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Test Subject
#876 Old 20th Jan 2015 at 2:58 PM
I like the challenge. But I hate 'dislikes Children"
I'd probably make it testing cheats to make them hate all children- except for the perfect baby.
And I'd make them Mean Spirited.
#877 Old 21st Jan 2015 at 12:17 AM
I have some very exciting news for you guys! I HAD THE HEIR! after 2 sets of twins, 3 sets of triplets and a single baby, we have the 2nd generation heir.
This is Ezekiel Karson!

He is the 14th child. MAN ALIVE!
He has the friendly and insane traits.
Test Subject
#878 Old 24th Jan 2015 at 3:26 AM
We kick off the Sommers household with a spectacular miracle: everyone in the house is asleep at the same time!

Oh, and I also forgot to mention that when Elijah aged, he gained the animal lover trait. His other traits are brave and virtuoso. Aaron also aged into an adult, and Wrenne is currently (and also unhappily) pregnant! Really hoping we get the heir this time since Wrenne will also be aging into an adult soon...that's too close to elder :S
Later on, it happened to be Kia (our dog's) birthday. She's aging into an elder.

It's also time for Winter and Reyna to age into teenagers! I swear, every single day of this household is just so eventful...
First, we have Winter! She gained the light sleeper trait, and her other ones are artistic, excitable, and athletic. Pretty awesome for being randomized.

Her face though...not-so-awesome. Lol. Anyway, next is Reyna! She gained the mean spirited trait, and her other ones are loves the heat, slob, and heavy sleeper. I don't mind the bad traits though since she's not the heir. On the bright side, she is our best-looking child so far...

She's literally the mirror image of Wrenne when she was younger. Minus the hair and eye color.

She also decided to abuse her new teenage powers and somehow manage to walk right through our sink. That's cool though, not questioning it...at all.
Yea, we've got a pretty interesting household on our hands, and to top things off and end our eventful day, WRENNE HAPPENS TO GO IN LABOR! So not only did Kia, Winter, and Reyna age, but Wrenne also delivered the next member of our household! More on said sim in the next update
#879 Old 24th Jan 2015 at 6:43 PM
Quite a lot has happened in the Karson family.
First of all, I found this hilarious picture of brieanne giving birth to Ezekiel

The family moved houses!

I like this house (that i built) A lot more than the old house

Brie taught Ezekiel how to walk, talk, and most importantly, use the potty. (Quite a messy job but we got through it)

The terrible 2s are gone and Ezekiel is now a child!

I have thrown out the traits rule because the sims become hard to manage so he has the Family oriented, friendly and geneous traits
Test Subject
#880 Old 24th Jan 2015 at 8:08 PM
Is it bad that I find Wrenne's labor faces cute? :p

Anyway, she ended up giving birth to a baby boy named Keith. His traits are athletic and brave - two traits our children keep receiving. I'm not complaining though.
Our household is growing - and at a quick rate! It's time for another children count. Our two first born twins, Reyna and Winter, are currently teens, then we have Elijah who's a child, next Emmeline and Kai who are toddlers, and now Keith, who is a baby. So that's six kids. Praying Keith is the heir, because we have eight members in our household already *o*
Well, Wrenne happened to age up into an adult - another reason we need our heir, and quickly! I shouldn't have delayed the baby-making in her young adult stage...sigh

The next day happened to be spooky day, and Everly, Wrenne's mom (our founder) invited us to her house for a party. Some of the kids went with Wrenne since they thought it'd be fun. After the party, they went trick-or-treating together.

Here's Winter dressed like a tiger.

Reyna decided to go as a cheerleader, which is rather fitting...

Eli looks totally stoked to get some candy in his gnome costume... You can see Reyna to his left and Winter talking to Wrenne (the astronaut) in the back xD

Close up of Wrenne having some fun at her momma's party That girl in the background looks like she wants to flipping kill someone...not fitting at all for the cute, childish costume she is wearing...Lisa Bunch why

#881 Old Yesterday at 2:45 AM
The day started off well... that is until we got robbed!!!! But we have an alarm so the police showed up and locked that idiot away

Brieanne and Alex aged into adults. I am excited to see them as elders! Even though it means they will die soon.

Also, Alex reached level 10 of the medical career! Brie got a job there too and they practised chess with each other to help their logic skills.

And last but not least! Ezekiel is now a teen! He is also a spitting image of his father. And... I might have clicked for his lifetime wish to be World Renowned Surgeon. Whoops! I might cheat and change that because he gained the Kleptomaniac trait and I want him to be a criminal!

Test Subject
#882 Old Yesterday at 5:28 PM
So after everyone got home from Everly's Spooky Day party, our newborn Keith aged into a toddler!

(This might actually be Kai when he was a toddler, but they look the same anyway.) I freaked out when I saw the back of his head, thinking it might be an heir, but then of course, just like always, he got his father's green eyes... Due to this little setback and the fact that we currently have a full house, I had to go against my previous rules and prematurely age up the teens, Winter and Reyna, to young adults so they can move out because we need more babies.

This is what parties look like in the Sommers household... Courtesy of Keith.

Here's winter. She gained the daredevil trait and the professional athlete lifetime wish. Aaron behind her is stoked for her becoming a young adult...he's really blowing his brains out :'D

Next of course is Reyna, who really looks a lot like Wrenne (with Aaron yet again in the background, totally excited for her birthday. What can I say, he's family-oriented). She gained the clumsy trait and her lifetime wish is to be a gold digger. After they aged, we had to kick them out for more room. I hate how you can only have eight sims per household.
Anyway, I followed them home and saw that they moved into this HUGE house...so jealous. First this happens with Everly, and now with Reyna and Winter?

Of course, we're not yet done with the aging up, and have more birthdays. Kai aged up into a child! Winter is still at the house (she's in the background) because I think I waited to kick Reyna and her until everyone finished aging up.

He received the never nude trait, and his ones from birth are loner and good. With Kai's aging, we also have twin Emmeline!

As you can see, her eyes are some sort of bluish-purple that neither parents have. But anyway, she gained the grumpy trait, and her others are heavy sleeper and good.
Immediately after the chaos of birthdays and moving young adults died down, Wrenne and Aaron tried for baby since they now only have six members in their household. I got fertility treatment for Aaron too, since only Wrenne had it at first. Six kids down, however many more to go...
#883 Old Today at 2:43 AM
Not too much happened today. I moved our house and all the other Karson family houses (there was like 5 of them. All containing my kids, LOL) beside each other.
The stress of work really got to Brie and she stripped down naked as soon as she walked in the door (Funniest glitch ever.)

Ezekiel has been getting straight A's and will soon be on the honour roll. He also found his first love! This is him and his new girlfriend Winter kissing! (Starglow13 I pre-made Winter and decided to name her after your sim! Love your family BTW)

Test Subject
#884 Old Today at 6:11 PM
Thanks for the positive feedback @PerfectGeneticsKarsonFam, it means a lot (especially that you named your sims after one of mine) I enjoy reading your PGC as well!^^
Anyway, we left off with all those birthdays and having two extra slots in our household since Winter and Reyna moved out. Wrenne eventually found out she's pregnant, much to her dismay! Aaron is really excited to have their next child. Those two are polar opposites, yet they somehow manage to work together to raise all their children :')
Later on, (you guessed it), we have another birthday! It's time for Elijah to age into a teenager. I had him go visit his sisters Winter and Reyna in their new house since he's close with them and wanted to get away from all the noise at home, so he ended up aging there.

He gained the shy trait, and his others are brave, animal lover, and virtuoso. Eli went back home later after celebrating with his sisters, and found out that Everly (Wrenne's mom, founder of generation one) ended up dying that day... But even though we got a notification, Wrenne isn't even mourning?! I understand that she didn't mourn for the death of her father since they never really knew each other, but she didn't even have a moodlet for the death of Everly...okay
A day or two passes, and it's Wrenne and Aaron's one year anniversary! They've come so far; I'm so proud of them *tear*
In honor of this special day, Wrenne decides to cook Aaron his favorite meal for dinner: macaroni and cheese! I really shouldn't have made her do that though... Let me explain. I normally always have Wrenne cook something for the household so that they don't have to eat quick meals like canned soup, and we didn't have any leftovers so I really wanted her to make mac and cheese, but at the same time I knew it was the third day of her pregnancy meaning the baby might be coming... I waited a bit to cook it just in case the baby were to come (it was already like 6:30 pm) and then thought "eh whatever, the baby can wait", and of course, I totally jinxed myself... The baby comes in the middle of Wrenne's cooking ;u;


I don't think Aaron or Elijah, our only teen, were home at the time, so Wrenne was the only one who could extinguish the flames... She's all, "Hold the baby, we've got a fire up in here!"
Eventually, the firefighter came since we have an alarm, but Wrenne had already extinguished the flames..he stayed anyway and started freaking out because of Wrenne's labor :P

I replaced the stove for about 450 simoleons at this point, so that's why it looks new. Anyway, Wrenne ended up actually giving birth two TWO children: our first one is named Lena, and her traits are loves the outdoors and good. Next we have Aya whose traits are athletic and easily impressed. I really should've named them something after fire, due to how they were birthed LOL. Quite a crazy, eventful day in the Sommers household...
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