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MTS Summer Movie Night - posted on 13th Jun 2018 at 10:07 PM
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#1 Old 24th Mar 2010 at 4:42 AM Last edited by Phaenoh : 10th Feb 2014 at 4:19 PM.
Default How I became a matchmaker challenge
So, it's an ordinary day, Valentines day was a little over a month ago, and your sim is in a commited relationship with the dream guy/girl. The problem? Their Best Friends are still single and are always taking them out for drink, or whatever it takes to get her/him lately. The happy couple is on a steady path towards fighting couple, because they don't have eneough alone time. What to do? Suddenly, your sim has the brilliant idea to become a matchmaker, so they can have alone time with their lover, and their friends can have alone time with theirs.
Need University EP for this challenge
Have a couple, living in a house, money cheats allowed to build the house. The couple can be cheated into love, or you can do it the hard way, and build relationships. Make your main character (either one) have 3 best friends, Cheated to Best Friends, or traditional. Set up is done.

You are trying to make your sim's best friends to fall in love, using influence only. You can cheat influence points, or you can get them the honest way, it does not matter to me. Just you cannot make other players selectable. To end the challenge, get all of your friends in love, so you can have alone time with your *Gasp* fiance, who proposed to you at dinner after your last match. Happy ever after...But wait!

As an extra challenge to get extra points, you can help your fiances womanizer of a brother get 2 loves...but, in only 2 days. Again, using purely influence.

Every Couple together:
+60 pts.
Every accepted romantic action:
+15 pts.
Every rejected romantic action:
-15 pts
Womanizer Brother Extra points:
+70 pts.

Tell me what you like and dislike, feel free to post pictures, and tell me any loopholes you see.


Oh yes, almost forgot:
Need Testers
Test Subject
#2 Old 24th Mar 2010 at 11:41 PM
I will test!
#3 Old 7th Sep 2010 at 11:57 PM Last edited by Phaenoh : 7th Feb 2014 at 9:11 PM.
Default Matchmaker Challenge
For generations your Sim family has been following the ways of Kneon Knight. Without remorse they torture their neighbors sending many to their untimely deaths. One day your Sim family cornered the local gypsy and sent her to roast. Before she died she cursed your family, and placed the future of the family on the remaining gypsies. The curse only allows you to marry those match making gypsies set you up with. No second tries, first person to drop out of the sky you have to marry and continue on the family.

1. You can start your family with any Sim family already in the game, or if you want to create a family you must use a saved Sim no customizing your sim (unless it’s hair, hair color, or such).
2. No matter how ugly your sim is you must marry them or stay with them till they are dead; Even if you get set up with the nanny.
3. You cannot kill your family members at all unless you start with a Sim family and you do not like your pre-issued family. If you want to off a Sim you can let them go by their own Sim stupidity. We all know Sims rather throw a tantrum then do anything about their needs. But it must be their choice to die you can not directly do anything to kill them.
4. You CAN use cheats to make babies. This is necessary if either it’s a same sex couple, or you’re unfortunate to get an old person as a mate.
5. Remember you follow the ways of Kneon Knight, you must maintain this. If you turn friendly on your neighbors your family may reach its end.

*If you want to make this challenge difficult you must flip a coin to see if you marry a male or female and no cheating to make babies.

So far I started a family using Nervous Subject who is was set up (luckly) with Meredith Lillard and they are expecting their first child. Nervous has offed the others in the house he was living with and he can be found in Strangetown.
PS: If you want to know more about the ways of Kneon Knight just find him on the forum. XD He has nothing to do with this challenge. I just like his evil ways.

Disclaimer: I am just being a goof ball, please ignore me if offended.
#4 Old 8th Sep 2010 at 3:56 AM Last edited by Kneon_Knight : 8th Sep 2010 at 4:48 AM. Reason: The ubiquitous typo
Default Wait, what...? How....?
Awesome! A challenge dedicated to little old me.

Now, I have to ask-since I just deleted my last neighborhood out of boredom, and have not created a new one, am I limited to pre-existing EAxis made Sims? If so, all well and good. If I just leave most of those fracktards to their own devices, they are sure to die off rather soon.

I am also assuming the Simblender is right out, as it would kind of negate the whole "challenge".

I look forward to this. And thanks!
#5 Old 8th Sep 2010 at 4:31 AM
You can choose any sim you want just so long as you don't build him/her from scratch or change it's facial features. There's a lot in the premade bin in the CAS mode. You can choose an exsisting city or start a new one. You can even have a faimly for this challenge in a city you regurarly play. I wonder if you'd ever get set up with any of your pre-exsisting sims. XD But you have to remeber it's all up to the gypsy.

Disclaimer: I am just being a goof ball, please ignore me if offended.
#6 Old 8th Sep 2010 at 7:41 AM Last edited by Kneon_Knight : 10th Sep 2010 at 3:36 AM. Reason: Avoid a double post, update your last
Default Awwww...
Okay, I'll play. But, after the 324th frog mouthed, brillo-headed, orange skinned suitor shows up, all bets are off.

Okay, I've begun, and have invested approximately six hours of real time into the challenge. I must say, even though the rules are quite simple and straightforward, it's a lot trickier than I thought. Not being able to force attraction and romance through cheats, hacks and whatnot is not as easy as it sounds, especially when you end up with Sims who take an immediate dislike to each other.

This is probably the most frustrating, and most fun thing I've done Sim-wise in years.
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