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MTS Speed-Building Challenge - posted on 17th Oct 2018 at 7:25 PM
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#1 Old 23rd Sep 2007 at 9:51 AM Last edited by wargarurumon : 23rd Sep 2007 at 10:49 AM.
Default tutorial: converting accessories to bv jewelry
i took the liberty of posting captain swoopties tutorial for converting pre-BV jewerly in the hope that it would help people who are loking to make new jewelry compatible with BV
credit goes to captain swooptie on the maty forum

"Tutorial: Converting Pre-BV Accessories to Jewelry

Part 1: Mesh Overlay XML (XMOL)

Change subtype to 0x00000008
Change category to 0x0000137F
Change bin to one of the following:

0x00000032: Left Earring
0x00000033: Right Earring
0x00000034: Necklace
0x00000035: Left Bracelet
0x00000036: Right Bracelet
0x00000037: Nose Ring
0x00000038: Lip Ring
0x00000039: Eyebrow Ring
0x0000003A: Left Index Finger Ring
0x0000003B: Right Index Finger Ring
0x0000003C: Alternate Right Index Finger Ring
0x0000003D: Left Pinky Ring
0x0000003E: Right Pinky Ring
0x0000003F: Left Thumb Ring
0x00000040: Right Thumb Ring

Add parts (dtUInteger) = 0x00000020
Add outfit (dtUInteger) = 0x00000020

Part 2: 3D ID Referencing File (3IDR)

Find all the 3DIRs with these entries:

UI Data, Text Lists, Collection, and Mesh Overlay XML

Edit the collection field, changing Group to 0x4F184AA9
Change Instance to one of the following:

0xD327EED9: Non-Vacation
0xD327EED8: Tropical
0xD327EED7: Far East
0xD327EED6: Mountain
0xB343967F: Collectible

Part 3: Notes

Non-Vacation jewelry shows up in CAS and is buyable at any jewelry stand, be it in a normal hood or of the vacation destinations, whereas Tropical, Far East, and Mountain are only obtainable in their respective areas. Some jewelry appears to be Collectible-only, but I don't know if NV jewelry can be dug up as well.

I've noticed some odd behavior with custom jewelry. Custom pieces appear to be stackable with some Maxis pieces, despite occupying the same bin. For example, I binned a pair of glasses as a necklace, and both the glasses and the Maxis necklaces could be worn at once. I did the same thing for a number of different bins, and the results seemed to vary.

Another odd behavior is that the custom things seem to get "stuck" under certain circumstances. For example, leaving the "outfit" button defaulted to "all," then equipping a nosering-binned pair of glasses, then clicking the button to "choose by outfit" made it so that the glasses would automatically re-appear under everyday, even if I took them off. I couldn't find a single way to get rid of them that worked everytime. Best bet is to click "choose by outfit" first, and then start adding jewelry.

RE: adding the "parts" and "outfit" fields - Adding these is what makes the jewelry buyable, for a reason I don't understand. If you leave these out, it will only show up in CAS (if NV-flagged). Adding one or the other actually seems to work OK, but to be on the safe side, I'd add both, if only for the sake of sticking to Maxian standards."

P.S. earring that are bilateral should only take up one ear slot

and i don't know allot about working with SimPE or meshing, if you have questions ask them here http://www.moreawesomethanyou.com/s...pic,9516.0.html

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