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Welcome to the Create-a-World forum! Please read this before posting.
Welcome to the Create-a-world forum!

This forum is for discussion and research of the Create-a-World tool, and everything connected to world building.

If you are having problems with CAW, please try the suggestions in this thread first:
Create A World - CAW not running? CAW running slowly?
That thread is updated often, so please refer to it even if you have read it before.
There is a handy list of useful resources here too:
Useful Resources for CAW
Also, try searching the forum, as you may be able to find a solution for your question or problem that way.
If you cannot find a solution then please post in this forum, and we will try to assist you!

If you are after general information about creating with CAW, here are some useful links:
Sims Wiki CAW tutorials
CAW FAQs at The Sims
Pasimfic Wiki, a CAW database

You may also like to check out the CAW tutorials and resources in this forum:
CAW Tutorials
CAW Resources
If you have a tutorial idea or a resource you would like to share, please feel free to post it!

If you wish to show off your world, you can post pictures in a suitable thread on our social forums:
Sims 3 Pictures

If you wish to upload a world to MTS, and would like help and constructive criticism, please post in the Creator Feedback forum:
Creator Feedback

If you are searching for a specific world, this may help:
World Index @ Sims 3 Forums
World Index @ Custom Sims 3 Forums

Happy world building!

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