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Latest News Nysha's New Creators for February 1st Mar 2021 at 10:00 AM EST

Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

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Nysha's New Creators for January 1st Feb 2021
Guidelines++ Is Now Live 25th Jan 2021
Nysha's New Creators for December 1st Jan 2021
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Bon Voyage Accessory Problem Yesterday 8:21 PM EST
Conflict with inner foundation 7th Mar 2021 3:18 PM EST
Repository technique on a sesonal plant 7th Mar 2021 1:17 PM EST
Bodyshop UI Modding - Window Size, Clean UI and More 7th Mar 2021 11:35 AM EST
Dresser Drawer Problem 7th Mar 2021 6:09 AM EST
Unwanted 4 grey recolours for elders 3rd Mar 2021 11:02 AM EST
Altering skin and hair genetics 2nd Mar 2021 5:22 PM EST
backwards mirror reflection 2nd Mar 2021 1:29 PM EST
Mirror reflection filled with text 1st Mar 2021 8:50 AM EST
Hair Texture Not Smooth 28th Feb 2021 12:30 PM EST
Creativity Forums:
Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!) 6th Mar 2021 1:18 PM EST
The Medieval Charter Challenge *New!* Luxury Version 3.0* 2nd Mar 2021 12:44 PM EST
Lord of Bluewater Village Challenge 25th Feb 2021 8:08 AM EST
The Messie Messlot Challenge 24th Feb 2021 11:40 AM EST
By George! New Regency Playstyle Guide/Challenge 17th Feb 2021 4:52 PM EST
The “Sit Back & Watch Challenge.” 13th Feb 2021 5:09 PM EST
The Build A City Challenge 10th Feb 2021 4:58 PM EST
War: What is It Good For? 21st Jan 2021 10:32 PM EST
Round-robin 'good genes' challenge, anyone? 20th Jan 2021 12:35 AM EST
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 2nd Jan 2021 1:16 AM EST
The Random Legacy Challenge (2nd Thread) 6th Mar 2021 11:07 AM EST
Berry Sweet Sapphics (A wlw Legacy!) 1st Mar 2021 4:02 PM EST
Arte Challenge (Sims 3) by castiele_rose 24th Feb 2021 5:06 PM EST
The Warrior Cats Legacy Challenge ~ Highly Updated! 21st Feb 2021 10:07 PM EST
The promised Neverland challenge 21st Feb 2021 3:50 PM EST
Makin' a Magic Town Challenge. 4th Feb 2021 6:12 PM EST
Supernatural’s Mother Challenge 3rd Feb 2021 7:06 PM EST
The ISBI challenge - I'm Surrounded By Idiots! 29th Jan 2021 4:14 AM EST
•The "Do it as you Go" Challenge• [No Farther Updates] 29th Jan 2021 4:12 AM EST
High School Exchange Students Legacy! 28th Jan 2021 1:25 AM EST
(UPDATE!)*NEW CHALLENGE* The Sims 4 Simerican Settlers Challenge 7th Mar 2021 7:30 PM EST
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs 6th Mar 2021 11:53 AM EST
Horror Movie Challenge 4th Mar 2021 8:19 AM EST
The Dungeons and Dragons Challenge 3rd Mar 2021 1:49 PM EST
Rainbow Legacy Challenge 27th Feb 2021 10:38 PM EST
Around the World Rebuild Challenge 27th Feb 2021 6:44 AM EST
❉ Winterfest Spirit Legacy Challenge ❉ 24th Feb 2021 7:32 PM EST
Nothing is Free in the Sims 4 24th Feb 2021 2:30 PM EST
Break The Curse Challenge 8th Feb 2021 10:13 AM EST
Zodiac Legacy Challenge - Updated for Seasons/Get Famous 5th Feb 2021 7:15 PM EST