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Latest News Nysha's New Creators for August 1st Sep 2021 at 12:00 AM EDT

Congratulations to the following creators, who uploaded thier very first uploads to MTS last month!

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New Cottagecore theme! 23rd Jun 2021
Nysha's New Creators for May 1st Jun 2021
Create Forums:
I make now slider but. 16th Sep 2021 8:58 PM EDT
*Help* Hair Default Replacement Basic Tutorial....VERY Basic 15th Sep 2021 9:59 PM EDT
Default replacing yfbodydressabovekneehooded clones 14th Sep 2021 7:05 PM EDT
[solved] Mesh behaving strangely in Body Shop 13th Sep 2021 11:24 AM EDT
Creating CallTree-Based Plug-Ins For Objects 12th Sep 2021 1:35 AM EDT
Token tutorial? 11th Sep 2021 2:12 PM EDT
Altering preset motive values 11th Sep 2021 9:46 AM EDT
Help disabling some specific wants? 11th Sep 2021 3:06 AM EDT
Converting VR chat models to Sims 2 11th Sep 2021 2:30 AM EDT
How do you deal with divisions (and precision)? 10th Sep 2021 4:03 PM EDT
Problems with a bed converted from The Sims 2 Yesterday 6:59 PM EDT
Itens being spawned during animations 16th Sep 2021 7:35 PM EDT
How to hide body morph whilst editing a mesh? 16th Sep 2021 5:13 PM EDT
[Tutorial] Catalog Reorganization & Hiders 16th Sep 2021 9:18 AM EDT
King's Landing in The Sims 3 - Game of Thrones 15th Sep 2021 10:27 PM EDT
Boats on Lots 13th Sep 2021 10:04 AM EDT
A stripped down mscorlib library 11th Sep 2021 5:39 AM EDT
I made a tutorial video on creating a custom interaction. 9th Sep 2021 9:57 AM EDT
Mod to make Bonehilda care for kids? 9th Sep 2021 2:29 AM EDT
Speed up the animation of fairy wings? 8th Sep 2021 5:48 PM EDT
s4pe 0.6.0 beta released 4/24/2021 14th Sep 2021 10:10 AM EDT
Make spell last longer 14th Sep 2021 7:16 AM EDT
Mod service workers skills/traits 13th Sep 2021 9:57 AM EDT
Need some help getting items to Randomize, 13th Sep 2021 8:35 AM EDT
How to? 11th Sep 2021 2:44 PM EDT
Tutorial for Neia's Online Create-a-Career Tool 10th Sep 2021 12:38 PM EDT
Mod to make multiple recipes/items at once 9th Sep 2021 1:06 AM EDT
Cloning a separate object NOT as an override 7th Sep 2021 9:02 PM EDT
Solved! Help Converting face paint eyes to non default 6th Sep 2021 11:22 AM EDT
Is it possible to hire more retail employee (TS4) for a shop ? 6th Sep 2021 10:16 AM EDT
Creativity Forums:
War: What is It Good For? 9th Sep 2021 5:52 AM EDT
The Test of Time Challenge 29th Aug 2021 4:23 PM EDT
House With Secrets Challenge 23rd Aug 2021 4:43 PM EDT
The Build A City Challenge 23rd Aug 2021 4:42 PM EDT
The Medieval Charter Challenge *New!* Luxury Version 3.0* 22nd Aug 2021 8:55 PM EDT
Midnight Sun Challenge (TS3 to TS2 Rule Adaptions) 10th Aug 2021 9:25 PM EDT
Apocalypse Challenge - Realistic/Tiered Variant (Ruleset Mods Available!) 8th Aug 2021 10:02 PM EDT
Pleasantview Epic Challenge 26th Jun 2021 7:02 PM EDT
Warwickshire: A Renaissance Challenge, Happy Holidays Gift! 13th Jun 2021 7:09 PM EDT
The Lothario Challenge, or the 20 Woohoo Challenge 16th May 2021 11:25 PM EDT
Rags to Riches: Zombie Apocalypse Legacy Challenge 15th Sep 2021 5:20 PM EDT
Oregon Trail Challenge! 14th Sep 2021 6:05 PM EDT
The Random Legacy Challenge for all packs 11th Sep 2021 9:39 AM EDT
The Wiccan Legacy Challenge 3rd Sep 2021 3:40 PM EDT
The One Percent Challenge 29th Aug 2021 5:22 AM EDT
Sims 4 Magnus Archives challenge 24th Aug 2021 9:59 PM EDT
The Tarot Challenge 23rd Aug 2021 5:03 PM EDT
The Sims 4! From Rags to Riches Mega Challenge! 17th Aug 2021 10:32 PM EDT
Return of the Occult Challenge 17th Aug 2021 7:39 PM EDT
From Rags to Riches Homeless Challenge 11th Aug 2021 12:34 PM EDT
Creator Feedback Forums:
Trio Lake - Industrial victorian city [WIP project] 15th Sep 2021 11:08 PM EDT
EXPERIMENTAL music and art skills 15th Sep 2021 8:52 PM EDT
Aberon Garden [A magical modern medieval nocc neighborhood] 15th Sep 2021 9:32 AM EDT
Starship UI (Sims 2 Dark Mode) - PUBLIC BETA by simstate // redandvidya 6th Sep 2021 5:09 AM EDT
Nookington's 4th Sep 2021 9:36 PM EDT
Eastlands- A Middle-eastern world by Jje1000 & Nilxis Yesterday 12:32 PM EDT
Barnacle Bay Remastered 16th Sep 2021 8:42 PM EDT
[Alpha] Regul - modular package editor 28th Aug 2021 2:46 PM EDT
[27/08/2021 - Testers wanted!] New version of my Off-Grid Plumbing mod 27th Aug 2021 1:08 PM EDT
TS3 Sound Tool 1.0.3 BETA 26th Aug 2021 12:08 PM EDT