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Default How do you make rivers/ponds/lakes/springs in CAW?
Or is it something you need to edit in-game? Looking through all the meta data all I can find is effects like waterfalls, and as I haven't yet figured out how to create a body of water short of using the valley tool, a waterfall is of no use to me; a waterfall with no source and no place to go looks really stupid, no?
The world I'm working on is a mountain, and I'd really like to have a spring up in the mountain. Using the valley tool, I have to go waaaaay down before I get to sea level, making it look like a crater, not a spring. Will changing sea level make this easier? But if I do that, will the beaches I made be flooded?
People talk about a river tool, which for the life of me I can't find. I just want to create some fresh-water fishing spots, but I really can't figure out how.
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In CAW, under the Metadata thingie, type in "river" into the filter - rivers are an animated object type decorative thingiebobber that you place in the landscape and decorate accordingly. You have to kind of place rocks and fiddle with it to make the seams work.

Lakes (like up in the mountains in Pleasantview) are done on lots that fit into the natural landscape. Not sure what lot type they're done as off-hand though.
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Using the valley tool in the terrain panel is more flexible than the placeable river for those of you who don't want stuck to a shape. The premade river isn't changeable in shape. The benefit of the premade one (object) is the way the water flows more fluid, but the valley tool gives you much more control over where you want your river to flow, also wide bits and narrow bits, etc.

You can also do lochs (lakes) directly in CAW using the valley tool and put fishing spawners in them.

If you do a river or lake in a lot, the type could be several things, fishing spot or park come to mind.

If you want a lake on a mountain you have to do it on a lot, if it's down on sea level it can be terrain. The river object is quite big. I did one with a lot on top of the hill with a lake in it and a waterfall going down into a lake at the bottom. I used the normal water tool in EIG to do the one on the lot and the valey tool to do the bottom.

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Ah, thanks!
I knew the valley tool would do it, but in the mountains, it's not so convenient...
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I figured this was the best place to post this. Has anyone been looking into the split level water in Twinbrook?

I'm fairly certain, after looking at it carefully, that it's one giant object, similar to the river water in World Adventures. It has different properties to normal water, for example no edge tearing. Also, the "water" it meets at the distant terrain is literally just blue paint. Gosh I wish they'd fix CAW so we could investigate properly!!

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Default how make a lake/rivers/springs on the mountain in CAW-beta ???
In this link :
I see Luna lakes town has a large lake on the mountain, and rivers, too. I'm making a town by CAW and i want to place a lake/rivers around the mountain but i can't do that.
i readed throught this topic, but rivers objects is too large and i can't control its flow, lakes in the lots is narrow, make by water terrain is not real.
I want to make like lunalakes town. Who can help me ? please !!!
Sorry to i dredge up dead topic !
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VVinterSnow- this thread:
Or else you could use 'super CAW':

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