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Requests & Where are the forums? - A small guide
Am I posting in the right forum?
Sometimes, especially if you're new, the site can be considered a maze and trying to find the right forum to post things in can be difficult, but! We've got you!

  • The sims 3 - General - If you're wondering about something, wanting to discuss the game or just wanting to talk about gameplay... maybe even Bella Goth! We've got this very mysterious but popular forum for you!
  • The sims 3 - Create forum - If you're posting questions on why your mesh exploded or why something isn't working and you're desperately looking for a way to fix it, we've got this not-so exploded forum for you!
  • If you're posting any questions regarding Where you can find CC, we've got this amazing forum called The sims 3 - Where Can I Find...?
  • The sims 3 - Help - If you're posting any questions regarding what to if you have Glitches, your game crashes, or anything that interferes with your gameplay, you can check out this amazing forum!
  • The sims 3 - Challenges (Note: Every challenge are looked over and moderated) - If you're posting this awesome Challenge that you've made and want to share it with the community, you can check out this amazing forum! (Note: Every challenge are looked over and moderated)
  • The sims 3 - Contests - If you're in the mood of running your own Contest(Yep this is not just a staff thing ), you can check out this wonderful forum!
  • If you've written this incredible Story about your sims and wanting to share it, you can check out this very useful forum: The Sims 3 - Stories
  • The sims 3 - Pictures - If you're feeling like sharing some hilarious Pictures of your sims or just sharing those adored moments, you can check out this picture-y forum!
  • The sims 3 - Movies - If you've made a youtube gameplay Video or maybe a machinima or even a tutorial, you can check out this picture-y forum!
  • All off-topic forums- If you're feeling to talking about something off-topic, computer issues, debating politics, sharing music or videos, introducing yourself, or wondering about the MTS toilet, there's a bunch of forums over here!
  • Upload Wizard - If you're looking for a way to upload your downloads, the wizard shall let you pass right here!
  • Creator Guidelines - If you're uploading things, also check out the guidelines right here!

What happens if I post it in the wrong forum?
Sometimes accidentally posting something in the wrong place just happens. Maybe you had a topic where it fits in more than one place and confused you on to where to post it. However, if that happens, out of love of course, we do move these threads to the right place. So if you're posting a Help related question in General just to get more views, unfortunately we'll have to move that one too for you

If it is an occurring thing however, and it's definitely clear that you know where your posts go but just keep posting it in a specific thread where it shouldn't go, we can give you a warning for forum abuse. Not only is it that the forums are being kept clean but also because this could annoy fellow members who also post and use the same forum!

What about requesting?
Requesting itself means whether you're about to post if someone could:
  • Make something for you
  • Update a specific mod
  • Fix a problem with a specific mod
  • Anything that sounds demanding-y

This, however in itself is not allowed unfortunately. And probably will never. Mainly because it has gone wrong plenty of times before and decided that requesting won't be a thing anymore. Therefore, any post that is being posted in any of the forums mentioned above WILL be deleted.

If requesting is an occurring thing, the same as with ignoring people's guidance in posting things in the forums, you will get a warning for doing so... Please don't try us :P

But... I really want that thing!

While posting requests here on MTS is against the rules, there are a few sources that you can go to:
  • Creators who take requests - Keep in mind that creators in this list have feelings (Yes they do!) so be extra nice! Also, Some of them might actually have forgotten to remove themselves from the list so always check their active days as well. This is NOT a requesting page however!
  • Some creators that do take requests - If a creator stated in their policy, their journal or 'about me' section that they do take requests (And really, only if they did. If not, do not message them to ask if they do). Then feel free to ask them. Also check their active dates as well.
  • The internet - Sometimes CC that you really want can be easily found by an easy google search. Else you can always use our Where Can I Find forum but as long as you don't request anything. There are also various sims sites that do have request forums so that might be worth a shot too!

NOTE: Do keep in mind that if you post anything 'request-y' related, your post WILL be deleted.

Use Descriptive Thread Titles!
Use a thread title that describes in a few words what you are discussing, so people know what the thread is about. However, don't make titles like "My sim just got himself a boat and got eaten by a Kraken, pics in the post!" and then having little to zero description. In this case you'd want to have "Sim eaten by kraken?!" or something in that content with a nice story in your description so it's much easier to discuss whatever happened in your game

No hate threads on specific games
That being for example: 'the sims 4 sucks! Who's with me?!'. in the sims 4 general forum. Or anything about any of the games. People usually talk about their favourite moments in their preferred games or discuss the gameplay, so making a thread like this is not only unnecessary, but just rude.

No file sharing/promoting your CC
There shouldn't really be a reason for you to upload files in the general forums (Exception for pictures of course). If you happen to be in a situation where you do share files, make sure it's not a reupload of anything, Store items, Someone else's or your Mods folder, or anything against our Site rules

You might have made some awesome CC for everyone to check out, though the best place for this would be to upload this through our Upload Wizard We're a download hosting site after all, no need to use the forums! If you made CC that you uploaded on Tumblr, Patreon, wordpress or any kind of link where you host your downloads, please do NOT use this forum for promoting. These sorts of posts will be deleted as they are considered as spam.

If you're just looking for a way to get feedback, and not necessarily putting it up for download that way, please check out the Creator Feedback Forum
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Before posting in Sims 3 Help...
This is the Sims 3 Help Q&A Forums:

This forum is for:
  • Problems with your game or the Launcher: bugs, crashing, glitches, errors, etc.
  • Custom-content related issues: downloading, installing, and using custom content, or bad custom content causing game problems.
  • Install or uninstall-related problems

This forum is NOT for:
  • "Where can I find this custom content?" type questions. Please use the Content Lists or the Where Can I Find Forum.
  • General issues with your computer, not necessarily related to The Sims 3. Please see our Computer & Software Technical Support Forum.
  • Questions or problems related to creating and modding the game. Please see our Create section for tutorials and forums where you can ask questions.
  • Support for specific custom items. We do not provide support for Awesomemod, Twallan's NRaas mods, or any other specific mods or CC. Please ask for help where you got the item(s) from.
  • Gameplay type questions. If nothing is actually wrong in your game, and you're just wanting to know how to do something in the game, please use Sims 3 Discussion.

Custom Content Issues:

Before posting regarding custom content problems, please make sure you have read, re-read, and re-re-read (and followed the steps!) all relevant FAQs below!

If your .package format custom content is not showing up and you have followed the above FAQs: Please see CC Not showing? Read this!!! You MUST provide the requested information there when posting a Help thread about your custom content!

Any OTHER Game Problem:

If you are having ANY problem, issue, error, crash, or glitch with your game, no matter what it is, no matter what you suspect the cause might be, please make sure you have gone through and done the steps in this FAQ - each and every step in order, not skipping anything:

If you have followed all the steps in that FAQ and you are still having issues, then you may post a new thread in the Help section. Make sure to include the following information:
  • A list of everything you have done to try to fix the issue, in your own words. Please don't say "I've done everything in the FAQ" because that doesn't really tell us anything. Many times, people skip or misunderstand something, so having you tell us the details of what you did can help us identify where you might've gone wrong!
  • The short summary version of your System Specs, so we can see if there is a problem with your computer.


We are happy to help people with issues with their games, but it's a waste of our time and yours to post about issues that are fixable if you follow the FAQs. If you do not include the requested information, then your thread may be locked with links back to the relevant FAQs.

If you are stuck on providing the requested information or you don't understand how to follow the directions in one of the FAQs, that's okay - you can still post, but please let us know what specific part you're stuck on - this means copy-pasting the relevant part that's confusing you - not just "I don't get it."

Please also remember that this site is not affiliated with or run by Electronic Arts (EA Games) in any way. All of our staff are unpaid volunteers doing this in our free time. We can't guarantee we can fix your game, but we'd sure like to try!

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