimola, 30% plum (great)
90% Avornalino, 10% lime (great)
30% Avornalino, 70% lime (great)
90% Avornalino, 10% cherry (great)
90% Avornalino, 10% pomelo (great)
70% Avornalino, 30% watermelon (great)
50% Avornalino, 50% watermelon (great)
90% Avornalino, 10% life fruit (great)
50% Renoit, 50% apple (amazing)
70% Renoit, 30% cherry (amazing)
30% Renoit, 70% cherry (great)
90% Renoit, 10% watermelon (great)

GREAT AND AMAZING FRUITS COMBOS (soft drinks, still in progress )
30% apple, 70% plum
30% apple, 70% cherry
70% pomelo, 30% lime
90% pomelo, 10% lime
10% pomelo, 90% flambé
50% pomelo, 50% life fruit
50% apple, 50% watermelon
10% lime, 90% plum
50% lime, 50% plum
50% lime, 50% cherry
10% lime, 90% life fruit
70% pomegranate, 30% plum
10% pomegranate, 90% cherry
90% pomegranate, 10% flambé
10% pomegranate, 90% life fruit

I'll add the remaining combos when I'll go through them, always with the 1/9, 3/7, 5/5, 7/3, 9/1 ratios.
Since the nectar combinatorics mod doesn't work on my sims 3 version, I'm NOT planning to go through 3-fruits combos because It would be a suicide mission and I'd lose my sanity :D

This work has already costed me more than a million simoleon and many many hours of insane gardening. All combos have been discovered with 100% perfect quality food, but of course even normal quality fruits will lead to four and five-stars rated nectars if you follow the ratios above.

Good nectaring everybody, and have a nice beginning of new year!
#17 Old 10th Jan 2011 at 8:04 PM
Holy cowplants,thats a lot painkiller Thanks a lot,now i don't have to keep on wasting my ingredients
#18 Old 16th Jan 2011 at 3:19 PM
*Bump* I just discovered that 5 lifefruits+5 cranerlet nuala grapes is amazing,plus its very valueable,500+ per bottle
Test Subject
#19 Old 25th Jan 2011 at 4:37 PM
Mine that always comes out amazing:

8 Life Fruit-Outstanding quality
2 Carnelet Nuala Grape-Outstanding quality
#20 Old 25th Jan 2011 at 10:24 PM
Thanks for the breakdowns, I played a new sim using my own advice and now that he is making 2000+ per four bottles of aged nectar, I am ready to tweak recipes. Does anyone have data on Plasma? I bought 100 and used my method of putting the fruit like 3 cherries in and topping it off with Plasma, but I didnt keep a chart. It seems about like Flame and Life.
Test Subject
#21 Old 13th Mar 2011 at 5:47 AM
I'm guessing that the ancient weight is the duration per sim week it takes inside a rack to reach its maximum value or is a modifier for how many days it takes for it to gain x amount of value. I'll be doing some experiments to work this out once my sim is back from holiday.
Test Subject
#22 Old 8th May 2011 at 3:58 PM
Originally Posted by AnnaIME
This is a good thead!

How much of the nectar quality comes from the sims' skill level? It seems to me that the better my sim gets, the better the nectar quality, no matter what fruit I put in.

Another question: my sim got the wish to make tomato nectar, but the nectar machine only accepts fruit. Has anyone made vegetable nectar? I want to try garlic...

umm yeah tomato is a fruit
#23 Old 3rd Oct 2011 at 7:38 PM
True Love Elixer
3 Life Fruits
2 Cherries
2 Pomegranites
2 Limes
1 Flame Fruit

I call it "True Love Elixer."

Good things about it:

It adds one day to your remaining time in the current lifestage.
It gives you the "Full Of Life" moodlet
It gives you the "Warm Fuzzies" moodlet
It's worth A LOT, esspecially when finely aged ($7651/bottle after two weeks)

Bad things about it:

Life fruit can be tricky to find (Just use "buydebug" to find it quickly)
Flame Fruit can be tricky to find (See above method)
Cherries can be hard to find (WE'VE BEEN OVER HOW TO GET THESE!)
Limes and Pomegranite aren't indiginous to the same area (Do I even need to say it?)

Keep in mind: This is a special recipe with a special effect, don't waste it on parties, 'cause no one will care what they're drinking!
Test Subject
#24 Old 9th Oct 2011 at 10:45 AM
all those combos are amazing. i think i have to pick up my game. i've got hardly any..
#25 Old 5th Nov 2011 at 9:56 PM
The problem with the nectars containins life fruit and the like is that often, the life fruit sells better raw than in nectar form. I want to find combinations that sell better in nectar form so it's actually worth doing. In one household I just ended up selling the life fruit, because that meants 10k simoleons as opposed to 500.
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