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Nysha's New Creators for July - posted on 1st Aug 2018 at 9:00 AM
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Test Subject
#2051 Old 5th Aug 2018 at 8:36 AM
I emptied all the Island lots in Windenburg and made them into Jungle type lots. Then I moved my current favorite group of 4 Sims into what was Mid Nowhere. They are all naked, although, very kindly, I gave them shorts to wear when they go places. None of them are employed. I shall simply see what happens to them now.
Lab Assistant
#2052 Old 5th Aug 2018 at 7:13 PM
My Light legacy has been going well. Child B was born (doing ABC order on names - at random) they had a good Winterfest but Father Winter won't leave their house and he's taking a nap on the sofa.

Other than that my sim Amaya is doing well in her writing career after being fired from the doctor career. Her and her husband Paolo Rocca just aged up to adults. Considering more children but I always start my legacies off with females so the male son would make it interesting.

Also...Father Winter REEALLY needs to gtfo

Under Educated, Over Caffeinated
#2053 Old 6th Aug 2018 at 1:16 AM
I hate how we always have to start with a sim in CAS just to play this game...... Anyways.

Did that and started on the Goths. So because in this iteration Bella is in the spy career (yea ok) I had it backstoried in that she was going on a dangerous case and therefore stupidly decided to fight her way to a divorce with Mortimer for his safety thinking he'd leave her and take the kids. Well he didn't divorce her he just slapped her so i had her punch him (extreme violence how did i ever live without you before this game?) and divorce him and he took off with only Alexander. And because i'm only playing with aging on for played households i split them up and then made sure that the only household being played was Mortimer and Alexander. Which brings me to really needing to figure out all the minute features of MCCmd Center and that's explained later.

So after moving them into my favorite lot (19 Culpepper in San Myshuno) and getting them over the divorce sadness blah blah blah I started making sure that Mortimer was a stand up dad. He leveled up fast in parenting was always helping Alexander with his projects and homework and even making sure he stayed in daily touch with Cassandra. So much so that Cassandra kept inviting him on outing around the city which i thought was really sweet. During this Alexander got the clingy phase and i didnt want that as a trait for him later so i made sure to make him go out meet some people and he met Max Villareal.

Got them talking and i meant for Alexander to ask to join the League of Adventurers and mis-clicked on the Renegades. Relationship was high enough that he got accepted so i figured oh well let's call it a bit of acting out over the divorce. Went to a gathering at the pool where i noticed one of the male NPC's sporting a large belly. I knew I had gotten male preg enabled for future use but wasn't aware it would be story progression enabled for NPC's. Figured it would be an annoyance ot have so many babies that wouldn't be aging but oh well i could deal with it.

It was at that point that that night later Cassandra called up Mortimer saying something was going on at the ruins and they should go check it out. Not one to miss some father daughter bonding time i said sure why not. Once there i saw Victor Feng sporting a belly and knew that something was way wrong with the story progression. All of a sudden Mortimer gets a very angry moodlet and surprise surprise he just discovered Cassandra was pregnant! He hadn't even moved out a week and a half ago and she went and got herself knocked up. He never even got the chance to give the little tart the woohoo talk like i had wanted him to. Well their relationship went south fast so i hjad him end the party and leave. He was going to be angry for like the next 22 hours so i figured why not make this juicier and sent him back over to his old place ot chew out bouth Bella and Cassandra for their ineptitude and also because i'm a dick who wanted to try out some more of the extreme violence actions. Bella beat him around a bit but he ended up chocking Cassandra to death and she died!

I had him leave after the grim reaper and i was in a bit of shock as i've never killed a sim before not even in sims 2. I also had him take the urn with him because i'm not quite sure yet how ghosts work in this game so wanted to be on the safe side. So now cue 2 days of misery and crying from both Alexander and Mortimer once he got over how angry he was about his dauther's pregnancy that he could understand that in the rage he killed her for it. Character wise it seemed like Alexander would be all over the place instead of his usual studious good boy self so when Max called up asking if he wanted to play hooky from school i was like sure let's do even more damaging character development. Turned out to be the cutest thing ever because Max took them to the nightclub in Willow Creek in broad daylight and they goofed around and danced together for most of it. That goofing around animation is the most adorable thing ever i swear. I also had Mortimer go back to Bella's place during this time and beat the crap out of her for her role in all this and afterwards she promptly threw him out of the house saying his behavior was awful? LOL was not expecting that, though maybe it was also because he was trying to eat a meal there. Maybe i'll have her frame him for something since she is a spy so i can test that out or let them give it another go since i did keep having to cancel romantic interactions between them when they're both enemies.

So now Max and him are best friends forever and all my earlier plans for Alexander are out the window because these two are genuinely shippable and i can't wait to get to their teen years. Cassandra's ghost finally made an appearance too and she's still pregnant and breaking crap all over the place. Also realized that I never bothered to figure out who the father was. So now unsure if i should let her stick around to see who the baby's daddy is when she gives birth (cuz i heard they still do even after being dead in this game?) or just let her go into the void before that just so she stops breaking the showers every five minutes.

All in all the Goths are now actually extremely interesting to me without their side cheating dramas from sims 2

ETA side note: Some of these mods when all together bring up crazy scenarios like the female comedian at the humor and hijink festival showing up with a slap bruise and Diego Lobo heckling her while also brandishing a gun and Mortimer just standing by watching the whole thing with a scared look on his face.
Forum Resident
#2054 Old 6th Aug 2018 at 4:13 AM
In my "Pleasantville" save..

- Claire Charming has moved in and is working hard as a doctor. Her social life consists of the Goths, as she's very close to Bella and Cassandra, and fairly good friends with Mortimer. Alex has been a little standoffish.

- Neighbors are whispering that Bella Goth doesn't live with her husband anymore. They think it relates to her intelligence work. The brooding Mortimer devotes himself to writing novels. Neighbors tut-tut that he had such promise as a scientist. "IT WASN'T AN OPTION!" he replies in frustration. The Goths have always been eccentric. Bella's current residence is unknown, but she's still active socially. When someone tries to broach the subject, Bella changes the topic or spills wine on them.

- Daniel and Mary Sue are starting to gain some traction in their respective careers as Astronaut and Entertainer (singer). They're ignoring their house completely, of course, leaving the girls to subsist on a diet of cereal and ham sandwiches. Mmm, diabetes. Still, it's a good thing the adults don't bother cooking, because Lilith and Angela have already seen both of their parents set fire to themselves. Not exactly a course of action to encourage. On the rare ocassion that one of the adults does something around the house, it's Mary Sue: Daniel is consumed with working out and logicking.

- Speaking of Angela and Lilith, they've declared themselves best friends forever. Lilith has achieved her aspiration to be a Whiz Kid (she and Angela play chess every day), and Angela is nearly done with her social butterfly aspiration. She just needs to befriend some random adults.

- I lost Bob and Betty Newbie, as well as Michael Bachelor. I think I made them townies or something? They're not in residence but they show up occasionally.
#2055 Old 6th Aug 2018 at 5:31 AM
So Fionn and Kennedy got married on Sixam. I held an informal wedding and invited the family and they partied. They had gotten engaged on love day and married a year later on love day! But I hadn't played them for most of that time. When we arrived at Sixam for the wedding, the house I had built there was decorated by the game with banners, flags and such along the building for love day. It was like it was for the wedding too! I was so happy to see that.

They spent their first night together there on Sixam and jetted off to Selvadorado for a honeymoon. Selvodorado is nice for honeymoons but in some ways I want a more relaxed less-danger filled Honeymoon location (Island Paradise! Which I never played but still!).

Anyway I downloaded this really amazing ruins like building that replaces the lot where you go into the jungle. There is a sauna, pools, a picnic area, ect, and so they ate there.

Then I noticed her almost barf, and guess what! She's pregnant. They've only woohooed 7 times, and not tried for baby. But I have 1% chance of pregnancy through (risky) woohoo and well... there it is. My Finny is going to be a daddy.

Visit my sims 4 blog to see updates on my favorite sims: https://mysimcreationsblog.wordpress.com/ Visit my gallery for my latest houses: Spidergirl79 I love TS4 but I am not afraid to be critical of the way the game has been released/developed ect.
#2056 Old Today at 7:28 PM
Last time I played... It was chaos.

I kicked Benny Olsen out and now I'm trying to keep Dana Carvey, Bill Nye and Alice Cooper from tearing into each other. I'm funny, smart and come equipped with a wicked sense of humor. Trying to keep my roommates happy without exhausting myself is hard, especially if they want me for themselves. I, as a creator goddess, have to intervene for sake of sanity for my avatar.

"There are some obstacles that cannot be removed with a mere show of force."
-King of Atlantis, as portrayed by Leonard Nimoy, Atlantis: The Lost Empire
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