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Default How to make guitar; alignment issues, please?
I have really stuck my nose where it doesn't belong. But I wanted to create a guitar, and as I suspected assigning these geostates is giving me a royal headache.

I am following the tuts and tips from 2 threads:

I have no idea what I am doing, but right about now I am trying to select the faces in the Face Selector. EsmeraldaF said to select only the guitar faces for the first geostate, and only the stand faces for the second geostate. I must be color blind or something, cuz I can't tell WHAT I'm selecting; all I see is grey, grey, and more grey. The Face Selector tells you how many faces you have selected, but how do I know I've selected ALL of the RIGHT faces? What if I selected the WRONG faces? I can't tell what I'm doing; is there an accuracy-trick to this thing?

The problem is really because I have no idea how many faces my guitar has, and how many the stand has. I just know what they COLLECTIVELY have, since they're in the same Group. Urgh; shoot me know. In the brain, please.
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Okay, I think I get it, but this is a really haphazard imperfect way of doing things; the guitar/stand pieces get in eachothers' way; how the eff can I select anything properly without bits of guitar in the stand's geostate, and bits of stand in the guitar's geostate?

Tch, no wonder there isn't much guitar CC out there; this crap is for the birds.
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it is easier to splitup those parts in more groups.
That way you can click the hide(visible) button of the parts you dont want to see when selecting.

So, ungroup the geoparts from the total mesh, rename them properly.
In tsrw's meshtab you right click the group were those parts were original located and choose duplicate.
The new duplicate will hold the seperated parts for the geostate(s)
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Yay! Thanks for answering! I'll try that!
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Okay! Making multiple groups worked like a charm; thank you SO much!

Now I have just one problem....

Why is my sim defying the laws of gravity?

WHAT HAVE I DONE? I can't tell if this is a joints issue, or a geostates issue.
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most likly a joint issue.
Did you assigne the mesh?
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I don't remember the joint reference I was using; these are how I assigned the joints: the 1st and 3rd joints I assigned to the guitar and stand, and the rest I didn't assign at all. Don't know why, though; I don't remember the steps I was doing in the beginning.
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check the original setup
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Default Two Years Later; Getting Back on the Saddle
(Rather than start a new post, I'll just add to this one.)

Alright, so I decided to try my hand at guitars again, and Blooms' advice REALLY helped out about using multiple groups and assigning the joints.
I'm almost 100% sorted with guitar-making, except for one little issue....

The hand clipping is really awkward, but how can I fix this, other than making the mesh smaller than it already is (which I don't want to do, I like the size, just not the hand's position)?

I stumbled upon something Blooms said here:
You might not need to change the animation, you can change the hands positions(IKchains) in the RIG file

And some quick googling I found these two posts:

...And I don't know what the heck jibber-jabber is going on. Help.
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