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Default Sims 4 Music modification
I'm going to ask with help with something because it honestly bothers me significantly.

On the Sims 4 the base soundtrack bothers me so much, its genuinely distasteful for me to listen to. I know on radio etc the music can be muted, but more importantly how can one go about replacing the CAS and build and buy music with their own?
The sims 4 music is genuinely soul destroying for me and I want to know a way to modify these parts of the game as I find the game incredibly unpleasant.
If someone could be please leave relevant and detailed information I would appreciate it as its not a matter of me hating TS4 music, I sincerely just cant stand it.

Unrelated and on the side:
Is it possible to modify the UI to turn black?
What is the requirements for custom radio music?
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