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Default Fix for Gastrobury's Benefits
As some of you might know the quest for annexing Gastrobury is bugged as well as the benefits you get from this territory after annexing it. While playing the quest you will have to make some magical food servings with a quest item that you can only make during that quest. After the quest ends these food servings (named: Sea-bounty Stew, Holiday Feast Bread, Twice Cooked Venison) will remain available as recipes but you will not be able to make them ever again because you will need an ingredient called Make-Believe Serum which is only available for crafting by a wizard during the quest. The solution to this problem would be to lock those recipes after the quest ends, leave them unlocked but also leave the Make-Believe Serum unlocked (that way a wizard can make the Serum and with it the recipes) or just remove the Serum from the recipe list altogether. In this fix i did the latter.

Another buggy issue is the description for Gastrobury's imports and exports when you view the territory on the map. The items listed there do not have line breaks between the whole text in a single line. That is no longer an issue with this fix, but its only fixed for the english strings. So if you're playing this game in any other language - sorry.

Another bug is that after you annex the territory of Gastrobury you should receieve the two following benefits:
  • Everytime your Sim eats something they get a buff from the food. If its something expensive and tasty the buff will yield a higher mood, if its something less tasty the amount is lower. But one way or another that buff lasts for a certain time depending on what your Sim was using to get the food cooked. If its a fireplace the buff will last 6 hours. If its an oven the buff will last 3 hours and if its a spit the buff lasts 12 hours. Annexing Gastrobury should make these buffs last twice as longer for each method of cooking. Sadly, even with the latest patch and expansions this was not fixed. This mod fixes that.
  • All foods spoil over time. Some take 6 hours, some 12 hours, some a day, some even two. With Gastrobury annexed those spoil times should be double. This mod fixes this benefit which isn't working otherwise.

And lastly Gastrobury should unlock three recipes that use it's trade imported ingredient - Gastrosausage to make three different meals: Sausage Stew, Sausage Pie and Grilled Sausage. You get the ingredient by trading it for other types of meat via the merchant. A bug in the vanilla prevents these three recipes from unlocking after annexing the territory. I've tried very hard to unlock them like the other recipes from the other territories but to no avail. So i've made a workaround: There are three recipes called Meat Soup, Broiled Meat and Roasted Meat. The only ingredient that is used to make them is a so called "Haunch of Meat" that one cannot ever buy in the shoppe or hunt for. Actually i don't think i've ever had an item called "Haunch of Meat" in any of my Sim's inventories during any quest. So i've decided to swap these recipes with the Sausage recipes. These recipes will unlock during the Gastrobury quest and stick throughout the whole game after. They can also unlock during the quests "Meat Quest IV" or "The Incident" or some other quests even if you haven't played Gastrobury before. So bear in mind that even though you might cook the Gastrobury meals, even though they require the ingredients of the Gastrobury meals, and even though they have their names, descriptions and unique buffs, your Sim is actually cooking the Meat Soup, Broiled Meat and Roasted Meat recipes. If you ever must cook these recipes in a quest you should know that. But even so if such a quest exists and you can't find the right recipe use the cheats and hold ctrl while clicking on that particular phase of the quest asking you to make that recipe with the Haunch of Meat to skip it.

This fix will only apply the benefits if you start a new game or have not yet annexed Gastrobury in your current game. The recipes should be there in either case because they are simple swaps and not something that needs refreshing. You need to unpack and place all three package files, provided in the zipped file, in your mods folder as they all work together. Let me know if there are any issues.
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THANKS a lot for this! I hope it works for me and my Sims. I could not use ChickieTeeta's Forsaken Foods as something about it did funny things to my game, but this sounds like a SUPER fix.

I might add to your explanation of the lack of the food buffs after annexing Gastrobury. For a long time, after annexing, the food spoil time did increase in my games, just no recipes just as you state. But now for some reason, perhaps a mod conflict, not sure, the reverse has been occurring in my game. Instead of the increase in buff timing, my Sims' spoilage time is shorter. In fact, my Sims' foods DO NOT spoil at all before they can be completely consumed!!! Until after they annex Gastrobury!
I use Morealin_TSM20FasterCooking_10xspoil and it has always worked perfectly, so perhaps this odd change concerning spoilage occurred due to too much mod switching. I suppose its possible since most TSMP&N games pretty much always seem confused! LOL

I thank you for you work and time in doing this, as I have had my moments of misery, and also much wonder concerning the loss of, and also the dreaming of WHERE ARE THE GASTROBURY Recipes???? At least 3 years worth! It is time enough that my pain ends!

Again Thanks Dollface! And Bless!


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While your mod works (I was so glad to finally be able to make those sausage recipes!), it disables the Tredonian Gem wine and Bankers ale. At least it does for me. It didn't affect the fine loafs (other Tredonian benefit) or the Hunter's Stew or Crafthole energy potions, so maybe it just has to do with the wine/beer caskets for some reason.
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Hey ya, Lord Morgan, its been some time, but finally I have time and remembered to let you know a few things about this "fix" for Gastrobury, at least in my game.
The worst is that instead of any benefits being fixed concerning buff time lengthening, or spoil time becoming longer, they become WORSE.
Before annexing Gastrobury, the food can last for many days, many being about 3. Hero sims I do not anticipate I will play in a while, I insure they have breaded items in their inventories so they can eat them instead of the awful gruel, and flat bread, so this is how I am able to tell that the pies, and breads are lasting pretty long, and so you know, I am using a mod that allows for food to last longer times...MoraelinTSM20Fastercookingx10Spoil....

BUT AFTER annexing Gastrobury, and using your mod fix, every food item is spoiled very quickly, so fast that I have been waiting to annex Gastrobury until the very last of the territories!

Without using your mod, the recipes requiring Make Believe Serum are listed in the recipes list in my game, but also there is listed a similar recipe, if not exactly the same the 3 required foods to be made in the quest. I have always had my monarch make the 3 recipes in the Reception Hall as the feast time progresses, but NEVER have the recipes calling for the make-believe serum ever been made and the quest end successfully. The make believe serum is to be added to the good AFTER the recipes are made, not cooked as an ingredient in the recipe to be served. I have had my wizard taste the food with the make believe serum added, and all that occurs is that he was euphorically feeling full. So, I cannot see a point to having the make believe recipes available in the food lists after the quest is over, as to what benefit is there?

I've played this game for many years, and 100's of times, and I cannot think of any quest where it might be beneficial to sims. There was one quest for my trader in which she needed to make a Sea-Bounty stew, but she acquired the needed make believe potion by other means.

In hoping the info might be helpful to you in some way, perhaps in furthering the development of this mod, or just personally, I can tell you where you can acquire the Haunch of Meat, and what quest. The quest in which your knight can receive the Haunch of meat is Animuslaver, in which the knight has become enthralled with a demon possessed sword he takes from an old fisherman, and while hunting in the forest is attacked by a lone wolf, and the sword takes over and kills the wolf, and the knight carves out some of the meat to bring home. That is the Haunch of meat, and VERY difficult to acquire if this quest is not played, and then only does the knight receive a mere 2 haunches. There is perhaps another quest in which a haunch of meat can be acquired, as my monarch has had it before, but I cannot recall now which quest it was. The servant can prepare a haunch of meat, as it has happened before in my game, but to rely on that is insane, for it is just by accident that it can occur, just like when a king calls for food, there are times when the meal delivered have ingredients that are not available in the kingdom at the time, for example whale stew has been made and no sims of mine had yet been added to the kingdom in order that the monarch could put the whale meat in his larder.

I am going to put your mod into my latest installation of my game, as I have recently installed it anew, and retest it anew, and practically pray, something good, and beneficial occurs this time. I can hope can't I? LOL

Thanks for your time and attempts...I'll inform you if anything turns out differently than any other time I have installed your Gastrobury Fix mod. Bless.


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Xeny, the sausage_recipes.package in this mod, is the actual recipes xml. It will conflict with Moraelins (and with mine) as they all use the same xml. This is why I requested permission from Moraelin to add her mod in to mine, as I (and I assume most other players) prefer the longer and more logical spoil times to the default ones.
If you're using the mod in this thread, you should remove Moraelin's mod.

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Originally Posted by ChickieTeeta
Xeny, the sausage_recipes.package in this mod, is the actual recipes xml. It will conflict with Moraelins (and with mine) as they all use the same xml. This is why I requested permission from Moraelin to add her mod in to mine, as I (and I assume most other players) prefer the longer and more logical spoil times to the default ones.
If you're using the mod in this thread, you should remove Moraelin's mod.

Crumbuckets! This is one of the saddest things you could have told me, Chickie! I guess I have chosen right this moment to continue my game using Madam Moraelin's mod, and forget about the sausage recipes once more, which will total in the 1000's by now.

When I used your mods for the food, I remember seeing the sausage recipes show up, and some time ago, I was able to have a sim or two partake in a sausage recipe, but the buff was very low. So low that I found it to be not worth the effort. I can't bare to allow my sims, especially Xylan to eat anything with a low buff number, not even if he gets a 'Delicious + 15' buff on top if the dish was cooked by a Creative Cook, because it makes me think that the "cook" does not think very highly of their monarch, and has no qualms about feeding him CRAP, as if they think to hide their true emotions of hate and dislike, or more likely jealousy of his good nature and position, by making crap for peasants, but with an added scum plus buff of 15! Peasants are grateful for no buff at all just as long as their bellies are full, and so they are happy to eat shyte, but Xylan is a nobleman, and the Emperor of my cartoon loving heart, and he cannot eat Doo Doo! I won't allow it.

I have seen that on some strange occasions, Xylan, and also my Doc, Blade Bungle, try and cook gruel or flat bread for their meal ever though I have just put a fresh pie, or bread, or even broiled bear, or whale in their inventories, either on a previous quest, or dropped it on them during a quest I am playing but they are not a participant of...Well, as I said, I cannot tolerate them to eat shyte, so I either have the sim I am controlling distract them, and I have another sim swipe the yucky gruel, or flat bread while Xylan or doc is not looking. Then I watch them and always then they take the good food out of inventory and eat, and then this Mama is happy.
There are many times I go into furnish mode right as they think to sit at table and eat the gross peasant food, and since they are frozen in furnish mode, I swipe the gruel/flat bread from the table and carry it off to another room in which I lock the door. I then later have my sim I'm plying clean up the food, after he/she has attempted a speedy chef lesson in the kitchen just in case the monarch's fine dinner had slipped out of his inventory, and I not noticed scum bag peasants picking it up off the floor and consuming it. This still happens in my game, and mostly all the time it is Cheese Pie. Other foods do not seem to have trouble staying on the dang plate. Royal Custard had this problem badly in my last installed game, but so far not so much this game newly installed. Time will tell me more though.

Thanks for the info, Your Ladyshipedness.

Bless Ye and Yer Pirate King,


Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must live.
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