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Test Subject
#1051 Old 10th Feb 2016 at 2:45 AM Last edited by AnnaKuchiki : 13th Feb 2016 at 1:54 AM.
So I just started this today and this is who I've gotten as my founder. http://puu.sh/n2eeb.jpg. Blue hair and light grey/white eyes. (Hope you guys can see the picture I love her already and I haven't even gotten her out of Cas yet!)

Lynn Ashcraft is her name. The Ashcraft family is a powerful known name in her home town and she was wanted by every rich male around cause she was the sole heir to her fathers money.

Her traits are:
Dislikes Children
Computer Wiz

Her LTW is Master Romancer woohoo with 5 different sims in 5 different places. This shall be fun!

Kids so far:
Tom - Blue hair and brown eyes. No Heir. http://puu.sh/n33Ag.jpg
Ava - All her father. Black hair and brown eyes. - no heir.
Eva - Black hair and mother's eyes.
Eawn - Black hair and Mother's eyes. No Heir
Ivan - Heir!!!! Blue hair and light grey/white eyes!!!
Test Subject
#1052 Old 13th Feb 2016 at 11:39 AM
Looks like I have lost this challenge. My original character has died, and none of his offsprings have the same skin, eye and hair color altogether.
Probably I shouldn't have tried to follow the hardest rule.
Also the wife from France kept wanting to become a stylist... however, it is possible to fulfill her wish on the island... I was trying to combine perfect genetics and Midnight Sun challenge...
Test Subject
#1053 Old 15th Feb 2016 at 7:11 PM
I only had one kid and she had the right hair, skin AND eyes for my 3rd gen, on my first it took me 3 tries
Lab Assistant
#1054 Old 29th Feb 2016 at 11:16 PM

So I started this challenge yesterday and this is where I am up to so far,

This is my founder sim her name is Katie Melendez, her traits are: Over emotional, Dislikes Children, Angler, Schmoozer, and animal lover.
The requirements to get an heir is the red hair she has got and bright purple eyes.

Here is her Fiancé Keenan Melendez, his traits are: Family oriented, Animal lover, Nurturing, Loves to swim, and great kisser.

okay so I have no images for what I am about to tell you up until we know she is pregnant,
So they happily move in together, in a house I have put together myself in appaloosa plains, (similar to all houses I build) it is on a large lot so they can expand if needed, or if they get a horse, on the first day I built up their relationship to a full bar just so the woohoo is successful, then they went out on a date to the dog park to make friends with other sims, Katie got herself a popsicle and they stayed there for a while, Katie wanted to tour the theatre so that's what they did, they also had their first woohoo backstage , (which was successful yay! I heard the dings), then they went home then straight to bed.

Katie woke up in the night feeling a little nauseous, that's when I defiantly knew she was expecting, I then decided they needed a little animal friend, so I adopted a male kitten named mittens, later the next day Katie went into her maternity clothes,

to celebrate that she was pregnant they decided to dance together in the living room, that's totally normal!

when it got to night time they decided to go out and gaze at the stars together,

awww anyway, Katie thought "I want to get married like right now", but she wanted a wedding so the next morning she invited some people over and they got married and had cake, apologies for no pictures I wanted to record it! and I don't know how to post videos. if you can let me know and I might put it in my next post, sooner or later Katie went into labour and went to the hospital to give birth,

She gave birth to two girls, Brooke and Brogan. I like to age babies up straight away then live the normal lifespan after that,

so when I aged them up non of them were an heir, both had their dads eyes one had daddys hair and the other had ginger.

heres brooke (the one with ginger hair ) her traits are, insane and excitable.

and heres little Brogan I think they are both pretty attractive if you ask me. little Brogan's traits are, Artistic and Slob.

and when the twins were sleeping I sent Katie and Keenan to try for another baby and... success I heard the dings and in the morning I sent Keenan out to get a little puppy which I called Rusty and its a male, I cannot show pics of the pets as my game has glitched out on me and they both are practically all back but that's all for now. :D
Test Subject
#1055 Old 6th Mar 2016 at 4:05 AM
Me and my brother are doing this. Our founder has reddish orangish hair and neon green eyes. So far she had twins a boy and a girl. Hoping one of them is the heir
#1056 Old 13th Apr 2016 at 3:43 AM
Wow. Not a reply in a month? Lets fix tht. i haven't posted in a while i created my own challenge and got obssesed with it then took me bout 5 trys to age my triplets up in my current household then me and my minecraft friend made her and her ideal husband, and i thought of a cool story plot and got obssesed with that. Then i figured out bandicam and Youtube so i started recording stuff and was obssesed with doing it and i realized you couldnt hear my voice cause i listened to my playlist of songs while recording and i only had the free version of bandi cam so i could only record 10 mins a a time and i didnt like doing like 3 parts just for the first episode so i redid it and then paused it and played with it paused for 3 days cause i didnt feel like recording plus my mom and brother dunno and i would get in trouble for it and my brother keeps playing rockband in the living room so that brings us to today. Last i left off tht i remember the girls threw a sleepover party. The guests were arriving and i was making them look good when my game crashed and then i got addicted to other save files. Where all the people been?! Starglow where u been what happens in 3rd gen im dying to know how long i takes this time to get a heir!!!
Lab Assistant
#1057 Old 13th Apr 2016 at 11:33 PM
Some of my Ogdens so far (it's a Midnight Sun Challenge & a prettacy as well):

The A kids, first generation born on the island: Aslan (standing), Arya, Armin & Asia (heir).
Mum & dad are Tahiya and Lester.

4th generation born on the island:
1) Dexter, 2) Dorian, 3) Delilah (heir), 4) Wu (mum), 5) Chimeree (dad), 6) Damon, 7) Daria, 8) Deeta, 9) Darius, 10) Devendra.

5th generation:
1) Emerson, 2) Emmanuel, 3) Errol, 4) Esteban, 5) Esther, 6) Efraim, 7) Delilah (mum), 8) Gustave (dad), 9) Edgar, 10) Evita,
11) Emilia, 12) Edith, 13) Eden (AN HEIR FINALLY!!)

Absolutely Cuckoo - I'm Surrounded By Idiots
Pollard - a Boolprop EPIC challenge
Lab Assistant
#1058 Old 21st Apr 2016 at 11:19 PM
Some lovely pictures! Meet my heir, Rorey Killian. Pink hair and some weird neon green eyes. She likes to wear very colorful clothes. Rorey is a free spirit, loves to play the guitar and of course dislikes children. She already got a boyfriend to start the challenge and make some babies!

Lab Assistant
#1059 Old 22nd Apr 2016 at 1:21 AM
Rorey Killian and Ben Chapo didn't wait to long to start there own family. Rorey didn't want to go to the hospital and gave birth at home.

The were lucky! There first born was the perfect heir, Sam Killian

(i age up the babies quickly)
Rorey dislikes children and can't put herself to make any siblings for Sam. Still she got a lot of love for her firstborn. She and Ben are spoiling Sam a lot. Ben really wants more children but Rorey just is not in to children.

Lab Assistant
#1060 Old 22nd Apr 2016 at 1:31 AM
Rorey and Ben gave Sam a amazing birthday party.

They didn't had much money but the spent it all on Sam. Rorey just started a career in de music branche. Ben started off a career as a small time thief, breaking in to peoples houses. He was ready to do everything to give Sam anything he needed.

#1061 Old 22nd Apr 2016 at 2:48 AM
Its been a while since i posted and a lot has happened. Lets start off with saying this, My founders husband Doug has been reading his inventing book every chance and finally mastered the inventing skill so he could build a time machiene. While trying to figure out how to invent it an acident happened and he caught on fire. he almost didnt make it to the bathroom in time. He finally invented it and we placed it down and had him and my founder try for a baby in it. I did it bout 3 times thinking it was a maybe chance trying only to get 1. One came out and her name was Lara. I have a harder challengethe heir needs to have the hair,eyes, and to be a mermaid. Lara had all 3 and i gotta say SHE WAS FUGLY! And the fugly award goes to.........Lara before i makeovered her! So i fixed her head and eyes and nose and she was good. I makeovered her and she looked awesome. I brought her a bed and rearranged the girls room so i could fit her bed. Then a few hours later another comes out. it was a boy and didnt have the eyes so i deleted him. Then ANOTHER COMES same thing so i deleted him too. We alreadyhave a heir we got her on the 2nd try of pregnancy out of triplets. Her names Paige and her sisters Hannah and Amelia got none and hair and mermaid. to clairfy Paige= Hair,Eyes,& Scales. Hannah= None. Amelia=Hair & Scales. Anyways they have a older brother and twin baby brothers but Mason(the older bro) was finally a young adult and i didnt need him and Quinten( My Bff made me name him it idek why) & Vex(named after my mc friend) Wernt heirs so i kicked them out. I almost forgot tk say i love xsimsugars videos so when i saw the past babys name was Lara so i changed it to Laura after xsimsugar! I love both Laura and Paige but what should i do because i have 2 heirs! Lemme know guys! Right now Dougs a firefighter level 3 And Sheritas a doctor level 5 Resident! The rest of the girls are teens and just waiting for them to get on the honor roll! Amelia has the gutair skill and before she moves out im getting her a job in music and Hannah has the gardening skill and i hope you can registeras a self employed gardner! I think i will keep hannah to help with the kids when its time for gen 2!
Test Subject
#1062 Old 22nd Apr 2016 at 10:50 PM
Hi all. I just started this challenge about a week ago, and have been recording my progress on Tumblr. (simplynotrio.tumblr.com/tagged/perfect-genetics-challenge/chrono) I haven't done html in forever so im a bit rusty. Anyhow, I'm 3 pregnancies/4 kids in and have my first heir! Super excited. This is my second attempt, I quit my first one pretty quickly when I realized white eyes are hard to differentiate from the in-game grey eyes.
Test Subject
#1063 Old 28th Apr 2016 at 4:30 PM
Im playing this challenge with city building challenge =) Its guite hard!!!! My founder has 6 children and no heir yet, OMG!
Test Subject
#1064 Old 6th May 2016 at 8:31 PM
How many children do you have with a spouse with no heir, before finding a new spouse? I'm at 12 kids, 6 in home, and 17days till they're elders. Idk if I want to move the mom and kids out and find a new partner?
Lab Assistant
#1065 Old 9th May 2016 at 8:47 PM
I finally re-installed the world my PGC family resides in after two years on hiatus. All of my CC was removed, so today was all about the makeovers.

The heiress (still a tot) was the 9th born.
#1066 Old 21st May 2016 at 1:09 AM
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2SKYEmH7Rs where all the updates at??? anyways i made a video on my yt channel of what i should do with my 2 perfect heirs. if you cant understand me basically have 2 heirs dunno which i should chose asked for help and made a strawpoll
Lab Assistant
#1067 Old 23rd May 2016 at 9:12 AM
It's been a long time since I posted, but here's a link to my family tree. I've made it all the way to Gen 3 about two years after starting this challenge. My heir was the 14th child in her generation, but by the time she became a toddler she already had three younger siblings. All things considered, I was pretty lucky that I got heirs so quickly in the first two generations.
Lab Assistant
#1068 Old 26th Jun 2016 at 1:28 PM
I think I'm going to try this. I thought about combining it with Midnight Sun but after seeing how many kids some of you have had to have to get the heir I'm thinking it may be a wee bit too difficult for me.
Lab Assistant
#1069 Old 1st Jul 2016 at 10:59 PM
Long time but i want to post some pictures of my family. Rorey dislikes children but loves her son a lot!

Lab Assistant
#1070 Old 1st Jul 2016 at 11:09 PM
Sam is a great kid (even do he will dislike children in the future). At the carnavel he meets his soon to be girlfriend and future mother of his children.

Test Subject
#1071 Old 6th Jul 2016 at 8:25 PM Last edited by Malaionus : 7th Jul 2016 at 4:59 AM.
So, I'm doing this and had to break up a guy and his pregnant girlfriend because I liked his face ._.

She has a step-son, 2 daughters, 2 sons 2 imaginary friend adopted daughters and a husband. (main sim)

Edit: Heir is now a child and they have the best room in the entire house. Daughter and imaginary friend hooked up, meanwhile their sister looked at people's outfits.

Challenge To-Do List

Test Subject
#1072 Old 11th Jul 2016 at 2:59 AM
I started this challenge yesterday, So far I have 4 children(one is adopted so she cant be the heir, but I adopted her when I only had Noah and she looks more like a heir than him), Noah & Scarlett, I know wont be the heir because they don't have the moms Skin color. I will have to see when the twins grow up if Teagan has the hair and eyes of her mom.
Test Subject
#1073 Old 21st Nov 2016 at 10:44 PM
I was playing this, got my heir then.. My computer crashed. I was so sad, and quit playing for awhile.. Then I came back today, and her FIRST Child was the heir! I just aged her to a teen!
Test Subject
#1074 Old 25th Nov 2016 at 1:02 AM
Alright, I got identical twins who look exactly like their mother. What one would be the heir? Whatever one I choose or the older one?
And it only took two pregnancies to get them. (Two sets of twins. The first two, both girls, look like neither parents. The second set, a girl and boy, look exactly like mom.)
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