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Before posting in Sims 3 Help...
This is the Sims 3 Help Q&A Forums:

This forum is for:
  • Problems with your game or the Launcher: bugs, crashing, glitches, errors, etc.
  • Custom-content related issues: downloading, installing, and using custom content, or bad custom content causing game problems.
  • Install or uninstall-related problems

This forum is NOT for:
  • "Where can I find this custom content?" type questions. Please use the Content Lists or the Where Can I Find Forum.
  • General issues with your computer, not necessarily related to The Sims 3. Please see our Computer & Software Technical Support Forum.
  • Questions or problems related to creating and modding the game. Please see our Create section for tutorials and forums where you can ask questions.
  • Support for specific custom items. We do not provide support for Awesomemod, Twallan's NRaas mods, or any other specific mods or CC. Please ask for help where you got the item(s) from.
  • Gameplay type questions. If nothing is actually wrong in your game, and you're just wanting to know how to do something in the game, please use Sims 3 Discussion.

Custom Content Issues:

Before posting regarding custom content problems, please make sure you have read, re-read, and re-re-read (and followed the steps!) all relevant FAQs below!

If your .package format custom content is not showing up and you have followed the above FAQs: Please see CC Not showing? Read this!!! You MUST provide the requested information there when posting a Help thread about your custom content!

Any OTHER Game Problem:

If you are having ANY problem, issue, error, crash, or glitch with your game, no matter what it is, no matter what you suspect the cause might be, please make sure you have gone through and done the steps in this FAQ - each and every step in order, not skipping anything:

If you have followed all the steps in that FAQ and you are still having issues, then you may post a new thread in the Help section. Make sure to include the following information:
  • A list of everything you have done to try to fix the issue, in your own words. Please don't say "I've done everything in the FAQ" because that doesn't really tell us anything. Many times, people skip or misunderstand something, so having you tell us the details of what you did can help us identify where you might've gone wrong!
  • The short summary version of your System Specs, so we can see if there is a problem with your computer.


We are happy to help people with issues with their games, but it's a waste of our time and yours to post about issues that are fixable if you follow the FAQs. If you do not include the requested information, then your thread may be locked with links back to the relevant FAQs.

If you are stuck on providing the requested information or you don't understand how to follow the directions in one of the FAQs, that's okay - you can still post, but please let us know what specific part you're stuck on - this means copy-pasting the relevant part that's confusing you - not just "I don't get it."

Please also remember that this site is not affiliated with or run by Electronic Arts (EA Games) in any way. All of our staff are unpaid volunteers doing this in our free time. We can't guarantee we can fix your game, but we'd sure like to try!

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