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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 1:50 PM
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Test Subject
Original Poster
#1 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 3:58 AM
Default Sims Wedding Question
I checked around a bit, but didn't see any thread with this particular conundrum. Hopefully this is the appropriate place.

Until my installation of Seasons, weddings between my Sims had amazing attendance. Without having to throw a party, all Sims on the lot would attend the wedding. They'd put on their fancy clothes, and head over to the arch-area, clap, etc. Non-household members (i.e., Kaylynn the maid, the gardener, random townies walking by, etc) would also join in and cheer. It was lovely.

However, the last three weddings I've had no one has attended. I mean, all members of the household have the 'watch wedding' interaction, but they only turn in the general direction of the wedding arch from where they stand and clap. They don't dress up, they don't sit down, they don't end up in the pictures.

Has anyone else had this problem? Could you recommend how I could fix it?*
(because as heart-warming as it is seeing the mother of the bride cheer for her daughter from the bathroom, it really isn't working for me.)

* I should mention that I haven't seen if things would be different if I used the 'throw a wedding party' interaction, as I haven't needed to do so in the past. If this is the best fix, let me know!
Mad Poster
#2 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 4:07 AM
I generally throw parties, but on those occasions when I've had community lot weddings, most of the people on the lot would whirl into their formalwear, at least. I've always had Seasons.

If you throw a wedding party, the people you invite will show up in formal attire and everyone else will get into formals when you click the wedding arch. The best way to wrangle most of them into their seats is to place chairs facing the arch. Any service sims on the lot will also don formalwear and stop to watch before continuing about their business.

However, a fair number of them will continue to stand; and if you have a champagne bottle or a bubble-blower or some other item that advertises strongly, someone will probably be on it. And if you have more people on the lot than your party allowance (and I almost always do), household members or people teleported in - i.e. who are not technically part of the party - may not get into their formalwear and may be playing kickybag with each other during the vows. So the people you most want, make sure you scoop into the party invitation!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Link Ninja
#3 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 7:00 AM
I found the sim blender mod to be very very useful in wedding scenarios. I think I had that problem where people wouldn't dress or attend because maybe they were 'at work' or 'didn't know the inviter well enough'.

Anyway the sim blender you can teleport any sim over to your wedding area, and then you can dress everyone in formal attire with click of an option. Then have your sims 'get married' under the arch and they all should gather 'round since they are right there and don't have to walk all the way over from wherever they were. I've had times in the past where I had my sims do the 'get married action' but the guests were too far away/too slow to get over before the cut-scene played.

Hmm now that I think of it, not sure if I ever had a wedding under the arch without throwing a party - does it do the cut-scene without throwing the party?

I would google the sim blender to see if you'd want to try it - it's just a potted plant with a bunch of pie menu options...I think twojeffs made it. But it's super duper handy for weddings among other things

Uh oh! My social bar is low - that's why I posted today.

Mad Poster
#4 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 7:21 AM
Yes, there is a cut scene for a ceremony using the arch even without a wedding party.

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Test Subject
Original Poster
#5 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 8:59 AM
ahh, so it looks like I may have to deal with champagne-popping sims at a wedding party if I want nicely-dressed and sitting guests. it's a small sacrifice to have to make, I guess

thanks everyone :D
Mad Poster
#6 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 10:32 AM
I tend to make sure guests are in their formal wear and in the general area around chairs when I want big weddings. Might even make them selectable and have them change clothes and sit down before I make them unselectable again. I usually don't want anyone wandering around in their regular wear.
Mad Poster
#7 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 1:23 PM
The champagne is in no way necessary for a wedding party. I very seldom have it, as it distracts from the main event, and I generally have roof-raisers. But I'm also generally teleporting in close friends and family members and those who aren't playing kicky bag are making out, so it could get to roof-raiser on a lot bare of everything but the buffet and the arch.

If you do go for the champagne, don't set it out till the ceremony's done, or you'll be real disappointed at the number of people paying attention to the ceremony.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
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Mad Poster
#8 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 2:19 PM
I thought the champagne bottle was suggested to get the group in one place and hopefully have them respond to the arch-interaction by changing to formal wear and attending the wedding? I rarely use it either and, when I do, I bring it out *after* the ceremony. That could be why so many of the guests are often off doing their own thing during the ceremony.

Addicted to The Sims since 2000.
Mad Poster
#9 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 2:49 PM
I get the couple, or whomever is available in the family, to call for everyone. Since the action disappears once you yell, it's easy to line up shouts to everyone. If you start with the Sim that us furthest away, they might even arrive at about the same time. So you should have them nearby for the ceremony.
Mad Poster
#10 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 3:08 PM
No, I had the champagne bottle and the bubble blower in the same category as things that advertise too strongly and distract people from the wedding arch. Sorry that wasn't clear.

Clicking the arch will change sims who aren't part of a wedding party into their formalwear - though how many will be able to do so in time, and how badly your machine lags, are functions of your game configuration working with your lot. When I did a Hawkins wedding with about 30 guests on a community lot, my game lagged to hell and only about half the people present made it to formalwear.

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
Mad Poster
#11 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 3:19 PM
That does make it clearer and it's what I thought until I started reading this thread. Then I got confused. I'm thinking of getting a Simlogical controller to change everyone's outfit to formal. I haven't gotten Simblender yet, but it seems like it does lots of the things that many of the mods I have in place already do.

Addicted to The Sims since 2000.
#12 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 3:45 PM
The "Call Over" interaction is useful for getting Sims to the right place as well (though they will insist on completing their current action first, and needs desperation will lead to them ignoring your instruction). It should be available if the Sim is in a different room to the one where your current Sim is. Make sure your current Sim is at the place where the wedding will happen.

This technique works whether you wed your Sims with an arch or not.

To make it more effective, you can make the Sims do poses (if you have Bon Voyage) or put a TV/radio in the wedding area. In the latter case, switch off the electronics just before the wedding.

If I don't have the wedding arch or a wedding party running, I use a formalwear sign (can't remember where I found it) to get everyone in the right attire. (Paranthetically, I also use it for the "posh" dorm at university).
Lab Assistant
#13 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 10:09 PM
Okay, so, I just threw two weddings in my game, and I'm about to throw a third, so I do have a little advice.

1. Get the Visitor Controller by TwoJeffs.
2. Get Merola's Mind Control Mirror
3. Moveobjects on is your best friend

When I've thrown weddings, I plunk the couple down on a residential lot that has a chapel and a reception hall on it. I do "Force Formal" on the controller, turn on moveobjects, and, depending on if the bride or groom has more friends, one person simply invites people over while the other is the one to actually throw the wedding party. Once there, I use the mirror to get people to sit down and pay attention to the ceremony; afterwards, I use it again to direct various people to see to the odds and ends. For example, when Dacia married Dalmar, I directed Lina to go serve the food on the buffet table, and Nestor Caliente was used to turn on the radio and switch it to jazz. Everyone then took turns getting food from the buffet, and if a sim ended up at the wrong table, moveobjects fixed that real quick.

Micro-managing? Yes, but sims can do rather inappropriate things if left to their own devices, things you know they'd never do when you play them! (Such as Jocasta badmouthing her fiance Simis...to his face...o0?!)
Mad Poster
#14 Old 25th Jul 2013 at 10:12 PM
Bear in mind that the person who calls the wedding party has to be the one to click the wedding arch, and the person who clicks the wedding arch is the one whose last name will be used.

Inappropriate things occurring at wedding parties are half the fun!

Ugly is in the heart of the beholder.
(My simblr isSim Media Res . Widespot,Widespot RFD: The Subhood, and Land Grant University are all available here. In case you care.)
Lab Assistant
#15 Old 27th Jul 2013 at 9:02 PM
I have a nice champagne hack from... I don't know, Simbology or something.
Anyhow, it has two "Party" options -- Common & Classy. I sometimes click the Classy option at weddings and they all whirl into their formalwear with some very funny stuffy music playing.
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