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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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Default Sims 3 Conversion: Save The Children
So I get a lot of requests to convert my challenges. I haven't done so for many different reasons, not the least being I don't have all the expansions for Sims 4 (I only have Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, City Living, & Parenthood) and there are many aspects of TS3 that are simply not available in TS4 (like weather, etc.). That said, I am going to take a stab at this starting with some of my post popular TS3 challenges. If you'd like me to continue doing this, please respond with what challenges you would most like to see me convert. Also, if you can think of something in one of the expansions I don't have (or otherwise missed) that would make this a better conversion, let me know. If I get at least a decent # of views on this, I will start converting my entire Doomsday series; however, I don't want to waste my time if it's not something enough people want.



PROLOGUE: It’s a dark, bitterly-cold, December night on the streets of San Myshuno. You frown as a quick check of your watch reveals 1:10 AM, already behind schedule. You peer through binoculars at the doorstep of an old building with that factory/sweatshop appeal standing large and gloomy among occasional street lights and whipping winds. You’ve been staking the eyesore of a building out for the past three nights in a row waiting for the perfect opportunity yet to present itself.

An hour later, a final second floor light flickers out. Both amazed and annoyed, you shove the binoculars into a satchel and rise from an achingly prone position behind a local dumpster. You curse something about damn night owls under your breath while dusting grit from the knees of your jeans. With skill and precision, you make your way unseen to the rear of the structure.

Thanks to keen peripheral vision, you spot the quick glare of a flashlight and exhale sharply as its tiny welder come into view. Little Emma, dressed fully in a mishmash of dingy colors that comprise a tattered, moth-eaten coat, greets you with a relieved smile. She motions you inside with the wave of a mitten-covered hand. A close inspection reveals a scared little girl, thin, malnourished, and clothes she proudly pilfered from the local dumpsters much like the one you used for cover. Rather than follow her inside, you usher her out into the night and point the way toward a van you’ve stashed in the distance. She’ll be safe there for the moment among warm blankets and the peanut butter sandwiches you packed for her and the other children. You’re less likely to be detected moving alone.

You summon all of your investigatory (and otherwise sneaky) skill as you cross the threshold….it will be like you were never there. When they wake up in the morning, you’ll have busted their little operation wide open. Get in, get the kids, and get the hell out…easier said than done. You slowly close the door behind you, silent as the grave, and make your way through the dank, dimly-lit hallway with only the howling wind to greet you…

STORY: You are a private investigator hot on the trail of a local cartel suspected of selling children to the highest bidder. Often, this means a life of child labor and neglect. There are strong suspicions that unsold female teens are forced into a life of repeated pregnancy and childbirth at the hands of their captors who then sell the infants to anyone who can afford it. If that’s not bad enough, the cartel has greased the palms of the local police who will not only turn a blind eye to these kidnappings and blatant child neglect but, return runaways to the cartel!

This is where you come in. You’ve done well in the life of a private investigator and you and your husband/wife recently purchased and remodeled an old school building. The two of you agree to risk it all and save these poor unfortunate souls by raising them as your own. The old school is well out of town away from prying eyes and no one will even know you are there. Here’s the thing though, tonight’s rescue is the first of many. Your investigation revealed many children have already been sold to anything from neglectful parents, sweatshops, and worse! A rare few made it to actual good, loving homes in town. It will be up to you to save the children who desperately need you now!

--Master Controller (you will need to allow more than 8 per household most likely).
--A mod that allows you to homeschool (or not send kids to school).

GOALS: Your overall goal is to continuously monitor the town for neglected cartel children and rescue them. Then take it a big step further and rehabilitate them, see to their emotional and educational needs yourself, and keep them safe from being returned to the cartel.

WINNING THE CHALLENGE: The challenge is complete when the original married couple retires as elders. To formally win the challenge, the school/family has to avoid being exposed by the police and you must have rescued and educated/raised at least 10 children to young adulthood. Rescuing 15 or more is considered mastering the challenge.


Step One: The Couple: Create a couple of your choosing. That said, most people wouldn't just leap into this life without SOME kind of background. You're going to have to make two important decisions for your couple. These are described in far more detail later on, but the short version is you will need to a) create a curriculum and make sure your adults have the proper skills to teach it, and b) decide if you want at least one of your adults to have the identity changing ability (for changing name and making you the birth parents of rescued children). Depending on your answers to these questions, you will need to refine your couple as directed.

Step Two: The School: You can make your residential school building look like a beautiful Victorian home with the below necessities or a local high school with home amenities added. Either way, you must have the following:

[Dorms] – There must be separate dorms for boys and girls (you can further divide it to teen girl’s dorm and child boy’s dorm if you have the room). Each child must have access to their own bed, dresser, nightstand with light, and one age-appropriate personal item that can be kept in their inventory or near their bed if desired. Dorms must also contain restrooms. No more than 2 children may be assigned to a restroom (the door can be locked to everyone but adults and assigned kids) unless you are building large-scale bathrooms with multiple stalls and showers. In that case, you can increase the number of assigned kids. There must be room for new children before they can be invited into the home. If you don’t have the appropriate furnishings/ bathroom space, you don’t have room for another child.

[Daycare] -- A room for toddlers that contains the appropriate cribs, highchairs, learning toys, etc. You may wish to hire a nanny daily just to take care of these little ones.

[Classrooms] – I leave this up to your taste. I personally created four. One primarily classroom for teen and one for children, then another “activity” room where they would learn skills. I further broke it down into a schedule where certain classes were on certain days. For example, little Emma (from the prologue) attended her morning class with her new mommy (my female adult sim) and afterward, she went to the skill room for home-ec day where all the children made vanilla muffins for snack time. Meanwhile, the teens spent their morning listening to their new dad lecture on the book they were all reading followed by a trip to our garden where they practiced tending and harvesting. Keep in mind you must have available space in classrooms before rescuing a child (i.e. an available desk, etc.).

[Library] – There must be one designated library with computers as well as tables for the kids to read and do any assigned homework.

[Recreation Room] – Your kids need at least a modest recreation room with a couple TVs, video games, chess table, etc. etc.

[Gymnasium] - At least a small gym with access to whatever physical activities you have room for (i.e. basketball, swimming, etc.)

[Office] -- At least one office the teachers can share. Make more if you like.

[Lunchroom] – After class the day before, have the designated cook prepare breakfast and dinner for the next day. This way the meals can simply be pulled from the fridge during those meals. You can also make a snack that can be taken out at lunchtime in case any of the children are hungry (or have them eat leftovers, etc.)

Step Three: The Initial Group: (From the Prologue) – You should start the challenge with 4 children you created that were rescued in the prologue above. They cannot be related to you and can range in age from toddler to teen. Traits are up to you but each must have developed at least one bad trait (i.e. rebellious, clumsy, etc.).

Step Four: Set lifespan to long (or medium if you want more of a challenge).

Step Five: Money: After you’ve created your dream home/school, set family funds to $1,000 (using the familyfunds cheat). All options of making money (except cheating) are pretty much open to you. Garden, fish, paint, or work a regular job). Keep in mind that if one of your sims is working a regular job (i.e. one is a programmer to get the identity benefits discussed below), you will still need them to hold at least one homeschool class every day to assist the non-working sim. This step should be completed immediately before restarting aging. Until then, you have as much money as you need.

: Before you even consider going through this process, make sure you have the furniture and amenities required to invite a new child to your home (see SETUP above).

Step One – Getting to Know You: Potentially every child in town may need to be rescued. Your job is to find out. After you’ve located a child, you can either: (a) befriend a child or teen enough to learn the location of their home; or (b) follow them to their home (the only option for toddlers). Once you have that, stake the place out a bit and wait for parents if they aren’t there now. Here is where you need to put some time in. Get to know the parent(s). If any parent in the house any of the following traits, the child was purchased from the cartel and needs your help! Otherwise, leave them be. They are in a happy home.

Negative Traits: Dislikes Children, Evil, Gloomy, Hot-Headed, Insane, Mean, Dastardly, or anything else you think is appropriate.
Faster Alternatives: A high charisma is a big help since you can become friends and best friends VERY quickly. Also, consider purchasing the Observant trait for 5,000-lifetime award points.

Step Two – A Way In: Once you’ve located a child to rescue, develop a plan on how to remove the child WITHOUT getting caught by the parents. Children may only be rescued at night (to avoid detection by the police). Your options are:

(1) Befriend the child (not possible for toddlers) to gain their trust. A child who knows you as a “friend” will tell you about their harsh life and be willing to open the door to you when their captors aren’t home or are sleeping. If you use this method, go ahead and skip to Step Three.

Note: The game will allow you to enter a house without being a friend to the child but that does not count as a legal “way in” for this challenge. Again, all rescues must take place at night.

(2) You do not have to befriend a child to rescue them (and toddlers cannot open doors for you). Since you have to be friends with the parents anyway (to learn their traits), use that to gain home access and rescue all children while they sleep. Visit late one evening (with a good bit of energy to back you up) and wait. When parents are going to bed, let yourself out the front and into the back door (to give the impression you’ve left the lot). See Step 3 for what to do next!

Note: You cannot be known as the last person to have seen the child. If so, you draw a direct line for the police to follow to your doorstep. For this reason, you cannot ask to stay over only for them to find not only you but their children missing in the morning, nor can you nab someone’s child when they leave their home knowing you were there (i.e. you are welcomed into the home and 5 minutes later the only adult in the house leaves the lot and you alone with the child.)

Step Three – The Rescue: There are only two plausible ways to actually take possession of a child legally in the challenge:
(1) You’re in their home, at night, and all adults are sleeping (the child may be as well). Now those sneaky skills come into play. You must make your way through the house without any adult discovering you. If a captor just happens to wake up and go to the bathroom across the hall, you cannot be in their range of vision or the attempt fails and you must come up with a lame excuse and wait at least three nights before a retry. Once you reach a child’s room, wake them up and use cheats to add them to your household. You’re not out of the woods, you must still get out with the children unnoticed. If someone wakes up (or a neighbor spots you as you leave), stop the game, enter manage worlds, and merge the child or children from your household back into their original one. If you make it, mission successful! Go to Step 4!

(2) The only other alternative is a night street rescue. These are much easier but riskier. You must be at least “friends” with the child or teen. At this age, they know their life is horrible and if you are trustworthy, they will abandon their home in the hope of a better life. To perform a street rescue you can either stake out the house and wait for the child/teen to leave after nightfall (6 p.m.) or you can get lucky and run into them alone in the town. If you opt for this route, you will have to put some serious thought into it. No one can witness you leaving an area with the child to avoid the police following a trail to you.

Example: If you happen to stumble across a child or teen you’ve been waiting for and it is 6 p.m. or later. Attempt to follow them without being noticed. Take a side road to make it look like you went in different directions but keep up with them as best you can. Once you are in a secure area (no other sims are around for a couple blocks), go ahead and add them to your family. Both of you need to leave immediately. If you get caught, the child must be returned to their original household. You do not need to wait three nights to try again.

Step Four – Who Are You Again? Once you have the child in your family, several things must occur to incorporate them into the home/school within the initial 24 hour period or they must be returned:

(1) Appearance: Any new children (not including the first group) must visit a stylist (aka CAS) and have their appearance altered to make them more difficult to identify. You must stay within the parameters of what can be done at a real-life stylist (makeup, hair style/color, brows).

(2) Identity Bonus: If you or your spouse is employed in any of the following at Level 10, you can obtain documents that validate you as the biological parent of the child. This will come into play if a child gets caught by the police: Doctor, Law Enforcement (the only good cop in town), Criminal, Political, Business, or Tech Guru (for hacking those records). The belief is these fields either have access to the paperwork themselves (i.e. birth certificates and public records) or have influence over the people that do. In this case, enter CAS and change the child’s name.

(3) Welcome Home: The child must be assigned to his or her own bed (with furnishings mentioned under SETUP) and given their personal item as a gift. For example, when little Emma (now Chloe’ thanks to my Level 10 doctor) came to my home, I gave her a teddy bear. You could choose anything that the child can carry with them or keep in their dorm. Gifts should be equitable in value among the children (no playing favorites here). The child should also be given a new set of clothing (have them plan their outfit at their very own dresser).

You will also need to assign their bathroom according to the setup rules and assign them a classroom (or classroom schedule in my case). I also threw in a special family dinner in honor of our newest member.

So I know what you’re thinking….keep the kids penned in until their 18? Where is the fun in that?

(1) Whenever children/teens get a wish to go somewhere, it must be fulfilled. In instances where it cannot be fulfilled for whatever reason, it must be suitably replaced with an alternative lot to go to. They must remain off the lot for a minimum of two hours during these times. Keep your eye on them! If they run into a police officer or do anything to cause unwanted attention, you must initiate the rules under HANDLING THE HEAT below.

(2) If they have not gotten any wishes to leave the lot, they must be forced to do so at least 2-3 times a week.


(1) Public School: Rescued children cannot attend public school. Make sure you do not allow them to get on the bus in the morning. If a child actually gets on the bus and goes to public school, you will have to deal with the police on the matter (see HANDLING THE HEAT below).

(2) The parents are assuming the role as the teacher. In order for a child to graduate to the high-school (teen) level, they must complete 4 classes maxing all 4 of their skills. To graduate a be considered one of your successful young adults, teen's must complete 4 classes and raise their skills appropriately.

Elementary School

  • Science Class - The teacher should have a logic skill of at least 4. Set up the kids chemistry stations (watch out for fires). Once a child has maxed their mental skill, they have completed the class.
    Art Class - The teacher should have a painting skill of at least 4. Set up the child's drawing tables (or musical instruments if you prefer). Once a child has maxed their creativity, they have completed the class.
    Gym - Teacher should have a fitness skill of at least 4. Take the kids to the gym and have them use kid-friendly gear (i.e. monkey bars) to raise their skill. Once their motor skills are maxed, they have completed this class.
    Computer Class - Have the kids communicate online or use some other method to raise their social skill. The teacher should have a Charisma of 4. Once the student has maxed social, they have completed this class.

High School

  • English Comp Class - The teacher should have a writing skill of at least 7. The teacher will have students read books and then they can "write book reports" using computers at the library. They can also use their journals. Once the teen has reached Level 5 writing, they've completed this class.
    Art Class - The teacher should have a painting skill of at least 7. Set up easels. Teens that reach a painting skill of 5 complete the class.
    Gym - Teacher should have a fitness skill of at least 7. Take the kids to the gym and have them use equipment to raise fitness skill to at least 5.
    Physics Class - Set up a rocket outside and have the class work on it. You can also have them read the appropriate skill books in class.

Suggestions: Feel free to use skill books for teens to get more of that "textbook" vibe. Set up classes YOU think are fun. The bottom lin eis for children to max out their 4 main skills before becoming teens and teens to reach Level 5 in four skills during classes before they graduate. Classes should be bout 2 hours long each. Set up a schedule (i.e. Breakfast from 7-9A, 1st class from 9:30A-11:30A, Lunch from 11:30A-12:30P, 2nd class from 12:30P - 3P, 1 hour break, homework from 4P - 6P, Dinner at 6P, kids in bed by 9P, teens by 11P, etc.) Customize how you like!

(3) Graduation: Once a child becomes a young adult they are considered graduated. At this point, you can either move them out of the house or keep them and use them as a member of your faculty. If they completed all of the required material, you can enter CAS (CAS.FULLEDITMODE) and replace their negative trait with a positive one.

This is where the real challenge comes into play. There are a multitude of opportunities for a rescued child to be caught and potentially identified or the challenge could be lost completely. When the scenario calls you to make a roll, it will say “Roll” followed by the number range in parenthesis. You may use a dice application or online random number generator like random.org or search for RNG on Google.

IDENTITY BONUS: If you’ve unlocked the identity bonus outlined above, you will be given a “three strike” bonus before you have to roll for anything. This applies to the ENTIRE family (not per child). So for example, if 3 different children get themselves noticed, you are out of bonus points and the fourth child (rather previously involved or not) will have to be rolled on.

(1) Police on YOUR Lot!: If a police officer comes knocking for a friendly visit, don’t let him in! if they are known to be police officers and/or are wearing a uniform, they are considered ON DUTY even for just a social call and if they spot any of your rescued children, you must roll (1 – 5). A 2 or above gives you the chance to get your kids inside unnoticed and ask the kind officer to get the hell out (but only if done quickly). If you decide to invite said officer inside for tea and cookies…we’re done here…just go right to the full investigation and add 20 points to your roll for being a dummy.

(2) Getting caught off-lot - Odd Behavior: If your child is off the home lot and engages in any odd behavior (i.e. peeing themselves, passing out from exhaustion, fighting or being disrespectful to another, staying out beyond curfew, dressed inappropriately, etc. It will be noticed and the child will be reported to the police or child protective services. Note you may NOT step a child from taking an action while they are off the lot. If they are running late for curfew, so be it. If they are getting ready to pee themselves, deal with the consequences. Now that police are involved, roll 1-15:
whatever you roll. Roll (1 – 15)
11-15: Nothing unusual occurs.
07-10: Police do notice your presence and give you a $100 fine. This child is flagged as suspicious for 24 hours (meaning, if they do anything questionable in public during that time, it will be an immediate investigation (see below).
03 – 06: The city imposes a flat fine of $300 and the child is flagged for one week. If you cannot pay the fine, there will be an investigation.
1 - 2: The officer on duty believes he recognizes the child and conducts a full investigation
(see: “Target of an Investigation” below)

(4) A target of An Investigation: Not good. To spite best efforts, the police believe they have fingered you for being the one rescuing kids from the cartel. You must endure a full investigation and hope to avoid discovery!

Step One: The Warrant
– The police will show up at your door with a formal search warrant exactly TWO HOURS after you are targeted for an investigation. What does this mean? You have a very brief amount of time to get EVERY rescued child off the lot (here is where an evacuation plan comes in handy). One of your adults must be there to answer questions (along with the child that was caught). This is easier said than done (especially if toddlers are involved). Biological children serve as a great cover for the school and should be present if possible. Rescued children must be evacuated to a safe house (either one that you own or a trusted friend who happens to be home). I recommend building a small, inexpensive, second home/business for this.

If you don’t manage to get all rescued children to the safe house, you will be penalized for it in the final investigation roll.

If you DO manage to evacuate all rescued children to the safe house then good work! Move on to Step 2.

Step Two: The Investigation – The cops have seared your home and found nothing to connect you to the cartel children (other than the one captured). You have a big roll to make with modifiers described below. Here goes:

Roll (1 – 100): Think of this as a percentage. The higher the percentage the more evidence the police have collected against you.
80 – 100 The police obtain reasonable suspicion of your guilt. You are convicted and the rescued children are returned to the cartel and both adults are arrested and convicted of multiple counts of kidnapping! ---Challenge Over--
60 – 79 The police have confirmed that the child they discovered does, indeed, belong to the cartel. They suspect the child came to you for safe harbor and that’s as far as it goes. You are fined $1,000 for harboring a runaway and put on surveillance. The child is immediately removed from your care and placed in a bad home (cannot be re-rescued or you will be immediately suspected). Additionally, any rescued children you did not get out of the house in time will also be permanently taken and you will not be able to continue falsifying identifications.
40 - 69 The police fail to collect sufficient evidence to connect you to the cartel children or positively identify the accused child of being the cartel. If you unlocked the identity bonus then no further action Is necessary and the investigation is closed. If not, social services will get involved and put the child into the system (i.e. you can move the child to a good home and they are off limits). You will not lose other children that did not make it out of the home; however, you may no longer falsify identies.
20 - 39 You are convincing enough to keep your kids and not get fined; however, you will not be able to falsify any further identification documents.
1 – 19 You handled the investigation masterfully. Not only did the police not find any evidence against you, you’ve been rewarded $5,000 by the city for the false accusation! You get to keep the child regardless of identifying paperwork.

Penalties and Bonuses that MUST be incorporated into this roll:
+20 If you’ve ever been under a full investigation before.
+10 for the 1st and +5 for additional children not safely removed from the house prior to the police arrival.
+5 For every fine you’ve had to pay for suspicious behavior.
-5 For each of your own biological children present at the investigation
(It’s easier to blend into a crowd of your own kids than to stand alone)
-10 If you have identifying paperwork
-1 For every point of logic and charisma the parent has (over Level 3)
(Only one parent will be present, the other should be with the hidden children)
If the parent has a 9 in Logic and 4 in Charisma, I would add a total of 7 points to my roll)

I hope you find this conversion to Sims 4 helpful. Please be sure to leave your feedback. If you start the challenge, let me know how you're doing.
Lab Assistant
#2 Old 24th Feb 2018 at 6:06 AM
AMAZING!! I'm busy with testing my new challenge but after I finish ill do this! I'm altering the rules so I don't have to mess with mods! See ya later! But the +20 is a bit dramatic. Imma do +10 though! (in the add 20 for never being investigated)
Test Subject
#3 Old 6th Mar 2018 at 11:40 PM
Wow, this seems challenging and super fun! I might try this out soon!
Test Subject
#4 Old 9th Mar 2018 at 4:33 AM
Yay, a conversion! Just to let you know, Somebody on the official forums converted the Countdown challenge for the sims 4. Maybe you can put the stuff she wrote here? Here's a link, if it'll work: http://forums.thesims.com/en_US/dis...ay-challenge/p1
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