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Gallium Studios and Will Wright's survey for their new project
Heya simmers!

Today we got some exciting news from Gallium Studios (which is also known as Will Wright's new studio!). They felt that we were a great group to reach out to for their new project! Here's Will's message:

Hey Mod The Sims,

I'm working on a new project and looking for a small handful of creative content producers to engage with us on an invitation-only beta group for a rather innovative new project. We've chosen your community as one of the first ones to reach out to for this project.

The respondents to this message will be invited to take a very short online survey where we will then choose to bring in users as we build our new project.

- Will Wright

Have you ever wished you could be immortal?

I'm working on a strange new project where your memories become the gaming landscape...

We're looking for enthusiastic content creators to help us bring this concept to life. We're taking applications for a private pre-launch community where members will get the opportunity to go behind the scenes, collaborate with the dev team, and earn credit for their creations!

To apply, please answer these questions honestly. There are no right or wrong answers.

I look forward to seeing your responses!

Will Wright

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