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#1 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 6:49 PM
Default About TSRW
So when I use TSRW to start a new project and view objects, everything goes fine but a lot of the objects don't appear. Like I was looking for the magic wand and I can't find it anywhere. Is this normal? I don't have any experience with TSRW.
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#2 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 9:30 PM
#1: Make sure in the Edit Menu at the top you went into Preferences and set the Game Folders to find your installation directory for each EP/SP you want content to show up for in TSRW, otherwise it'll show up blank
#2: In New Project, click the little [+] [-] buttons next to Object > Entertainment > Hobbies and Skills in the dropdown list on the side. Then click Hobbies and Skills. Wait for the screen to load. Scroll down till you find all the wands.

Select whichever one you want, then click Next > Next > Ok.
(Ignore all the blah blah it tells you about filling in your project information; you can do all of that on the next screen.)

The 3d viewer will load, with 5 tabs on the side (Project, Textures, Mesh, Slots, Misc).

You can mess with the textures and Import/Export them by clicking each entry (Overlay, Mask Materials, etc) until a little [Edit] button appears. Click it and a popup viewer shows up with a red and green Export/Import button. TSRW can read .png, .dds, and .tff texture files.

You can mess with the meshes and Import/Export them by clicking the little red and green Export/Import buttons on the side. There is a dropdown list next to them so you can select the High Level Detail mesh and Low Level Detail mesh. TSRW can read .wso and .obj mesh files.
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#3 Old 9th Jan 2018 at 10:10 PM
Thank you! that worked
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