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Test Subject
#2276 Old Today at 4:44 AM
Hi again, after months of computer issues, I was finally able to re-start my Sims 2 game but lost everyone. At least I was only one round in so I didn't lose much, but I've made five new families and this time I will do the challenge and get farther in than just five days!
Field Researcher
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Welcome back Good luck with your new attempt

EDIT: Over the last few days I've been updating round 4 like crazy, I'm mid-way through round five but I'm kind of stuck not wanting to play the next household in the queue. They're down to two boys and their mother who was resurected later in the round and moved back in. Two kids on the direct line to the founder. That's it. All it would take to wipe out the whole family is for someone to get sick or for one boy to attack the other or for a fire to burn them. They're one of my original five families and I don't want to lose them.

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