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Default How to get rid of Cyclic Redundancy Check Error when Installing Sims 3 and Expansions
After talking to several EA Tech Support people and reading a bunch of info on the web about it, I have managed to figure out several ways to stop this frustrating error.

First off, the Cyclic Redundancy Check Error is exactly what it sounds like. The Sims is trying to install a file(s) and either A: The file(s)/registry value(s) is already there, or B: Something related to the Sims is attempting to run a simultaneous download while installing. For those of us that aren't so tech-savvy, that can mean a lot of things we have to check.

One proposed solution to this problem would just be uninstalling anything related to the Sims. Keep in mind that this was proposed by a Tech Support who I have learned through experience, are not always the sharpest tools in the shed. Please note that this will probably not work, as will be explained.

Situation B shall go first, because it is the easiest to deal with, but the less commen cause. What happens with Situation B is that the Download Manager, with its package of patches that haven't been installed/were paused and forgotten in the middle of patching, decided that now would be an excellent time to try patching. This causes your installation to pause, causing the error. Best way to fix this? Allow EADM to do what it wants.

1: Open up the Launcher
2: Click Game Updates, and allow the game to update itself.
3: Click on EADM icon or go to start, Electronic Arts, Download Manager.
4: Check to make sure there are no more waiting updates, if there are, either cancel them, or allow the game to update (again)

You can uninstall EADM. EA doesn't recommend this and if you want to patch your game later, you'll just have to install it again.

Situation A: Oh boy, you have to do quite the bit. This is caused by trying to install a file or registry value that's already in your computer. Sadly when you uninstall any Sims game they don't completely leave your computer. Fun right? I recommend doing this after trying Situation B.

1: Go into your documents, double check that there is no Electronic Arts folder. If there is (and you are reinstalling the Base game ONLY. If you are installing a expansion pack, make sure there are no folders for that expansion pack), check to make sure you have no other EA games stuck in there. If you have per say Spore, delete Sims 3. If you only have Sims 3, delete the entire folder. If you are installing an expansion pack, delete the folder for that expansion pack. If you have no folders relating to your game whatsoever, go straight to Step 4.

2: Go into My Computer and go into your C: drive. Click Program Files (Program Files (x86) for Vista). Go into Electronic Arts. Again, double check that Sims 3 is the only game there, just like Step 1 above, simply repeat here.

3: Go into the Recycle Bin and wipe it.

4: Click Start, and search "Defragment" you should have a program come up called "Disk Defragmenter" open it.

5: For Vista, click "Defragment Now". A pop-up will appear asking what disk to defragment, click your C: (the one with the letters and numbers that don't relate at all) and click OK. For Windows 7, there will be no pop-up. Choose your C: Drive and defragment. Note that choosing both will take forever to finish.

6: When done Defragmenting you split up depending on what you are attempting to install. If you are trying to install a brand new shiny EP, your work should be done. Try installing again. If you are reinstalling, now is when we get to the tough part, proceed.

7: Now you have to delete some Registry Values.

a: You can try this yourself using the handy dandy instructions EA gave us which can be found here.

b: I have found that when running CC Cleaner (no it does not get rid of your Custom Content, calm down) and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware gets rid of the registry values. Please note that I am not sure if the combination of the two is necessary. I think CC Cleaner is the one that will delete it, however I run both at the same time. Besides MalwareBytes is a great free program that gets rid of many viruses and is a program that should be utilized. I will include both links for anyone interested.

CC Cleaner Link

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Link

*: For CC Cleaner first "Analyze" with Cleaner, then use "Run Cleaner". Next click Registry and "Scan for Issues". After it is done, use "Fix Selected Issues". It will prompt you to back-up these files. Probably a good idea, but feel free not to if you don't want to (like myself).

*: For MalwareBytes I use "Quick Scan"

Now try installing again. It should run as smooth as a baby's bottom, and you shouldn't get Cyclic Redundancy. If not, the problem is with your disk, and at this point, I suggest talking to EA or at the very least getting the disk cleaned.

I hope that helps and if anyone has any questions, please post or e-mail me at [email protected]
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