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Theme Seasons and Celebrations - posted on 1st Oct 2017 at 1:52 PM
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Mad Poster
Original Poster
#51 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 1:30 PM
I would have stopped playing this game a long time ago if I only had the base game content and the default CASt presets.

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Test Subject
#52 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 2:11 PM Last edited by kusurusu : 5th Oct 2017 at 12:09 PM.
Other Sims may wear anything they want from all packs (except KPST) but with Rosetta I'm trying to keep the upload file as small as possible (that's also the reason why her face looks like this) and she never wore customized clothing again since I discovered how much you can save by using defaults. For a long time she even had just one outfit (empire sundress) and everything else was randomized.

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#53 Old 1st Oct 2017 at 9:17 PM
One of my sims is a queen of an almost-extinct race of genies\demigods that governs the multiverse. Thus she wears an headdress and lots of jewelry. It is quite warm on the Fovix-Nyaat's homeworld (custom world Candyfornia. But in the story of my multiverse is just Fovix-Nyaat homeworld.) so she is just wearing an airy, fancy dress.

Her name is Caerphag. Well in-game she is Queen Caerphag Fovix-Nyaat.

And soon, you will see my interpretation of the Appaloosa Plains Bedlingtons.
#54 Old 2nd Oct 2017 at 1:37 PM
Bertram Bedlington originally had a victorian hunting tweed getup that was very unflattering on him and did'nt really match what an outdoorsy young man that composes children's music should dress like. I guess it could work in Roaring Heights or Dragon Valley or Midnight Hollow but not in Appaloosa Plains. So, I went for a modern-ish retro-steampunk style. He ended up looking like a bit of an hipster instead, which I guess he kinda is. Also because of his tweed getup, the game crashed each time I opened his household. Also I realized I might be starting to feel a... unhealthy addiction to him, so I closed the game (well actually it crashed by itself. So it might be AP that does it and not just Bertram Bedlington.) and now am downloading Storybrook County.

Anyway, this is Bertram Bedlington after his makeover. Well his name is Bertram Kenneth Bedlington. (Actually I put the town's initials at the end so it's Bertram Kenneth Bedlington AP)

#55 Old 3rd Oct 2017 at 6:22 AM
This is Galaveras Science, she's a nerdy dork who will max the logic and science skill, hence the nerdy, University-like clothes.
Lab Assistant
#56 Old 3rd Oct 2017 at 2:05 PM
It depends on the character I'm trying to portay. But usually I stick with neutral,comfortable,down to earth sort of clothing type.
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