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The calendar isn't surprising-- the fact it starts in 1997 kind of is, though since the game wouldn't be released for several more years. I suppose they figured to leave in the framework in case they used it-- they could always update the starting year later.

One of the concepts for the The Sims while it was in development is that you're zooming in to control the sims who live in SimCity. Some ideas from The Sims actually informed choices made with Sim City 4. I also think there was a point in development where you didn't control the sims directly-- likely the clock moved faster as it did in SimCity and the goal was to create an efficient home layout (similar to SimTower) while managing the household resources such as money to provide adequately for the individual resources of the sims that lives there (sort of like a microeconomics version of Sim City). In the current game can you imagine playing through 365 game days? Even on max speed letting sims mostly tend to themselves! I think there's a version of the UI that reflects this but I don't think I saw it in the gallery here. I believe it had a panel to the left with buttons to tell sims to satisfy motives rather than having the player tell a sim to use an object directly.

The Sims went through a lot of changes but sims 1 still retains feelings of a domestic economic resource management game, although it has a pretty beefy social simulation in as well. I think sims 2 does a good job as well, though they chose to focus more on the social aspects and less on the economic ones-- sims 1 is the only game in the series to have a detailed budget panel that breaks down where the household spends money.

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Whenever somebody remarks about the game's former function of being more like a "build-a-home-and-watch-them-reacting-to-the-environment" type of game instead of our usual "build-a-home-and-control-them-in" kinda, it summons the thought of those cool "What's This?!" interactions, a potential vestige of the mentioned former style of gameplay, even though we're these days conscious of the the fact that what makes them to hate or love one new piece of furniture is their price, not their... let's say... personality-influenced style, or anything else

An explicit 1997 pigeonholing time - Everything above the UI is only for illustrative purposes since it's originally an UI-free screenshot from the Press Guide's disk

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The game has strings that refer to objects having 'styles.' Such as "classic"-- I don't recall the other ones. Trailer, maybe? I think at one point sims were going to have a sense of "taste" and the player would have to balance what the sim liked with what they needed. That kind of depth would be nice if the focus was more on the balancing of needs and wants while managing resources. I'm tempted to try and make a game similar to that. Maybe if my programming ever improves...

Also I'm attaching the object I made to test the calendar. I have tested that days and months advance. I seem to recall from other tests that all months have 30 days, but I could be wrong. I also think some of the Old Town lots are in year 1998-- but it's possible that I just played them enough to advance.
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>>If it is your first visit to this thread, you'll want to start your Sims 1 Pre-release media browsing at THIS post, as you open the blue spoilers and have fun with the supercool contributions and discussion that's developed afterwards.<<

New Discoveries:


One of the several images included in these "Graphics Packs" (briefly, zipped sneak peek images) leaked to the public at the extinct site specifically dedicated to the first Sims. What's worthy of taking note right here is the aspect of several unreleased objects on this list, including the color of the thumbnails itself: These items were eventually evolved ("evolved") in the name of a bigger universal appearance, per say, while a handful of them weren't continued at all. Can you identify them?

- We have only one example of a soccer ball in a beta picture, stationary, visualized by a medium bird-eye vision. So far it is unknown how exactly the characters would interact with them

- For the major audience, small tables were only seen with the release of the first expansion packs. However, one of them actively played an important role since Sims 1's Vanilla, just for the purpose of being an icon to a controller object; CHECK 'UNUSED OBJECTS'

- "Empress" Diner Room Chair used to have a reddish seat;

- Making my former point wrong, the second (of 3) known Doll House's design had a silver roof! And, even before it, the older version with the medieval-esque, spiky roofs; CHECK 'UNUSED OBJECTS'

- First known picture with a thumbnail of the straightforward Pink Flamingo;

- Thumbnail of an unused chair;

- The cheaper Train Simulator when it was absent of a sandy platform;

- Iconized Corner and Straight versions of the beta's more detailed green counter;

- The traditional fountain when its liquid was darker and we could insert Build Mode's plants on it;

- Prototype's omnipresent coffee table, salvaged a few expansion packs later, and present on The Sims Online as well as another fancier coffee table, also from the beta;

- B&W tube before 2000;

- Curious fusion of an unused vase with a regular Vanilla's flower;

- Thumbnail of the beta sink, weirdly already combined with a sink;

- First occurrence we can take note of over a thumbnail for the former ยงยง of ยงยงยง TV, in spite of how glitched it is;

- ยงยงยง TV

- Last but not least, a common vase filled with... things;
<Images dated around 12/08/1999>, images from another collection of graphics formerly available at The Sims 1's extinct website, called Webmaster Pack, for all your pre-release Sims 1 advertising needs:






The claimed Graphics Pack 2, whose Sims/Vehicles pictures, according to Windows, were last edited on late September 1999, offers us a little addition to the history of this morphing skin in particular:

Extra Renders, mostly bigger/colored equivalents of those seen in the boxart/manual:

- Something's awkward on his body modelling;

Source (And the comprehensive collection from the extinct Sims website's "Graphic Packs"!
Source's Source (1999 articles and media)
Source of Source's Source [Archived]

1995-2000 Pre-Release Sims 1 Media ([Re]Start your Beta Appreciation Here)

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#30 Old 12th Feb 2019 at 2:16 PM
Here's some comments on the above thumbnail images:

(1) That dollhouse graphic is still in the game, it's in the data for some controller objects. However, I don't recall any of them having an associated DGRP resource so it if I'm right it's entirely unused even if you tried to force the object to be visible. I also don't think I saw it as a catalogue thumbnail resource (objects that make use of them have the entire graphic pre-made including the background and a second copy for hovering the mouse).

(2) All the TVs seemed to undergo pretty substantial changes. I think the 'expensive' TV there still appears in the homecrafter tool-- or is my mind playing tricks?

(3) the trainset has a "base" in the final game. In the final game the track and base are one sprite while the train is another. But of course you can see this yourself. I just thought it was interesting. :P

(4) This can also be clearly seen with your own eyes but there's a sink that's pre-built into the counter. Nothing like that in the final game-- perhaps at some point sinks didn't slot into the counter? Or it could be a placerholder for the pedestal sinks.

(5) I think those shadows were... artificial. Many objects seem to have a shadow that is kinda just there and makes little sense for the object. The game does have some objects that have some questionable shadows but I don't recall them looking that weird/bad. Though I suppose it is possible that they just rendered weird on the expanseless void of a background.

(6) I imagine the fishnets were changed because fishnets don't really render nicely-- although eventually (house party?) they seem to figure out making them thicker makes them look better.

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#31 Old 12th Feb 2019 at 4:03 PM
Here's some RE:'s about the above thumbnail images comments:

(1) Yes - "NPCController.IFF", for example -- correctly called as Doll House at the Buy Mode; Curiously, this is the step stool's name, too

preview_anims cheat code unveils these animations as the ones associated to NPCController

(2) Definitely not - also, hasn't it another channel besides this omnipresent supernova documentary?

(3) Both the sandy platform and trains are part of a same sprite, with two different layers whose size is big enough to fill a single tile!

(4) Can be - present on many beta pictures, maybe just for the sake of illustration, never having it connected with another counter of the same kind

(5) Second that

(6) The flickering effect caused by engine's attempt of prioritizing some of texture's smallest standing-out pixels has been taken used in its favor if we take into consideration that blue female dress with tiny little details that glitter whenever the sim makes the smallest move??


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#32 Old 12th Feb 2019 at 9:15 PM
Good points all around. Also maybe worth noting is that the coffee table appeared in Homecrafter before we got it in Hot Date. I think it's also in the intro video in the game.

I would hesitate to say that the fountain could be mixed with plants. If you play the Newbie family they have bushes on top of flowers which is not valid placement for players in the final game even with move_objects on. Maybe the devloper's lotbuilder was less picky? Maybe plant placement changed?

That garden pot has given me an idea for an object though... an interior object that you can place outdoor plants into. I think it's do-able without hacking the plants.

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#33 Old 13th Feb 2019 at 4:27 AM Last edited by LUCPIX : 13th Feb 2019 at 4:56 AM.

It is - Ideally, those coffee tables are decent to be bought and placed anywhere they might look good at, even if, in practice it plays a role other kinds of tables generally do similarly or better - back in the time of the base game, all of the objects (surfaces, in this case) had at least one way of being interacted with which'd make it indispensable for an X task-- it doesn't seem like these coffee tables have a certain standing out purpose, and that's prob the motive of its deleting until the period of time it was, let's say, fine for the EPs go attempt producing any types of items that could be minimally "redundant", just for the sake of the design? But, come on, I digress

Very well recalled - We know how it's not problematic to let the engine to accept any changes we happen to cause; Yet, to press Build Mode's Undo button after moving that layered piece of land/bush somewhere also will cause the moved object to VANISH instead of returning to its previous position

Stars aligning here: That empty pot acts in-game, but filled with a beautiful buried cactus. Although those animated sprites from the cheapest train toy bond the sandy platform with the rails, we gladly manage to extract the plants' pots, totally free of leaves and branches!

Here it is, to save more or less 3 minutes of your life:

Just for illustration! Safer to get the integral, pure .bmp images HERE

FUN FACT----- There's one Beta screenshot (1999, former Roomies household) on which it happens the opposite: Cacti sprites... potless!

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#34 Old 14th Feb 2019 at 6:42 PM
I think you're right-- the coffee tables really have one "gameplay" related use which could easily be filled by an end table. It's a good place for sims to place bills. Even with magazines-- introduced in Hot Date as well-- there really isn't anything a coffee table does that an end table does not. I think in the base game as many objects as possible shared a height so that players could mix and match surfaces with objects without the need for additional animations. This is something they seemed to carry through to the MM.

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#35 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 2:56 PM Last edited by LUCPIX : 17th Feb 2019 at 3:08 PM.
>>If it is your first visit to this thread, you'll want to start your Sims 1 Pre-release media browsing at THIS post, as you open the blue spoilers and have fun with the supercool contributions and discussion that's developed afterwards.<<

>Weekly Discoveries<

VIDEO: The Sims 1 (Potentially) Unused Animations

You've been suggested, somewhere at this thread's first post, to use the cheat code "preview_anims ON" to witness in your own game the Sims reproducing a few animations, listed and generally able to be played it at the click of the object its meant to be used on.

WELL, turns out much more can be found with a little help from the program The Sims Character Makeover Studio -- whose context and purpose is very similar to SimShow's, except it allows us to change the heads/bodies of a Sim that has been already dropped to a home and - the good stuff here - also has the thorough catalogue of your game's .cmx files, each one with a very specific type of animation inside, for us to view without major complications!!!

Some of them are somewhere inside the game but not even a single object summons it during gameplay (because, yuppers, as you can probably tell at this point of our road, it's frequent business), although we can't reproduce them via an external source for the sake of observation and I've just published a video displaying and explaining them, for us to ponder about what they once were handy for and, why not, serve as a little suggestion for those who also enjoy producing Custom Contents for "1" and are a bit tired of using the very same animations over and over again.

<DO NOTE: This video contains a fair amount of assumption in spite of the effort took to check whether the pigeonholed Unused animations are eventually summoned during gameplay or not!! Suggestions are gonna be ardently received.>

On this video, we talk about:

+ Animations that have their strings allocated inside certain objects but are never normally displayed

+ Working animations without an object associated with, only visible through third-party previewers (since the "preview_anims" cheat requires an object with at least 1 animation stored within)
Now let's go back to the game a little bit and take note of these very exceptional cases, where the "preview_anims" cheat code mentions that an X object reproduces an Y animation, in spite of the fact these animations no longer exist inside "Animations.far"(where all the base game's cmx files are) and, as a consequence, will cause a "Missing Animation " thought balloon error in case we attempt playing them:

a2o-rarm-carry: May be an unused equivalent of the animation which represents a Sim carrying a book with the right hand, as they normally do. There's an animation mentioned in the video above which shows a Sim switching a carriable object from one hand to another.
a2o-bookshelf-clean: There's no necessity of an extra care for the bookshelves in the final game, since the only effect of their aging is its value decrease!

a2o-sink-cheap/bathx-clean: Again, there's no necessity of cleaning the sinks in the final game, since the only effect of their high age is the value decrease and, occasionally, its malfunction!

a2o-shakehead: We can find a playable similar that's made for the potted plants, this one being an expression of disapproval, looking down. Those build mode plants are generally quite low so in this animation they'd probably duck or anything like this.

The videos and images were captured from a Sims 1 game with only LL/Livin' it Up and HP installed, which has helped to avoid any kinds of mistakes (which are probably coming along the way, naturally) and to make sure all of the animations listed above belong to the vanilla game, which is (currently) our main focus!


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#36 Old 17th Feb 2019 at 4:38 PM
I've noticed some things about animations.

Side note: For anyone not aware there is a naming convention with animations. a for adult, c for child, o for Object (Unleashed introduced some for pets but we're not too worried about them with prerelease stuff). Animations are named as a2a, a2c a2o (and so on). Objects never seem to be listed first in sims one, with the idea that the actor is listed first and the passive is listed second. You can call any string from any STR resource as an animation Of course the game really does not care what the animation is named so long as it's in the game data (and even then, it has an error handler) but this is helpful for us trying to figure out what something might have been used for.

That said objects have many animations that they don't use in their strings. However, some animations are available in the base game data but do get used later, I believe. Some of the House Party dances, for instance. I also wonder if any made it into SimsOnline-- I believe the animations are compatible for the most part with the exception that The Sims references height from the pelvis and SimsOnline uses the head joint (or do I have that backwards?).

At any rate animations are usually named fairly clearly. I think some animations may have been renamed to reflect how or where they were meant to be used.

Globals.far has an entry for an a2o-rarm-carry-loop and c2o-rarm-carry-loop in global animations with the other walking and running animations. These also appear in the newspaper. It seems likely that sims would carry the newspaper under their arm, how you often (used to) see people carry them. However, the final game does not seem to handle holding things with a particular animation-- or at least not one stored in the strings-- and walk loop, instead it uses a primitive built into the game to handle carrying things. The food does not have this string, however my food.iff appears to have been updated for Unleashed since I have the ultimate collection on this machine. A2O-rarm-carry is also the only A2O string in the flowers gift, but STR 304 refers to the newspaper prop so it is possibly a leftover.

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#37 Old 20th Feb 2019 at 7:05 PM
Hi! After some admittedly busy weeks, I'm back again! Love that the stream of cut content seems to go on indefinitely. There are definitely some features I would have loved in the final game we got; namely, that animation of entering a vehicle (it seems even that we were going to have drivable cars?) that cool football (though I'm not a fan of football at all), and the 'style' markers. Objects in the base game seem to be all related to a certain, concrete style (proto-collections, like in TS2); for example, the bed 'Econodreamer' (I happen to have right here an Spanish strategy guide with the list of all objects, so pardon me if I'm naming it incorrectly), seems to be in the same collection of the Sioux and Nalghaus chairs, the 'trailer' or 'cheap' collection. Maybe the player was to be encouraged to complete collections, predating Animal Crossing object collections by several years! I also find interesting how some scraped objects don't look as refined as the final product; maybe they came from earlier stages in the developement. Specifically, that gray plasma TV screen is an object that wouldn't have gelled at all with the rest of appliances of the game.

@LUCPIX, I would love to know a method to enter and use Lot 11, even if it's just fot fun! I believe I saw the process somewhere, but it's better to have it here with all the information.
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#38 Old 21st Feb 2019 at 2:50 PM
On cars--

For a time/budget management sim cars make sense since they would allow you to get to work faster and could possibly unlock the ability to work overtime. Also, if sims had to go out grocery shopping or run errands, the car could potentially allow them to do it faster. With the base game... well there's not really anywhere else to go, so why bother with them?

I think it's more likely the car doors would open and sims would sit down into them, the door would close and they would then become invisible and drive off. It's possible this was cut for various reasons. The time to play the animations, sims not animating well with the car object.-- typically if a sim needs to interact with an object the sprite becomes invisible and a 3D prop is loaded into the animation. Can you imagine making car door props for each and every sim? I suspect that was just an unnecessary feature and scrapped due to budget or time.

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#39 Old 28th Feb 2019 at 11:29 AM Last edited by ed95 : 28th Feb 2019 at 11:44 AM.
Oooh, I see. Yeah, cars would have been, firstly, as you say, too much programming, secondly, too useless. Though I remember seeing somewhere Community Lots were to be featured in the base game? It doesn't seem very likely, going by what we know about the proptotype game, but who knows. Seems like there were loads of things that didn't make it to the game , or even the expansions.

About the calendar, as you said earlier, it would have been definitely interesting having a set calendar in the game. Though, opposite from the Simcity series, days tend to be quite long, so maybe the calendar was erased in order to make the game feel less 'slow'. Also, maybe this is an overthinking in, but they could have removed this system so players would have the liberty to adjust time to wathever lenghts they want (so, for example, one gamer could consider two weeks to equal one year, or wait till the 365 days of the year have passed... something like that).

I didn't say anything about those animations (that's a pretty nice interface you've got there, too, @LUCPIX)! Interesting how removing a great part of them give the game the 'quirks' it's known for (for example, the fact that doors openen instantly instead of having an 'opening' animation); that ballet dancing animation, though, can be found in some occasions; I installed some object that, in fact, makes it play everytime a sim starts dancing. Yeah, I have to make some cleaning on my downloads folder.
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