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Default WCIF CAS filter for premade sims & pets, please? [Resolved, I suppose]
Hi, all!

I've been having this issue ever since I recently installed the Pets EP. Every time I go into CAS to select a sim from the premade bin, it loads the thumbnails for every single sim, of every age, and every single premade pet, too, all together in the bin.

Before, the bin would give me just the adult sims, or just kids, or just teens, etc. But now that I have Pets, I've been getting sims and animals at once, and I have to wait for all of them to load before I can even click the Human/Sim button, to filter the animals out of the bin view.

So I guess my question is if there is a mod that can auto-filter the premades, so that the animals don't instantly show up in the same bin with the humans?
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Hello ^^
The only thing that i know of is that you can click on the little asterisk instantly in the corner of CAS just to load premade sims and not load the entire thing! ^^
The same asterisk symbol that it is for viewing CC only.
Hope it helps,have a nice day!
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No, that's how the engine is designed. You notice the same thing in CAS whenever you click on anything, patterns, etc... It is really annoying.

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There. Mystery solved.
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Urgh, EA,why are you this way? (I was hoping it was a bug on my end. )

Alright, thanks, guys!
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