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Rules for Off Topic v2
What is the Off Topic forum for?

General discussion of a light hearted nature, specifically not related to the Sims games. Be nice to your fellow forum goers (all 41 of you)

What is the Off Topic forum NOT for?

Anything sim related - please use Help/Sims Discussion.

Music or TV threads - use the Media Center forum.

Threads NOT allowed in here:

- Political threads (including but not limited to elections, political parties, immigration, etc)
- Religious threads
- Conspiracy theories

These generate way too many people bitching at each other. There are far better places (like reddit) to talk about these things.

Posting any of these threads can and will result in it being removed, and the poster warned. A second offense means your removal from this sub-forum.

Please don't just post threads that are intended to generate buttloads of posts and are just a load of spam that do not create any further discussion - for example, "what song are you listening to?" or "what's your favourite colour" type threads generally only encourage people to post and not read or reply to the previous posts. Threads like "how clean is your house?" or "what's your favourite easy recipe?" are fine though, as they do encourage further conversation, advice, etc.

Please note that staff will lock or delete any posts deemed too stupid/spammy/whatever.

Don't forget Discord

If you just want to share some pet pictures, or have a quick chat about something on your mind, it's much easier and often better/faster to use the Discord channel on the MTS server. Check the Community -> Discord link in the navbar.

Remember to follow all site rules!

Type like you're not an idiot, no spam, we aren't Google, etc. - all site rules still apply. Posts which are sim-related, "halp my game is broken" or otherwise will be nuked on sight. Play nice.

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