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Default Does some of the stuff found when show hidden objects is turned on qualify as unused content or...?
I'm using TwistedMexi's all cheats mod to place some weird plants for a lot and I looked up the lemon fruit to make sure it works which it does and on the same row as the lemon object is this weird doll in all black clothing with glasses and brown/red hair. Going over it with the mouse brings up a window where the object name and description both say ** DEBUG ** and it costs 40 simoleons and is for children and toddlers only, granting the imagination skill. I think it was used as a placeholder for a few of if not all of the children's toys that you can have in a toy chest and I want to get people's opinions on whether this is something that can qualify as unused content. I remember seeing a few like it before, a knight and a princess I think, and like are these random debug dolls reeeeaaally unused content if you can use cheats to place them and like what qualifies as unused content in a game like this? I've seen uploads of some floor patterns that went at the time of upload unused in the game and while I can't exactly remember what they were I went to look at all the floor options and can't find any memory match-ups. But like yeah I guess the general question here is what kinds of things does something have to be in a game series like the sims to qualify as unused content rather than inaccessible placeholders or whatever. Y'know?
Also how safe do you guys think it is if I were to place a debug doll in a household for a child to play with because I really like the black clothes one I was talking about.
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A picture to understand what you're talking about might help
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Of the debug items (bb.showhiddenobjects on) (in-game), I think the only object I have ever tried to use which gave me grief was the hospital bassinet layette (I cannot think of the proper word, atm) - if you use it, it will (or at the time GTW came out) spawn with a baby inside which may fubar your game. The regular bassinet that your sim clicks on to have a baby is fine. When you play around with the gardening items, some trees will be planted as trees, others are bumps on the grand and others need to be planted in specific objects. But if you can buy it and properly place it in game, you should be fine.
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Where some modders do find unused floors and walls when trawling through the hidden things, generally if an unfamiliar object has the **DEBUG** as the description, it is usually another version of an object, another state of it, that is used in animations and scenarios throughout the game. Whether it is the version of the object that grows on a tree, or a toy a child plays with, compared to the other versions of the same objects that sits in their inventory, or the inventory of such things as a fridge. There is a difference, there are multiple versions of the same object to cover all these states. If it is unfamiliar object to you, then you perhaps have not yet seen the in-game animation the object was designed for.

The safety of unlocking the debug objects so as to be placed as décor clutter in your game varies greatly. Some are safe and sims will never try to interact with them, others will just disappear as soon as you un-pause back in live mode, others will disappear as soon as a sim tries to interact, and some will break your game, Some in a bad way. Always have a reliable backup save if you intend to experiment placing debug objects. I can tell you that from experience.

Case in point. Chicvibe mentions the debug basinets from GTW. They were specifically designed for the doctor career emergency pregnancy events only. Their purpose is to disappear, as if the basinet and baby never existed, as soon as the emergency event is over. To try and place them in your game outside of that event can be problematic. And they certainly will not survive a save and load of the game. (Though the Maxis "fix" on the broken emergency pregnancy events we got about four or five months ago, that we waited eighteen months for them to fix, actually breaks those temp basinets and babies, and forces the NPC to keep the baby as if it were a proper pregnancy and birth for proper played sims. Maxis and their fixes, ha! Whoever fixed that did it with blinkers on and did not realise the GTW doc career births are meant to be different from proper births of normal sims.)

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There are a few objects that go unused, yes, though I can’t think off the top of my head. Several books go unused for sure.
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