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Test Subject
#676 Old 7th Jul 2014 at 8:14 AM
Caspian became a teenager, and returned home from boarding school for a short while for photos before returning to boarding school, I think his new trait is charismatic.

and my triplets have grown twice.
Here is Dorothy

Her traits are: loser, clumsy, heavy sleeper and genius. It's about time she got a positive trait, so i'm glad for her sake that she's a genius. She is also my favorite looking of the generation.
Esmeralda (my Heiress)

Her traits are: Loves the outdoors, coward, mooch and artistic.

She is a daredevil, family oriented, artistic, grumpy sim.
Test Subject
#677 Old 7th Jul 2014 at 11:14 AM

But if you don't want to read it all and just want to see the Sims... Here are some pics from the first two posts.

This is the founder, Aphrodite Mendel:

And her husband, patches (an imaginary friend, not hers, her brothers):

So far she has had 3 children... All in the second post.
First was a set of twins, Fauna:

and Flora:

Neither are heirs, but still adorable...

And a single baby boy, Ghost:

Not an heir either...
Lab Assistant
#678 Old 7th Jul 2014 at 1:08 PM
Hey, I decided to start too! So, this is my founder, Regina Light:

She recently got an ''inheritance'', so she moved into this mansion(I built it so it pretty much horrible):

She liked Tom Bowen since the very moment they met, and very soon, the first kiss came.

And he proposed.(I might have cheated a little bit on that)

And they got married. Now, she is Regina Bowen.

After that, they sealed their marriage.

I hope for heir!

Bookworm,Loves The Cold,Couch Potato,Dog Person, Insane Psychopath ;-D
Lab Assistant
#679 Old 7th Jul 2014 at 7:54 PM
Ok, update time.
The baby is coming! Dat face though, made me lol so hard

And it's a boy! Meet Rey Bowen, our heir! I got so lucky...

Bookworm,Loves The Cold,Couch Potato,Dog Person, Insane Psychopath ;-D
Test Subject
#680 Old 7th Jul 2014 at 10:43 PM
So Reagan and the infamous Don Lothario decided to try for a baby (well Don thinks they just woohoo'd no risk) and now Reagan's pregnant...they aren't even dating yet and he already got her pregnant...here's hoping for twins or triplets...better chances of getting an heir...

Lab Assistant
#681 Old 8th Jul 2014 at 3:57 AM
Woo time for my next update everyone! Yes it's another long one, but I think it's a better one than the last... Mostly, so bear with me!
Mei passed away while I was playing before this happened. Hui-Ying went to prom with her boyfriend Matthew, they stayed out a bit after curfew, then Matt saw what time it was and kissed her goodbye offering a ride home. Hui-Ying motioned to her horse and said she was fine, Matt went on home and Hui-Ying was in the middle of mounting Snow when a police officer arrived! She dismissed Snow and she went on home while Hui-Ying went home a different way... In the front seat of the patrol car... She arrived home and was grounded (yes I said that in the last update but never told the story). She was soon let off the hook and walked over to her next-door-neighbor, Matt's house. He was the only one home and it turns out it was both of their birthdays! Matt became a YA that night and so did Hui-Ying. Hui-Ying asked Matt if he wanted to move in, eagerly he said yes, packed his things, and hurried to his new home. Hui-Ying was so happy about Matt moving in and never even realized what he was planning. Matt came up to her the next morning when she finished eating her pancakes, and slid an envelope that looked like a letter across the table to her. She picked it up and opened it, she wasn't expecting what she pulled out... Two tickets to Champs Les Sims, France! She was ecstatic, she gave him a quick kiss and gathered her things, they left that night to board the plane. They arrived and Hui-Ying convinced him to come to the museum with her. He walked with her but they had soon seen everything there. They decided to have a picnic by the small pond in front of the museum. They ate some and once they were finished, Hui-Ying packed up the basket while Matt prepared and even bigger surprise for her... Hui-Ying turns to Matt about to ask him where they should go next when she sees him knelt on the ground. She was nervous not knowing what was going on until she realized he was digging in his pocket trying to get something. He pulled out a dark box and when he opened it, there was a beautiful ring. She gave him a big kiss in acceptance and they went back to the base camp as it was already almost 9. They were both almost ready for some shuteye when Hui-Ying pulled Matt into the bathroom where they had their first woohoo. Hui-Ying began feeling a bit nauseous the next morning but didn't bring it up to Matt, she just figured she was excited about the engagement, also they had 5 more days to spend there so why waste them worrying about something silly like nausea! Matt began to attempt at cooking for the first time, he was going to make Hui-Ying some breakfast. He failed horribly at his first attempt with waffles, and then he did the same with the second... He learned to make pancakes so he thought he'd give that a go.... He failed at that too, twice... He gave up on using that stove, using the excuse "It just doesn't work right!" and, as it was already lunch time, he made some autumn salad. Hui-Ying was Very Hungry by the time he finally made some good food, so they both dug in. They spent the rest of the day together at the base camp, they played chess, sat around the fire pit together, cuddled on the couch and right before bed they went into the bedroom and woohooed again before falling asleep, the next morning he tried again and FINALLY made good pancakes. Hui-Ying was delighted to wake up to the smell of that! They both ate together but then Hui-Ying decided she wanted to do some adventuring. Matt wasn't so happy about this, he planned this vacation to get even closer to Hui-Ying, not face tombs that could have mummies that could kill one of them! She found an adventure she liked and left without Matt. Matt was a bit upset, but soon he realized this was a great opportunity to work on his cooking and learn some new recipes. He practiced a bit, then he decided to go to the market. Hui-Ying was in between adventures at the time so they spent lunch time at the cafe together. Once they split again Matt busied himself at the book vendor building. He learned to make Frog Legs, Cheese Plates, and something that starts with a B, he got the recipe for Crepes but had to continue working on the skill to learn it. Once he read all the recipes he went down to the river to work on his fishing skill too. He also decided to buy a couple books to read himself, even though he never ended up doing so. Hui-Ying got her Visa level up one throughout the vacation. Also every night before bed they woohooed, accept for the last day, they stayed up until they had to leave sitting by the fire together. Their plane left at midnight.
Once they arrived home, they were sad to have left France, but glad to be back home. Hui-Ying went out and brushed her horses and cleaned their hooves. Everyone was so happy... But remember that nausea? Well... Turns out, that first night, was the night Hui-Ying and Matt's child was conceived. The day of the wedding, I had made the perfect wedding dress for her... Then guess what, she finds out she's pregnant and cant wear it! -.- It made me a bit upset, but nevertheless, they were one of the cutest couples, well, next to Alex and Adaeze, gosh never thought I'd say that name again lol. Well anywho, they marry under the arch in the front yard, there were a few people stuck clapping, had to reset them. They cut the cake, danced, watched some people play guitar, and then before they went to bed they did the exact same thing as they did on vacation. Then Some sad stuff happened, even worse than Mei passing on again. Snow and Dark Knight both passed away the day after Snow had her last foal, well foals... I got a clone of Snow because I wanted there to be at least ONE white-furred offspring, the rest all had Dark Knights black fur. So the last two foals from Snow and Dark Knight are.... Snow the II (yes, yes it is) and Midnight. Snow shall be the one to be bred with another black-furred horse that they buy eventually, sadly I have no pics of them but Snow II looks exactly like Snow and Midnight looks exactly like Dark Knight. Anywho! Now that I have explained that, shall we continue? Matt and Hui-Ying decided to spend the entire time she was pregnant, together. They read pregnancy books together, watched television together, worked out together, etc. They were ALWAYS together, well accept for when they had to pee, but other than that they would always be together. And whenever she complained of he sore back, Matt would give her a massage. He would continuously joke around with her, telling her funny stories, and, just like Kang, feel, talk to, or listen to her baby bump. They have just started slow dancing at random times together. They are adorable. Then after a few days, she looks at Matt with a worried look on her face as she starts to go into labor. She says in between the contractions, "I need to get to the hospital". and nearly as SOON as they got there, their baby was born, it was a little baby boy named Hung which means Wonderful. While Hui-Ying worked on her latest novel (she is a writer like Hua), Matt worked to teach little Hung his toddler skills. Sadly he isn't an heir, he had the eyes, but he had full black hair like a few people in the family, but only his aunt, great uncle, ect. Well I believe that is all, so I say, good day, good luck, and happy simming. And P.S. I know this is long, but if you made it this far, thanks! I got lots of pictures!!

What if Mario was trying to rescue Peach but she actually was running from HIM?
Test Subject
#682 Old 8th Jul 2014 at 6:04 AM
Reagan had triplets named Rosalina, Rhianna, and Ronald. I joking named Rosalina that just because I was playing Mario Kart (and Rosalina is my favorite Mario princess) and she luckily ended up being my heir. I didn't think I'd get an heir on my first shot!

Here's Rosalina:


and Ronald:

Ronald and Rhianna both have Don's hair and eye color, while Rosalina (obviously since she's my heir) has Reagan's hair and eyes.
Field Researcher
#683 Old 8th Jul 2014 at 9:29 AM
Simlover7114: How did you get Grim on a horse?!?!?!

Also my second perfect genetic line, vampires got an heir. And finally a female heir.

This is Nyth Sweet and her teenage father Prince. She is the 12th of 13 kids and biologically in the same generation as Aydenn.

And for those who might want to know this is the family line:

Founder: Juliana
2nd gen heirs: Atomic (Line 1) & Prince (Line 2)
3rd gen heirs: Aydenn (Line 1) & Nyth (Line 2)
4th gen heir: Tiedenn (Line 1)

And sorry for no pictures but this is the Total family tree up to date.

I did not hit you. I simply high-fived your face.
Test Subject
#684 Old 8th Jul 2014 at 7:12 PM
The kids all grew up and now Ronald looks more like his dad than ever…hey look they’re actually cute now that they aren’t whiny toddlers…

Here's Rosalina:

Her traits are Virtuoso, Artistic, and she just gained Computer Whiz

Here's: Rhianna:

Her traits are Excitable, Light Sleeper, and she just gained Star Quality

and here's Ronald:

His traits are Clumsy, Hates the Outdoors, and he just gained Klepto

Ron looks a lot like his father now...
Test Subject
#685 Old 8th Jul 2014 at 8:35 PM
I haven't posted in a bit but my founder, Laura, aged up and she died, but my heir Tommy found a girlfriend and got married.

They had 10 children before getting an heir. Jordan is so cute and he's perfect! Will post pictures when I have more!!
Lab Assistant
#686 Old 9th Jul 2014 at 12:29 AM
Originally Posted by PaNdEmIc
Simlover7114: How did you get Grim on a horse?!?!?!

Well, when he shows up because the horse died, he will mount the horse and ride it into the portal the pets disappear into. I just paused it at the perfect time to get the pic lol. And by the way, I love your characters.

What if Mario was trying to rescue Peach but she actually was running from HIM?
Field Researcher
#687 Old 9th Jul 2014 at 11:57 AM
Originally Posted by Simlover7114
Well, when he shows up because the horse died, he will mount the horse and ride it into the portal the pets disappear into. I just paused it at the perfect time to get the pic lol. And by the way, I love your characters.

Ah, ok. Never seen a sim horse die. Cool shot though.
Thanks, I love my legacy family too, I have many funny pictures of them.

I did not hit you. I simply high-fived your face.
Test Subject
#688 Old 9th Jul 2014 at 6:23 PM
Now they’re all Teens…so close to Adulthood and Reagan finally is accepting of them ALL now that they’re teens…Rosalina’s always gotten her love of course…the other two are just glad they’re starting to get their cut of attention…

Rosalina gained Workaholic (she just keeps getting good traits)

Rhianna gained Coward

and Ronald gained Vegetarian

Test Subject
#689 Old 9th Jul 2014 at 8:18 PM
Test Subject
#690 Old 13th Jul 2014 at 8:53 PM
Test Subject
#691 Old 14th Jul 2014 at 11:22 PM
Test Subject
#692 Old 15th Jul 2014 at 9:13 AM Last edited by 10madi01 : 18th Jul 2014 at 4:40 AM.
Argh... was playing for a bit today and Aphrodite had quads and right when I was aging them to toddlers my game crashed. I didn't get to see any of their eyes but at least three had the right hair. One could have been perfect and I'll never know.

Finally updated... Post is here

Just like last time here are the important pics of the post if you don't want to read it.

The twins grew up:

Aphrodite had triplets:



And Turquoise

Ghost grew up:

And so did the triplets:

The first one is Tanzanite and the second is Zircon.

Sucks that I'm trying for Aphrodite's colouring, because patches genes are really strong.
Test Subject
#693 Old 21st Jul 2014 at 7:23 PM
So the kids are now Young Adults *sniffles* they finally are all grown up…Reagan also hit elder status and is close to biting it so the kids are helping her in her final days…Rhianna and Ronald are both planning on moving out together after she passes though…Rosalina gets the house for her to continue the line…I’ll probably go to Rhi and Ron every once in a while to continue the family on their ends too but not very much…

Rosalina gained Inappropriate (her first and only negative trait)

Rhianna Gained Vehicle Enthusiast

and Ronald gained Absent Minded

Also, here's elder Reagan...

Test Subject
#694 Old 23rd Jul 2014 at 6:45 PM
Reagan has now passed so Rhianna and Ronald are moving out…Rhi is still really sad while Ronald is just hoping that things will be better when they leave…

Test Subject
#695 Old 28th Jul 2014 at 1:23 AM
Rosalina and Jacob did the do and now she’s pregnant…she’s also better than her mom in the fact that she’s actually KEEPING HER BABY DADDY! They decided that she’d propose to him instead so that the legacy could keep the Long name so Jacob Salaman will soon be Jacob Long…

Lab Assistant
#696 Old Yesterday at 2:38 PM
Alrighty then, sorry for my lack of updates, I've been fairly busy these past weeks so I didn't have much down time. I managed to play a bit the last couple days so I figured I'd post a shorter update. For those of you who really hate reading a lot, but still like my characters, I always leave a description of what happened in the picture, well usually. Anywho! Lets get down to business!
Since we left off with Hung as a toddler, he was truly adorable, just saying, I thought we should continue from there. Hung aged up twice, then he went to prom with his child-hood friend. They hit it off as I expected and Hung asked her to be his girlfriend, she accepted. The day after prom was his next birthday so he wanted to make the most of it. He went off and pulled a ton of pranks throughout the city, he wasn't caught, and then he aged up that night. Now that he is a young adult he has to wait until his girl Geneva, ages up to be with her. The next time he saw her she had aged up already, he ended up getting her pregnant the night after he proposed, they weren't married at a party, no, it was in secret. They moved out to a nice house to live themselves alone. Now there is more room in the household for little baby people! Speaking of which, before Hung aged up to a child, out came another little baby girl, Kiew which means Beautiful or loveable. Sadly she is not the heir, she had the beautiful blue hair, but she had her father's purple eyes. Now Hui-Ying is convincing the family-loving Matt to have another baby or two, he knows about the challenge, while he isn't happy about the purpose, he is glad they get to have children. Kiew aged up to a teen but is a bit of and excitable artist. She will soon be aged up and moved out (it's almost her birthday) so she will find somebody to love and live with happily. Alana and Kang are still together, although sometimes while working Alana will cheat with a few people, she always feels guilty so she breaks it off. Kang has been completely faithful all the while though. Well I think that's almost all I have. So good luck and happy simming!

What if Mario was trying to rescue Peach but she actually was running from HIM?
Test Subject
#697 Old Today at 5:48 AM
Default Perfect Genetics Part 1!
Hi! I was inspired by everyone in this forum to start a perfect genetics legacy of my own! Click the link below to visit my blog!

Perfect Genetics Part 1 (Watkins Family)

I hope to see ya around my stomping grounds.
Thanks for the lovely idea Gurra
Time to go work on the next part!

*FYI - I also go by Metz or Metznmbr2 around Youtube and other places of media, feel free to call me either one! :D
Lab Assistant
#698 Old Today at 4:59 PM
Originally Posted by odomdl2
Hi! I was inspired by everyone in this forum to start a perfect genetics legacy of my own!

I love your sims, they look interesting. I hope you like the challenge as much as I do, I think it's pretty fun!

Anywho! I think I should give just a little baby update of my own... Hui-Ying had her third screaming child! The little guy's name is Fa, yes another Chinese name, as that is what Adaeze (never thought I'd hear that name again) and Alex agreed on when they started the family, which means Growth and Beginning. We finally got a child with the eyes!... But this time, hair... Not so much. They love him just the same and after his birth Matt and Hui-Ying were extremely tired as the birth woke them up at 2 a.m. Alana was also very tired because she got a promotion in her medical career which means she has to go to work until 3 a.m.... Her body isn't quite used to it. Well after that short update I think it's time to say goodbye.... So BYE! Oh yeah and happy simming!
Lab Assistant
#699 Old Today at 5:17 PM
Crap I forgot the pics on the last one sorry!

What if Mario was trying to rescue Peach but she actually was running from HIM?
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