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MTS Movie Night #2 - posted on 10th Aug 2017 at 2:58 PM
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#1 Old 11th Aug 2017 at 8:09 PM Last edited by gazania : 11th Aug 2017 at 9:44 PM.
Default We Now Return to "Can this Lot be Saved"?
OK, OK. I'm not going to actually get rid of the lot. I like it, even if it's flawed, and plan to use it in my game. But should this lot be saved here? Uploaded? Or should it remain a curiosity in my game, and we will speak no more of it?

When last we left, I had posted something in the other building forum about weird sinking tiles. I fixed that by re-structuring the lot. (Complete Rebuild #1) That was Revision (counts on fingers) three or so? I'm up to ten, and these revisions here may push it to twelve, fourteen or more by the time everyone is done.

Some bits and pieces:
  • Personal challenge here ... no more than eight CC items. Preferably six. I love CC, and would like to use it, but I know whenever I see a lot with three dozen CC items, I get glassy-eyed and don't upload it. And listing line after line of links could be exhausting both for me and anyone else who wants to upload this. Also, if I go away from MTS or Sims FileShare, we run the risk of dead links if we get too long with them.
  • I like small lots, and I cannot lie.
  • I'd rather not expand the building. The foundation has been sunk and the ceiling has been dummied. Unless there is a pressing reason to go into Complete Rebuild #3 (I had to do #2 when I packaged a lot while half-asleep and realized, "Oh, crap! Did I play that lot?" [Buzzer sound] Time for another rebuild) I moved the lot to one side while I was at it.
  • You'll be seeing stuff moving around as I upload pictures. I'm playing "this or that?" with certain aesthetics. If you think to yourself. "Ah! I see what she's doing, but I like the previous version better, or she might want to use THIS Maxis item instead", please tell me. Things can get fuzzy when you go into Revision 11.
  • This particular lot has NOT been played. I even named it DO NOT PLAY THIS in case I get some half-asleep notions again. Any play-testing has been done on my PLAY THIS ONE copy.
  • Some of you folks might have seen my entries on the Community Spirit contest. I tend to use sedate colors. Well this time, darn it, I'm just not in the mood. I want big! Bold! Primary colors!
  • What is the lot? I'm between two things: a specialized store selling wooden toys, or a Gymboree-type of place. I'm leaning toward the latter, but that would mean more mods. Justpetro already did a fine store, so I'm reluctant to step on toes. But first, I just want to get the building sorted.

Time for Episode 1: She's (dramatic gasp) Wearing the Same Dress!

When this happens in real life, I compliment people for their good taste. But really, this shouldn't happen on MTS!

Here was the lot where I last left it before The Dress Incident:

Needed more work, but I thought I was about 80% there.

Problem? When I saw Joandsarah77's post here: http://www.modthesims.info/showthre...590#post5254590, #36, I gasped. Our lots look way too similar! Blue wall, yellow brick. So I set out to make my lot somewhat different.

The yellow part is easy. Just use the siding. The floor plan that inspired me has siding, so no biggie. The red accents ... I don't see any problem, It's the blue paint. First, I tried that bright blue Maxis paint:

I tried custom CC paints, but very few of them are actually a true dark or medium solid blue. They tend to be muddied or a lighter blue. The Poppet color action "Cannonball" is a nice blue, and I considered that, but I think a darker blue would bring out the decal. I spent hours looking for just that right shade of blue, without molding or white grout. There aren't many darker true blue(jewel-tone) walls. Trust me on this one. Also, I'd have to count that as a piece of CC, and I'd rather use the six for items.

Then I saw the Maxis witchy blue wall, Eureka! I think? It's still vivid, but a little more gentler on the eyeballs, I think:

But (cue organ music) is this different enough from joandsarah77's lot? And are people still shielding their eyes?

Episode 2 ... Up on the Roof

Then there is the roof edging. I'm just itchin' to get the ailias ones I like so much, but I'm still keeping to that 6 - 8 list for as long as possible, and there are just so many cool toddler CC toys. It will be hard enough to limit THOSE to six. I'd rather not use the molding that joandsarah77 used because I'm trying to make this lot as different as possible, I tried the space-agey Maxis one, but facing out, it just looked clunky to me. When I accidentally put it on backwards, though, I thought it didn't look so bad. However, the simple, thin edging appeals more to me. Which one?

Episode 3 ... Walk this Way

Sidewalk/Tiled walk ... good as is? Extend? Contract?

Episode 4 ... Flowers in the Rain

What to do about the flowers? Flowers help brighten up the place. But it might already be bright enough! Bed daisies with railroad ties?

I had a combo originally (The first picture dates from before I switched out the bricks), but am leaning more toward the last version. It might be a little plain, though ....

Other comments are great too, of course. Please don't be too cruel.

Next post: the interior and the purpose of the lot (cues exit organ music)


There is neon around the "windows". I might want to switch out the lights inside the "showcase" though. They're quite ... red. Or ... not. I kind of like the reddish glow, now that I'm looking at it. (Quick in-game screenshot. I need to get off the machine. But I like neon. Can you tell?)

Oh ... and can this lot be saved?

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.
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#2 Old 11th Aug 2017 at 8:25 PM
As I see it - it is a lovely lot and worth uploading. Some may like you lot, some may prefer Jo's, some my use both of them in different hoods - it really is not something that should bother you.

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#3 Old 11th Aug 2017 at 11:33 PM Last edited by joandsarah77 : 11th Aug 2017 at 11:50 PM.
Gazania is this the lot you pm'd me about? It's nothing like mine! Don't worry. Those of us using mostly maxis only have so many childish colours and items to use so of course we are going to often pick the same ones. Yours is a gymboree and mine is a day care. Your building is nothing like mine and our play ground is quite different. Mine is a much bigger lot with a longer building.

I will go take a couple of pictures to show you-if I can get it to work, my monitor died last night (RIP long time square monitor of 10 years!) Now I have this strange skinny rectangle in front of me, so if my photos looked stretched that will be why. I should not complain we were given this for free.

Edit: if you wanted to use the yellow brick do so. Please don't change yours because of mine.

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#4 Old 11th Aug 2017 at 11:52 PM
I really like what you have there, Gazania! It looks nothing like Jo's. Keep going I say!

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#5 Old 11th Aug 2017 at 11:54 PM
Just chiming in to agree. It's got a similar color scheme, that's it Lots of lots have similar color schemes. In real life even! Don't throw it out just because Jo's lot happens to be the same colors. Like Jo said, Maxis only gives us so much.

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#6 Old 12th Aug 2017 at 12:19 AM
I think you just ran out of excuses

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#7 Old 12th Aug 2017 at 2:54 AM Last edited by gazania : 13th Aug 2017 at 2:50 PM.
Thank you ... nice to know it doesn't stink at least. After many bleary hours and two complete rebuilds, I start wondering.

I'll probably go with yellow siding, plain roof edging, leaving in the red lights, keeping the plainer version of the flowers, and keeping the sidewalk as is .... for now. There will be tweaking ahead, I'm sure. I have lots of time to tweak

Part 2 is coming up, though, and it's a doozy ... what IS this place?

(Cues dramatic soap opera organ music) This place, situated in the middle of Vanilla Hood (yes, that's the name, though with a family in there, I guess it's not very vanilla), is a place in need of an identity. There are a few options:

A Gymboree with physical activity only
A Gymboree with physical, art and music activity
A store selling specialty toys. I was thinking of some type of local craftsperson selling rocking horses and the two wooden Maxis toys. But there are other toddler toys out there I can add that are as cute as cute can be!

Here is the shell of the place:

It's a pretty basic layout, but flexible. I can move walls a little to accommodate activities, move doors and windows, etc., switch rooms.

First of all, I'm using "Gymboree" rather loosely. Here in the states, it's a place for toddlers to play and do a little educational stuff in the process. It differs a little from a daycare in that parents can be with the child in many classes. I'm also blending this community center with programs such as family-fun events, what used to be called Mommy/Daddy and me classes (but grandparents, caretakers and siblings can participate, so that's really not exactly accurate).

I would like not only activities for toddlers, but for non-toddlers as well. Why should toddlers have all the fun?

Option one ... Just physical activities.

Advantage ... can put in a parenting room. This might encourage Sims to stay longer.

Disadvantage ... Kind of ... a little disappointing. Sophie-David did a splendid job with the Flamingo of Dance, but Sims keep flooding into the dance room, crowding out the toddlers. Yes, Visitor Controller can ban many of their butts, but Maxis doesn't let you do much with toddlers concerning physical activity (and that would add one more CC item to my list). Also, while the parenting room is nice, do Sims really need one for one- or two- Sim hour classes? In this and the next example, there is also a room for napping and quiet play. There is an administrative office, two bathrooms with usable changing tables, and benches and chairs throughout for tired Sims.

Sim toddlers keep climbing off the rocking horses, though they'll stay in the bouncers. But they will stay on the horses for a little while.

This is from Revision #4, which led to Re-build #2 because I feared I played this lot, and many things changed since that build. But it will give you a rough layout of a toddler-gym only situation.


Toddlers can visit community lots .... you need a second mod for this as well.
Sims trampoline
Honeywell rocking horses
Baby-changing table
Flamingo of Dance
Toddler Bouncer
Phaenoh toddler mats

Total: 8

Option two ... A mix of activities

This is more in line with a Gymboree/Family fun center. One room is for music, one for art, one for physical activity, and one is for quiet play. Toddlers and their family and friends have a whole bunch of things to do. That is a big advantage. I like lots with a number of things to do.

The disadvantage is ... there may be no room for the parenting room. I had to shift rooms (because having a music room near the quiet play area didn't sound like a good idea), and needed the space for the music room. I hope someone won't mind .... It might be possible to get rid of one bathroom and put a very basic parenting room in there, though. Move the music room to the bathroom area on the left, stick the parenting room back in its original spot, albeit a little smaller. Is one bathroom enough, though?

This is my current layout in my "Play This Lot" test lot. If I go with the Gymboree/Family Fun Center option, I like this one better than the physical-exercise only rooms. Initial routing seems good. A toddler can fit on the horse near the wall without stompies. I might put the Maxis block toy with the art table. There is space for it, I believe.

Also, free coffee and hot chocolate! There is a door from the outside to the music room. I'm not overly crazy about it, but I'm not sure what to do with the right side of the lot. The sidewalk on the right side is a little too tight to do much with it. I could also make an entranceway to the art area instead. It was a problem when the area was a toddler dance studio, but I might be able to work with the door if it's an art area.


Toddlers can visit community lots/separate mod
Sims toddler bouncers
Sims trampolines
That adorable toddler piano on this site.
Baby changing table
Honeywell rocking horses
Phaenoh toddler mats

Total: 8

Option three (not pictured, because I didn't make one yet) ... a store. This one would focus on Sim-crafted items ... rocking horses, the block toy, the xylophone. Perhaps furniture, since I would need more things to sell, as long as it's wooden. The outside can be a nice advertisement for a store with toys in the top "showcases". The shop owner would have samples, of course, for toddlers to test out.


Changing table
Toddlers visit community lots mod
Four to six CC toys ... my pick

Advantage: It's roomy enough for a store!
Disadvantage: I tend to like community lots with things for Sims of all ages to do. Also, this comes way, way too close to justpetro's idea, and I'd rather not do that. Even if there are a few activities in common, mine wouldn't be a daycare, so it shouldn't be too similar to joandsarah77's lot.

My personal pick is Option 2. Ideas, please?

(Cue dramatic soap opera music)

The final segment ... the overall lot and any tiny details.

Thanks to ALL free-site creators, admins and mods.
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#8 Old 14th Aug 2017 at 2:09 PM
I would do it as a Gymboree/Family Fun Center. If you want more room for your activity table turn it on an angle.

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#9 Old 15th Aug 2017 at 4:17 PM
I love the idea of a family fun centre with special activities for toddlers - I really don't think there are many of them.

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