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Default What did you do with Aileen Landing?
if you haven't heard of it it is here sure it's still in Beta but it is majorly playable and intresting.

so,what have/will you do in Aileen landing?

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The links seem to be broken at the moment - maybe Jawusa's working on it or something? Once the populated version is available, I'll probably add it to my Desert hood (Sedona, Emerald Heights, Strangetown and La Fiesta Tech).
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Well... it was broken... however it's up again.

However, it's still under development... I have been thinking of recreating it completely from scratch. So, maybe some of the families won't be included in the final version.
There'll also be a no CC version in the end.

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20th May 2018 at 11:24 PM
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Well, I did a lot of playing there recently. Everyone for day, Xothburgs and Sombero for week.

Xothburg - Royal residence

Not much happened. Youngest (knowledge) brother has moved away to marry. Other two was busy with Queen's toddler education and preparing for reign. Cassiopeia is child now. Friendly queen I must say. Reunited the Goths.


Loving cottage. Titania paired with TT, Ariel paired with Venus, Earth and Ginger Newson who was keeping coming every SINGLE day. Ariel got wish for date, used the situation. And at the end, Miranda grew up, Titania went into college and twins mastered logic.

Bella Goth - trials
Very interesting fact about this household that game has crashed on Bella and Moon's birthay. Twice. Both times Venus got with Ariel, both times pregnant. Earth both times had hard times because of Moon's skilling times. Bella just using Queen's uncle in the bed after work. I hope that THIS time will not crash.
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