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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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#1 Old 1st Jul 2007 at 12:48 AM Last edited by Nekrokid88 : 1st Jul 2007 at 4:17 PM.
Default [Tutorial]Green Screen
You'll need the wall at the bottom of the tutorial.
Tutorial made the faster I could.The final result could have been better If i had taken time to play around with the filters,but I didnt have time to do it.
1-create your sim as usual.
2-import your sim into a lot.
3-make sure your graphic settings are like on the screenshot.If you can play with the edge's smootness,reduct it as much as possible without it affects your graphics.

4-build the green wall(s) and bring your sim in front of it.Don,t close the walls since the natural light will disapear
5-Get the correct angle,hit Tab.

6-Use your mouse and these keys to find the perfect angle.Hit C when you're done.
7-Close The Sims2 and open your graphic editor.I used photoplus 6.0

8-Clone your background layer.

9-Work on your background layer and put the layer 1 to invisible.Find the tool to replace a color.

10-Select the green and play with the range of colors you want to change.Redo as needed to make the green back dispear.I changed it into white.Don,t forget to preview current layer(background) only.

11-So,it gives you that.Some other pixels disapeared.That,s why we had layer 1,remember?

(on this picture,I did step 10 only once,I did it three time for it appear like on the next pictures)

12-Make layer 1 visible.Select only the place where unwanted pixels turned to white.In photoplus,to select any separate place,you have to push shift while adding new selection.To remove a bit of a selection,press alt during selecting.Invert your selection when you're done,and press ctrl+X(remember to start working on layer 1.
So it gives you that:

13-So,time for fun!Merge all layers,select the white area with the color selection tool,also known as the magic selection.
Find a picture you like,copy it and paste it as a new layer,without deselecting.On photoplus you'll have to press ctrl+L.Invert your selection while on the new layer(layer 2).Press ctrl+x.You now have your sim on the background.There was a blank spot on my own work so i did a layer 3 with a patch of the background to correct it.

14-Merge all layers again,and get some fun with filters.I used a radial blur one,and I added a bit of text.

15-Save your work and enjoy it!
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