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Default TS3 Mod > Use restroom on Rabbit Hole lot?
So I'm building a diner in my world, and I just realized that sims do not have the ability to relieve their bladder on rabbit hole lots! This is especially dumb on bistro and diner lots! Does anyone know of a mod that would enable a pie menu interaction to "Use restroom" while on one of these lots? Don't need to see the animation or anything.
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Hello! :3
Never heard of such a script mod but beautiful Sandy converted this gorgeous outdoor toilets stalls here :
Maybe u can find them useful!
Have a nice day!
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I don't know about toilet but when a Sim's hunger need is low when they enter a rabbit hole for school or job it get full on it's own after a while. I imagine it's because there's a cafeteria inside. I guess it doesn't happen for bladder need, I kinda thought it did. Maybe you can check how custom careers are created, maybe that'll give you an idea.
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