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Default Update: 07/10/2018 - PC Mac
Update: 07/10/2018 - PC Mac

Hi Simmers!

We have another update for you to improve some of the issues found after the release of Seasons and the June update. Take a look at the notes to see what has changed. Thanks for your support and be sure to enjoy the fantastic summer weather from time to time!

Let’s get into the patch notes!
-SimGuruGrant aka Grant Rodiek

The Sims 4
We addressed an issue where the game would lag when placing wall patterns on blocks that were touching roofs.
The Reset Object cheat is now available to the community again. You could say that we reset it.
Sims no longer route fail when trying to enter a room on foundation level 1 that doesn’t have a stair. They just step up like a big kid, now.
Neat Sims are no longer uncomfortable when near a fire place that has assorted upgrades.
The lid for the GrillWise by GrillMania has been returned.
Get to Work
The Lice Cold Retail Freezer can now hold harvestables for you to sell.
Cats & Dogs
Cats and dogs should no longer fill your Sims’ queue with interactions. We want the pets to be friendly, but perhaps not that friendly.
Jungle Adventure
Emotion berries now provide emotions again, which is a berry good thing.
Thermostats now have their interactions available when placed on Commercial and Vacation lots.
You can no longer use the Woo interaction with Bee Swarms to, *cough* woohoo with a relative.
Patchy the Scarecrow will no longer change into a human.
We addressed an issue where roof decorations on some lots didn’t look appropriate for the Mac.
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No mention of the claimed beds being ignored issue, damn guess we just have to wait another month...
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Whoa... is it just me.. or did this patch skip the disabling of mods and scripts. I hope they keep doing it this way =p
I still need to reset my plumbob transparencies though ><

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No bed fixing (which should include beds getting unclaimed between woohoo...)
No fixing of the house decorations that never get taken down on other lots

And yea wth I was wondering what that tense decorations moodlet was from.

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Originally Posted by Citysim
No mention of the claimed beds being ignored issue, damn guess we just have to wait another month...

This was fixed. SimGuru Nick mentioned it on his Twitter feed. Maxis has developed a very, very bad habit of putting things in patches and not documenting them. It's best to assume nothing until you test for yourself.
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