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Default How to build a functioning deck/foundation/room over a beach area on BV beach lots

This tutorial will show you how to make it temporarily possible to build a wall, room, foundation, fence or how to put down objects on or edit the terrain of the beach area on a Bon Voyage beach lot.

As with any typical beach lot, placing it down in a neighborhood will reset its beach area. In my tests, the terrain was shifted from a cove back to a flat shore line, while the deck remained. The portals also remained on their custom locations, some sank under ground.

If you wish to share such lots, the only way to do it is to either:
  • upload the entire neighborhood your lot is in, or
  • follow this tutorial which further explains which files are required to be included along with the lot file itself, and what the end user is supposed to do when installing the lot in their neighborhoods.

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Thank you, this is a very useful tutorial!
I also like your use of a darker terrain paint below the waterline. It makes for a much more realistic look, in a way.

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Thank you! I didn't know it was possible to create such beach lots.

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It was so nice of you to put this tutorial up for everyone. Thank you!

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Love this. Thank you for posting.

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This will come in very handy, thanks a lot!

(Question: Will I be able to edit the sea bottom with the water terrain tool? I've been dreaming of building fishable sea shores. )
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The only idea I have on my mind is that you extend the sea over the beach area, create a pond in it, and have Sims fish there. It will look odd, though.

You can't really create it deep in the water (sea area) because Sims won't be able to route to the pond shore.

Try and experiment, perhaps I'm mistaken.

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Ah okay, thanks!
True, I guess the best way to see how it looks like might be to go and try to build it.
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