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The Market Day Challenge (Sims 2)
The Sims 2 Market Day Challenge

In this challenge, you will be required to create a colony/settlement of people from scratch and grow that settlement until they are big enough to become their own city. If you want to play a more historical/medieval setting like I will be doing, feel free to.

Points I would like to make before going any further: I got my inspiration from The Growth of the Soil Challenge, and the BACC. I intend to make this challenge different from these challenges, but with also similar points taken from them. The challenges are linked below.


First off, you will want to make your small group of settlers. Feel free to hand-create them with backgrounds and everything, but for those of us who like to randomize this, roll a number between 3-10 to determine how many starting families you will start out with. Then for each family, roll a number between 1-5 to determine how many sims shall be in each family. Create them however you like, but if you want to randomize everything here as well, feel free to use a RNG or the game’s natural randomization.

You must start out in an empty neighborhood, no exceptions! I have some mods which stop NPC and Townie generation, I suggest you get those. (The game will make necessary NPCs, but only when the newspaper guy comes, or you summon a taxi, and the like.)

When you are building the houses for the ‘Hood, do NOT build an entire neighborhood that will remain empty until you decide to fill the houses. That isn’t very realistic, these settlers have come to this “land” with only what they could carry, and have decided to settle here, there shouldn’t be premade houses for them to live in.

A list of required items, or rather, a list of items that i use and might refer to, download then if you want, I have them in my game and they work great together:
  • Monique’s hacked computer
  • The batbox
  • InSim (It is unsupported, but the object version is safe to use.)
  • The SimBlender (usually used to replace InSim, but both can be used together)
  • ACR
  • The hacked wedding arch
  • No free 20k handouts
  • The stay things shrub
  • Inteen
  • Inge’s School Changer and FlexiSchool
  • Community Time!

When a teen moves out or gets married (which includes moving out), they take 30% of the family’s wealth with them. This plus any spouse money shall be their starting funds. (I recommend you get no free 20k handouts from MATY so your sims doesn’t start out ridiculously rich.)

The “footprints” of the house may not be altered. This means no adding extra rooms, or floors to the house. If the house grows too small for your growing family, or even too big for the older couples, the family must move out to a more appropriate sized house. Not enough money for your new house? Take out a loan, or deal with the house long enough to save up more money for your new house.

Making Money in this Challenge

First and foremost, Farming. This is required for every family that you are playing in this particular challenge-hood. They must all have a garden plot, and how many plots depends on a few things.

One, how many sims are there in the family? You start out with one plot per family member.

Two, what age are they? Child - Elder can garden, so only they count toward how many plots you can have.

Three, what badge-level are they at? Every sim that can garden starts out with one plot, for each badge level, add one plot. (2 plots total for bronze, 3 total for silver, etc.)

For every harvest of produce from the garden/farm, you must take half of the produce and put it in the fridge for food. The other half stays in the inventory for selling on Market Day.

Have an odd number of produce? Put one extra piece of produce in the fridge. Feeding the family always comes before profit.

Second, Fishing.

Fishing is very useful in your free time when not taking care of the plants, you can fish if you have a pond.

After each fishing session, if you caught anything, check to see what you caught and how much.

If you caught nothing but boots, then save them for Market Day.

If you caught fish, put half in the fridge. Odd number? Add one to the amount of fish going to the fridge.

The rest of the fish and all boots will stay in the sims inventory till Market Day.

Three, Painting.

Feel free to paint as much as you want, just remember that all paintings finished must go into the sims inventory. Do NOT sell them until Market Day.

Writing is not allowed.

No normal jobs or careers.

The hobby objects are allowed, just remember to move what they make into their inventory.

Have another way to make money at home? I personally have a bunch of crafting stations from Sunni and Fractured Moonlight at Plumbbob Keep, these are allowed as long as whatever you make can be put and kept in the inventory until Market Day.

Market Day

Market Day is the day when everyone in the family travels to the marketplace to sell their goods. (unless there are babies or toddlers, then keep someone old enough at home.)

You are allowed to build a family business and sell your goods that way, just make sure to visit only on Market Day.

Otherwise, sell everything from the inventory.

Market Day starts on Sunday at 8 am, and ends at 8 pm. Missed Market Day? Too bad, wait until next week to sell your goods.

You should be playing your families in rotation, the rotation length will vary for everyone, either being shorter or longer than a week. Decide on an amount of days and stick with it.

Too long or too short? Wait till the beginning of the next rotation to switch up the playing length.

Every sim created or made playable MUST be played.


By the end of each season (spring, summer, etc.) each household must pay 10% of their household value (seen in neighborhood view) in taxes.

Use ‘familyfunds’ to subtract it from the family’s wealth.

If you don’t have Nightlife, you can download the hacked computer and take out a loan as close to the tax amount as possible. (lowest amount donated or loaned is $100) Then donate the exact amount you just took out.

If your family has the amount of money needed to pay the tax, then donate that amount using the computer.

If you don’t have Nightlife, and aren’t comfortable with modding your game, then this challenge isn’t for you.

This challenge is meant to be multi-generational. There is no limit to how long you can play this challenge.

If you are more used to a legacy-challenge style of play, then play this challenge for 10 generations.

If you are interested in a points system, feel free to ask me to make one, I will try my best.

As always, I am completely open to suggestions to making this challenge better!
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