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Default Duplicate mod and show them both in Custom Content
I have downloaded the slot machine mod and made a copy, so I could have two of the same mod available in buy mode. The reason I did it because I tweaked both the original and the copy using SimPE in order for them to work in two diffeerent ways.

But the problem is, the custom content only shows the original one. What should I do to make the second one appear? Obviously copy/paste didn't work, and I'm not sure what else can I do. Hope some of you had experience with this. I'd appreciate help from anyone! thx
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How did you make the copy, did you just open it and saved with a different name. You need to clone the object, and you must have to change the Guid of the new one. As long as the guide are same, only the original will show. That's my understanding
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I just copied the .package file in my downloads folder. I didn't know about GUID. Thanks, I'll try it that way, hope it'll work
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You can't just copy the object (or package file). You have to use the clone option in the Object Workshop in SimPE, and give the object a new GUID. If you don't do this, the object won't be standalone, and they may conflict in some ways even if you give the new one a new GUID.

Cloning an object gives it new instance numbers, etc. and just copying the package file doesn't do that.
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