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Latest News Nysha's New Creators for June 1st Jul 2020 at 8:00 AM EDT

Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

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Older News Notice of upcoming downtime for MTS 5th Jun 2020
Nysha's New Creators for May 1st Jun 2020
Nysha's New Creators for April 1st May 2020
2020 recruitment drive 17th Apr 2020
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Milkshape 3D-screen view "jumps" elsewhere after alt-choosing vertex. 30th Jun 2020 6:22 PM EDT
Skybox recoloring 30th Jun 2020 5:20 PM EDT
Can I clone an outfit with SimPE (for a pet) 30th Jun 2020 2:50 PM EDT
Not clickable piglet 29th Jun 2020 2:20 PM EDT
Creativity Forums:
The Test of Time Challenge Today 11:01 AM EDT
Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!) 5th Jul 2020 2:37 PM EDT
Poverty Challenge 19th Jun 2020 10:33 PM EDT
Teeny Bopper Challenge 15th Jun 2020 10:28 AM EDT
The Prosperity Challenge 26th May 2020 5:23 AM EDT
Asylum Challenge 21st May 2020 4:06 AM EDT
The "Earn Your Home" Challenge 2nd May 2020 5:05 PM EDT
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 24th Apr 2020 11:56 AM EDT
Disney Legacy Challenge 24th Apr 2020 1:07 AM EDT
The Build A City Challenge 20th Apr 2020 3:39 AM EDT
The "Nothing Is Free" Challenge Yesterday 4:50 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) 5th Jul 2020 8:51 AM EDT
Midnight Sun Challenge 2nd Jul 2020 4:03 PM EDT
•The "Do it as you Go" Challenge• [No Farther Updates] 28th Jun 2020 5:20 PM EDT
The Outbreak I: The start ( Apocalypse challenge) 17th Jun 2020 11:09 AM EDT
Storylines to follow in-game 13th Jun 2020 6:26 AM EDT
Decide my Sim's future 13th Jun 2020 6:18 AM EDT
The Nightfall Challenge (Days 1-60, Updates will happen) 9th Jun 2020 1:04 AM EDT
Adam and Eve Challenge 1st Jun 2020 3:36 PM EDT
Longest Save Ever Challenge - Can You Prevent Yourself From Getting Board 1st Jun 2020 1:06 AM EDT
Robbin' Hood (Eco Lifestyle Required) Today 2:41 AM EDT
The Purge Yesterday 12:57 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs 5th Jul 2020 1:41 PM EDT
Sims 4 Homeless Challenge 3rd Jul 2020 9:42 PM EDT
The Sims 4 Random Legacy Challenge 27th Jun 2020 12:59 PM EDT
The Harem Challenge (or, Teenage Maid?!) 23rd Jun 2020 6:21 PM EDT
Country Livin' Challenge (Sims 4 Style) [UPDATED FOR SEASONS] 22nd Jun 2020 10:02 PM EDT
From Dumpster to Deluxe 22nd Jun 2020 9:36 PM EDT
Oregon Trail Challenge! 20th Jun 2020 8:48 AM EDT
100 Day CAS Challenge Sims 4 17th Jun 2020 1:51 PM EDT
Creator Feedback Forums:
In Testing: Better targetting for Uni NPCs Yesterday 6:31 AM EDT
Rose (Female, Adult, Chinese) 4th Jul 2020 11:48 PM EDT
Testers needed for a resurrection tutorial - tombstone behavior - AGS/Base game only 7th Jun 2020 2:28 AM EDT
Help With Cleaning A Lot For Upload 5th Jun 2020 1:38 AM EDT
My first Upload 29th May 2020 5:11 PM EDT
Modern Canal world Yesterday 9:09 AM EDT
Untitled Urban Filipino World 5th Jul 2020 6:43 AM EDT
MoreBits Testing Thread 4th Jul 2020 6:34 PM EDT
Akhenaten and Nefertiti The Heretic King and His Beautiful Queen 22nd Jun 2020 9:46 AM EDT
[Script Mod] Mechanical Stitching Machine by Antique Artifacts - ALPHA 21st Jun 2020 5:36 AM EDT
TS4 VFX Tool 2.0.6 Beta Today 2:31 AM EDT
My MTS Debut! Feedback on my First Creation? Yesterday 8:56 PM EDT
Would Anyone Be Interested in These Two Mods? (Seasons/Aesthetics related) Yesterday 7:13 AM EDT
No sleeping in the swimmingpool 26th Jun 2020 7:00 AM EDT
Haunted Mansion Monument 20th Jun 2020 9:56 PM EDT