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MTS speed build challenge results - posted on 11th Nov 2018 at 7:38 PM
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Default New Sims 4 Animator! (In development)

* Development Stats: In Development...
* Release Date: TBA


What's new!

I’ve been developing an all "NEW Animator" that is very much like "Wicked Whims", however, meant to be used for non-sexual animations or interaction only...

As I've been wanting to create bouncer animations or interactions like “Night Life” (Sims 3) but with more of an extreme reaction when throwing or kick a sim out of a bar along with some other unrelated animations that are non-adult (i.e. Martial Art Sim Fights, Police take-downs, etc.)...

How it comes to be?

So a few weeks back I sent a Message to TURBODRIVER in regards to "Wicked Whims" and some animations I was planning or looking to do; but due to them being none adult-related TURBODRIVER let me now that it would be probably a better idea to create a New XML, Animator or work with what Maxis/EA engine has! so I'm doing so. As theirs was not meant to support animations like that and give me the details on what they used to create their engine. Thank you TURBODRIVER

What I’ve been doing?

So I’ve been developing BASAnimator, (aka; Basic Action Sims Animator) myself as a whole new XML, Animation Engine that will support non-adult animation content and interaction in-game. In addition I'm also working on other content (adult, packs, downloads etc.) to be released, beforehand until I'm done developing it for its very purpose so all can create content, with a user friendly interface so that anyone can use it as long as the content is non-adult related, as "Wicked Whims" is the one to use for adult content for the Sims 4, not the one I'm developing.

What is BASAnimatior:

BASAnimator is a new XML animation and interaction engine that uses game resource and objects from within gameplay along with custom files etc, to make interaction possible between Sims as you enjoy interacting with your Sim(s), along with a user-friendly (in-play) main that is accessible via your Sim(s)…

How it could interact:

· Here is a sample of the animations or interaction, in action will work (once done); Sim Bouncer > grabs another sim by the pants and shirt > walks to the door throws the sim out of the bar, onto the street.

The above is just an interaction layout plan that is in the works (as a pilot animation) that could be accessible via using the NEW BASAnimator once done.

How it being developed:

BASAnimator is being developed with using multi different software (i.e Varies Animation Element XML Tuning Engines, etc.) along with resources from within the game and Maxis.

More details to come
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I don't think this is the right section for discussing mods and tools. Have another look at the site map, you'll spot a better place.

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Test Subject
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thanks for moving it sorry about that wasn't sure
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