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Default Looking for a large size SIms 4 diamond Image
I'm ordering a new shirt & want to have a Sims 4 diamond or anything like this on it:

Image size should be larger than 10MegaPixels (3648*2736)
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I'm not stupid Redhead Creations! I had googled it already but there wasn't any image larger than 10 MegaPixels.
Try harder next time.
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I never said you were stupid. But by Googling, I found this:

[EDIT] Press packets haven't been released yet for this game, so finding things in high resolution is probably going to be near impossible if you're looking for strictly Sims 4 images.

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FYI, it's not a diamond, it's a Plumbob :P
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Calm down, Mera Benzema. There's no need to be rude to someone who's trying to help you, even if their help isn't very helpful.

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Redhead Creations: I've already found that. I'm looking for the new plumbob. I know it's rare but there may be a chance that someone has got it.
CRV13: Yeah but in the end, it's a diamond. :P
Nysha: Sorry I just lose my control when I see a post that is total spam and not helpful AT ALL and mocks the other person who's trying to get an answer.
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