View Full Version : Mesh isn't linking properly?

15th Aug 2007, 7:32 AM
Ok, I'm modding the black underwear, for adult women. It's the first pic. It's also called 'afbodywear_blackunderthings' I'm attempting to make it into a soccer outfit, with cleats, using milkshape. I have followed all the instructions in all the tutorials on modding clothes up to UV mapping. I'll do that after I get this to work. I think I mislinked something, or didn't do something correctly regarding groups. But, either way, I've followed all the tutorials, and the mesh in bodyshop resolutely refuses to change according to my will. Grrrr. The mesh is totally finished, cleats and all. But I think I might have forgotten to comment on groups correctly(I added several cylinders and a sphere) or messed up a step in linking the mesh to the file.

I would appreciate it if someone could hep me out by testing the mesh and other files and telling me what the problem was. If it was fixed when I got it back that would be a pleasant surprise as well. ;) But I'd like to know what I did wrong, if someone would be willing to help me. Please. Before I drive myself insane trying to find the problem. :wtf:

Please don't steal my work either. I'll know. ;)