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Additional table bbcode options available - posted on 5th Mar 2018 at 3:12 PM
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D&D - Fantasy - Mythology Search and Request
I have been so disappointed in the lack of fantasy and mythology content so far in Sims 4. I love Dungeons and Dragons, swords and sorcery, mythology, the color blue...
Anyway, has anyone made or seen somewhere a recolor or better yet a reworking of the Dragon sculpture? I would love to see Dungeons and Dragons style items added to Sims 4. A full-on Origin + Wizards of the Coast collaboration for a Sims 4 expansion would be incredible!!
So far all I have found Dragon-wise is tattoos and mostly minor CAS mods. Good work, but nothing like what I am looking for.
I really love ancient Egyptian and Greek/Roman style decor and architecture. I have downloaded some good Ancient Egyptian CC decor items (thanx g1g2).
Does anyone have any intention to fill a few requests related to this type of content?
Any thoughts, ideas, or comments?

Here are a few requests:
1.) Coat of Arms with Shield and Swords (base game wall decor) - recolor/two versions
- Shield: Royal blue field, bright yellow-gold dragon, gold rim; Swords: Gold pommels, silvery iridescent blades.
- Shield: Royal purple field, bright silver dragon, silver rim; Swords: Silver pommels, pale frosty lavender (not pinkish)
2.) *Wood You Believe Dragon (base game sculpture) - reworked/retextured/ten versions
- Rework into or create the ten standard Chromatic and Metallic Dragons from Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition.
3.) * **Noble King (statue from TSM to TS4 by Cinderellimouse) - recolor/retexture
- Rework to fine, smooth marble- pure white, and white with veins of various hues, several different versions.
4.) * **Weeping Valkyrie of the Watcher (statue from TSM conv to TS4 by Cinderellimouse) - rework/recolor/retexture
- Rework to fine, smooth marble as for Noble King, but changed to non-weeping, graceful, loving female angel and
heroic savior male warrior angel (I can give full description if interested, MTS versions and SexySims versions).
* These would most likely require new creation based on these or using these items as conceptual or physical models.
** I realize these are already converted CC under someone's creator name, and would absolutely follow creator
crediting and posting allowances.

Just like any other Sims4 player, I have a library's-worth of requests, some for MTS-level CC, and some that could only be SexySims-worthy.
I know this is a lot to ask and requires a lot of work, but I had to ask and had to share my ideas. I welcome any and all thoughts, ideas, and comments. I will be exploring the tutorials and trying to learn to recolor and retexture myself, as well as if there are ways to take an image and create a 3-d object from it. I have no experience doing any of this, so it will be a journey and a half for me I am sure. Any mentors want to move in with me and teach me?

Thanx for reading! I look forward to any feedback.
- Steven
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