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Default Cannot edit my password.

I'm coming back to The Sims after four years in the hospital and lots of physical and occupational therapy, and trying to log back into the site - but it's been a long time so I need to reset my password and such. I remember when we migrated from the old site to the new .info one, and I'd love to get back into the community here (if you'll have me of course! :)) I was able to reset my password - but now when I go to edit it to something rememberable - I get a "403 Permission Denied -You Smell Like Llama Cheese" (or something like that.)

I know it's been a good long while, so my account may have been marked abandoned, but I love this account (the user number was like '19' or something) and I'd love to be able to update it. Do I need to fill out a form or contact someone?

Thanks so much, and happy to be back!
- Ducky
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