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Default How to assign joints to baby body?
So I made a mesh for the baby body but no matter what I try the joints never seem to transfer correctly and GEOM and TSRW formats use differnt joint assignments. GEOM is missing the lower half of the joints and when using mesh tool kit, only a few joints transfer over. I'm unable to use joint transfer in milkshape because the GEOM is missing the lower bodies joints and assigning the joints by hand seems tedious and on top of that I am unsure of which joints go where because the baby body has its own joints too. Im in quite a pickle and not exactly sure what to do anymore
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Hey Slow_no_mo!

I guess this is a very old post to reply to, but I guess it's worth it. So, Baby bones, especially in TSRW is hard! I found myself editing the bones custom because using a reference didn't go well. Though, the project I was working on didn't had any arms so that made it really hard. Anyway. If you use TSRW, open up an EA project, the one with the blanket, EA's version. Then, go into the mesh tab, export the mesh as a .wso and save it as a reference mesh.
Then if you open up your meshtoolkit, there are a bunch of tabs. Go to the "autotools for WSO" tab and make sure you're in the "Auto-assign Bones" tab. This is the tab where you can add the Bones to it. The tab next to it "Auto-create Morphs" Is the morphs tab, in this tab you can create morphs for your sims so when you're in game, the mesh is also for fat thin, etc sims.

But back to the Auto-assign bones tab. What it basically does is copying EA's baby blanket bones to yours so your sim can move. There are two bars where you can select the path to your Mesh and the EA mesh. But now is the question, what is for what?

References are EA's mesh (in this case) and they already include the morphs and bones.
The wso mesh to modify is where your Mesh has to be, so MEshtoolkit knows which file the bones needs to be copied over. So:

- Wso mesh to modify: YOUR MESH
- Reference mesh: EXPORTED EA MESH

Then make sure you have "replace all bone assignments" clicked and "Do interpolation (Gives better results but may be slow)" Checked. Then you're ready to click the "Do Assignments and save" button!

Now the only thing you have to do is, where you can save the modified mesh that you just gave bones, a good place to save or replace it with your older mesh. Your mesh, I mean. (The one that didn't had bones yet)
So, this might sound really weird, because most of the time it isn't right when this happens to an adult mesh, but if the baby is all stretched out, then the bones are successfully applied to the mesh.

If this doesn't work, you could use my download as bone reference But DON'T Use it for your own project! Like, mesh using, texture using, etc. You can find it here:

Though, because mine doesn't have arm bones, you could load up EA's mesh in and click the "Only replace empty bones"
I hope that works out for you! Let me know if you still have some problems with your CC! ^-^
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