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Default Secret Werewolf Challenge
Hey, ya'll. This is only my second try at writing up a challenge, so go easy on me. The idea came to me and I really liked it and I hope you do too

Secret Werewolf Challenge

What you need to download: Simlogical Prison

You need the whole set so be sure to get everything (As for the doors, I just got the simple ones so I didn't have to go mesh hunting).

You will also need to build or download a “Research Facility.” Basically anything that looks like a science lab. More on this later. But make sure your institution is up and running per the instructions on this page .

The Story

You are new to town, hiding from hunters that wish to harm you. They wish to harm you because of your terrible secret; you are a werewolf. If you are caught, you will never see the light of day again. But you still want a life of your own. What can you do...

Getting Started

Pick a 'hood with no monster Sims in it. This town does not accept monster types and turns them in when spotted! (The Grand Vampires are the exception if you attach Downtown. There are ways to kill them if you want them gone, but that is your choice. If you keep them, let's say the town is too scared of them to do anything about them).

You must start with a fresh CAS Sim. Randomize the personality and Aspiration using whatever system you use to do that. Dice rolls, whatever. Your choice.

Move them into a house. I will only allow you to money cheat if you buy The House of Fallen Trees in Downtown. Do not move that house into the Lots Bin while the graves are still on it!

If you do not buy that house then get whatever you want, but you are not allowed to money cheat to get it. If you do buy it, the basement must be fully furnished into an apartment. With a working kitchen, bathroom, etc.

You may use the Sim Transformer to change them to a Werewolf or make a legit Lycan by befriending a Leader of The Pack. If you go legit, come back when you are finished with that five hours from now

The Challenge

Simply put, you can not let anyone see you in fur-form (There are a few exceptions to everyone but we will get to those later).

This means from 8pm to 6am you must stay indoors and not let anyone see you. That means Townie walkbys, NPC service Sims, even your own friends and family, if you get those later.

You can't leave your house to go shopping or party the night away in a club. You cannot take your car for a spin.

If you order food, someone else must take it from the delivery Sim. If you live alone, you cannot satisfy those late night pizza cravings.

IF you go outside your house, it is at your own peril from walkbys.

But that isn't the whole challenge. The REAL part of the challenge is while you are hiding from everyone, you are trying to accomplish your Lifetime Aspiration.

I hit a snag while making this challenge so we shall say that if you roll a career Lifetime Want (which is more likely than not) I will make the exception of leaving the house at night. Because you will likely, eventually, end up in a job that makes you work from 8pm to 6am.

Let's just say you have the uncanny ability to disguise yourself at work which you mysteriously can't do at home! (I seriously have no way around this.)

If you do not roll a career Lifetime Want, then the rules apply for any job you take. If it promotes you during fur hours, you must quit.

You are not allowed to turn Free Will off.

You've been spotted!

When you are spotted, the person who saw you will run and tell the cops! You will be hunted down and caught! Get back home if you are away, save and exit the lot or just save and exit if at home.

Enter your research facility (remember it has to be fully set up first per instructions), and make yourself a prisoner. You must put the Electronic Prisoner Tag in your inventory. You are now in a lab that will keep you locked away and study you! You can never roam free again or see your family (if you have one)!

You can stop the challenge there or play the prison as it's own challenge. Any other Lycans you turned will be there too. There is a chance based on the prison system that you may escape. If you do, you must run away to a new sub-hood. DO NOT put them in the houses bin and move to a different 'hood. That causes corruption! Simply move to a new sub-hood. Change your hair and facial features (makeup for a female, facial hair for men). If you want to do surgery you can even go that far. Or even change your name. For authenticity (You don't have to do those things but it makes it look more realistic).

However, you must put the Electronic Tag in your inventory (which means you will never be spotted on community lots by anyone) and you will never speak to your old friends and family again. You can't even call them. You will live the rest of your life in seclusion. Can't risk being caught again! You are only allowed to befriend walkbys for your job. Nothing further than that.

And yes, being spotted can even happen while you are playing another lot. If you are playing another family and your Lycan shows up on the community lot or as a walkby and anyone sees them, that counts!

What is “being spotted”?

Know how the Jealousy trigger happens when a Sim sees their partner kissing another? Like that. Within eyeshot.

If they have their back turned to you, you have a chance to make a speedy getaway!

Can I wear the ninja outfit (OFB) or something else that hides my face?

Yes, but there are rules. Even with the ninja outfit, you will still shamble oddly and have yellow eyes and odd skin. You must not talk to anyone directly. You may buy groceries and clothing dressed like that. Those sales clerks barely pay attention to anything anyway . If you don't have Open For Business and don't have outfits that hide your face...well...I'm sorry gotta stay inside!

Can I default my Lycan skin and eyes?


Can I default my Lycan to remove hair , skin and eyes ? Make it walk normal ? Change the personality ?

Um. Sure. But if you have those things...why are you playing with werewolves at all? To each his own I suppose, but the rules will still be in place no matter how you default and reprogram your wolfy. Between the hours of 8pm and 6am you must not be spotted!

Can I Savage the Sim who saw me and make them a Lycan too?

Yes. There are rules here, too.

If you win, enter your facility, and make the new Lycan you Savaged a prisoner. Why? Because they didn't understand the need to hide and were probably spotted!

If you lose you cannot Savage them again. Allow them to leave. Then proceed to imprison yourself.

Can I kill the Sim who spotted me?

Umm...I'll say yes here depending on what you want to download in your game.

You can get a More Dangerous Cowplant that will pretty much eat anyone (though there is a chance if the skills are high enough, it won't) and then you can drink the essence! (If they don't get eaten...they will tell...and you know the drill by now.)

Or SimWardrobe has several weapons you can use.

You can only Savage or kill at home. If you forget yourself on a community lot...whoops.


Animals can see you. In fact, werewolves can train animals faster.

The Human Statue can see you.

The Grand Vampires can see you.

The NPC Witches can see you.

The Gypsy Matchmaker can see you (She has seen a lot of things in her many years).

The Genie can see you.

The Witch Doctor can see you. Why would he care? He just wants his stuff fixed!

The Wise Old Man can see you. All he cares about is drinking tea and telling stories. And I'm sure he has seen many things as well.

Servos can see you. Would be kinda mean to turn in the person that MADE you. If they are your spouse, even better! Now you can be around each other at night!

Infants and toddlers can see you. They don't understand what they're seeing! So, no, you don't have to abandon your babies at night.

Your human spouse can see you but there is a catch. You must roll a dice. Odd means they can't forgive your secrets and lies and turn you in. Even means they love you no matter what and will hide your secret for you.

Children are the same once they reach child stage. And if you have multiple children, each child counts.

Example: Little Timmy sees you. You roll a dice and get an even number. He loves you enough not to say anything.

Little Susie sees you next. Susie is not Timmy. You must roll a dice for her. She rolls odd and turns you in.

Bigfoot can see you. If you have Bigfoot Romance installed, you can even build a family with him, and the rules will change a tad with that. The children you have with him can see both of you because...well, look at both of you!

For some reason, because finding Bigfoot is a special vacation want, people don't mind him so he can wander freely. You however, still cannot in fur form but at least inside your home you're free.

Can I get abducted and have an alien baby?

Hey, green Sims happen and people seem accepting of it. So, yes. But no mods to cheat it.

Can I Become a vampire or a witch?

Yeah! If you are a witch, then you can fight back. Cast a spell on that Sim. Good, do something nice for them and they will keep your secret. Evil, attack them with bees, make them puke or cluck like a chicken. They will be too scared of you to report you. However, make sure no one else sees you do this! Or if they do, you gotta hit them with spells too.

Vampire, if you mod in Deadly Neck Bite , you can kill any Sim that sees you. Your life will be very difficult as a hybrid, though. You can't go out in the day or at night! But if that's the kind of challenge you want, go for it

Can I become a PlantSim?

Well...I'm gonna say no. If this town can't accept a werewolf, what makes you think they will accept a plant person? If you accidentally become one from gardening, call the matchmaker and get the cure ASAP.


-_- yeah, no. If you die, you lose the challenge, in the biggest way


These will be hard on you since you cannot leave your room at night. You also can't order room service. My suggestion would be to order a group meal before you change to have it there when you do.

My only exception is if you arrive at the start of the vacation at night and change just ignore it and get to a room quickly.

Can I own a business?

Yes, of course. Just don't have it open between 8pm and 6am

Can I mod the amount of time I stay in fur form?

If it makes the time less, no. I will allow this one though. It would make it harder.


When you reach your Lifetime Aspiration that is an automatic 100 points. But that isn't all you can earn.

Each skill you get: +5

Each trick you teach a pet: +5

Each vacation memory you gain: +10

A close call is when you come really close to being spotted, but manage to sneak around and get away.

Each close call: +10

Each friend you make: +15

Each best friend you get: +20

Each pet best friend you get: +20

Child gets an A+: +25

Overachieving teen: +25

Each dream date: +30

Each lover you get: +35

Getting married: +40

Each child you have: +50

Parties happen at night a lot so if you happen to change at the party and leave your guests and they still have a good time then you earned it!

Successful party: +60

If you can manage a vacation, where you have to continuously cancel actions from your excited, transformed, highly energized werewolf, who just wants to go outside and play on the beach or roast marshmallows on the campfire and keep them out of trouble, you deserve a big score!

Each successful vacation: +75

Badges are each worth something.

Bronze: +5

Silver: +10

Gold: +15

Each business perk: +20

Each level ten business: +50

These numbers can be taken away too, with penalties.

Career chance card takes a skill point: -5

Any person that spots you: -10

Child gets a D: -15

Lose a friend: -15

Lose a BFF: -20

Teen gets an F: -25

Runaway teen: -25

Awful date: -30

Awful party: -30

Lose a lover: -35

Divorce: -40

Each Sim you salvage or kill: -50. Same as having a baby. Give life. Take life.

Imprisoned: -95

If you escape you only get +25 back

The end of the challenge is when you die of old age. Calculate your score.

If you die by accident before then, you don't get to have a score.

If you can't escape prison there are chances you can make friends and lovers in prison and make skills so you can get some points back in there.

So there it is! Let me know what you think or what could use changing! I think I covered everything

Happy Simming! .
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For people that don't want to download the Prison System.

I'll make a seperate post for people that don't want to download the Prison System as I realized that some people just may not want it or have themed games where modern items won't fit.

What to download:

You still need to download the Prison Set and open the folder. Pull out the Electronic Prisoner Tag. You need this item and it's a nifty item to have anyway. Any Sim you don't want to see wandering the streets, just slip this into their inventory and they will never be seen again. You can use it without the rest of the system.

Next build a prison/research center/sanatorium/dungeon/whatever you want. Make sure it is a residency. Create four sims. The head doc and his 3 nurses. The warden and his 3 guards. Whatever you want.

When you are spotted and caught, exit your house and load the facility. Either teleport your Sim there with the Sim Teleporter and enter in AddNeighborToFamily cheat on in the cheat window. Click Add Sim To Family. This will make sure you don't lose your previous items at your house.

Or if you want to make it harder on yourself, move wolfy into the Family Bin and then move them into the prison building. Could say the town pillaged their house after they were caught.

If you can befriend 2 of the guards/nurses they will feel sorry for you and help you escape.

Same scoring system and rules after escape this way.
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Cool challenge and storyline friendly. I'll be sure to include this one in my BACC neighborhood.
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I could put my Remus Lupin sim through this one. XD Although, I'd be sad if he got sent to Azkaban.

Though you really couldn't play any other families. Your werewolf is guaranteed to show up on a community lot at the wrong time.
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Originally Posted by Charity
I could put my Remus Lupin sim through this one. XD Although, I'd be sad if he got sent to Azkaban.

Though you really couldn't play any other families. Your werewolf is guaranteed to show up on a community lot at the wrong time.

Yeah. Recommend a mod to stop them and those who don't mod: add an exception when the werewolf isn't played at.
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Originally Posted by DezzyBoo
And yes, being spotted can even happen while you are playing another lot. If you are playing another family and your Lycan shows up on the community lot or as a walkby and anyone sees them, that counts!

Yeah, it counts so you have to be VERY careful.
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