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Default Can't find meshes for Generations Imaginary Friend cookies
Hi all! I'm trying to clone the Imaginary Friend cookies and make them edible as dry food (like in World Adventures), but I can't find any meshes for them!
All I can find is these: _IMG, _RIG, FTPT and LITE.
And these are the cookies: foodEatCookieRainbow (sometimes appears as foodEatCookieRainbo), foodEatCupcake, foodEatCookieSpaceship (or foodEatCookieSpaces), foodEatDonut

Anyone have any idea where those meshes might be hiding, or how it would be possible to clone/obtain those resources?

Edit: oh, and I guess OBJD too, to edit categories and such. And OBJK, to edit scripts

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Knowing EA, they probably reused existing meshes. I looked pretty much everywhere although to be really honest I've never seen those cookies in-game before! But it might be worth checking out whether they have any shared links which... you need the OBJD for or the VXPY which I can't seem to find either! I guess I should go in game and see if they actually share a mesh rather than have their own
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