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  1. Employed Pets
  2. Strange brightness in CAS
  3. "SimPE will shut down due to an unhandled exception"
  4. Game crashes while loading neighbourhood (super collection)
  5. Error in Community Lot - Populator
  6. CC clothes not showing up all of a sudden?
  7. Deleting a lot flattens terrain - how can I revert it?
  8. Some Recolours are not Working.
  9. [SOLVED] this app can't run on your pc
  10. Nursing career
  11. Are file names related
  12. Mod 'no friends needed for promotion' doesn't work?
  13. Object Error
  14. Error Message
  15. Sims 2 game won't load properly
  16. Error: Object referred to must be a person.
  17. PC-Config-log shows wrong video/graphic card, why?
  18. Sims 2 Deluxe Edition Hangs at Load Screen in Windows 10
  19. Shorter University Mod - Not working all of a sudden
  20. Problem with textures in neighborhood and in family mode
  21. Is Drinking The Porta Chug Safe For A Grown Sim With No Turn Ons?
  22. [SOLVED] Fridges from Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
  23. I have all expansions and stuff packs..Game freezes when loading
  24. Downtownies keep spawning :(
  25. How to share hair recolors?
  26. The in game Video Capture system
  27. Graphics Problems with NVIDEA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti card in Windows 10 [SOLVED!]
  28. How to find out what an object is slaved to?
  29. Teen keeps aging up to YA when I leave the lot
  30. Invalid Apartment, but everything is closed off?
  31. Am I imagining it, or did children use to actually fight and shove each other?
  32. Corruption - any hope for recovery?
  33. Bright Custom Hair
  34. LOOKS like... my 2008 computer is too new for the installer...
  35. Sim skin? glitch
  36. Cannot Read Parenting Book
  37. Game Crashing When I Lower or Raise Terrain Using modifyneighborhoodterrain Cheat
  38. Changing genetics of in-game sims
  39. Cannot adopt babies, only older kids in a vanilla game
  40. No Customers for days
  41. WCIF:InTeen compatible for The Sims Castaway Stories?
  42. Only Family Bin kids except for Tina Traveller all have ltws
  43. Unknown with no character file
  44. birth causes crash
  45. Custom Apartment lots.
  46. Graphics Card
  47. Uberhood Not Working On Super Collection!
  48. Want to purchase vacant land adjacent to my Sims property
  49. Foundation, apartments and backyards - Can't make the invisible fence work
  50. Sims 2 on new laptop - constantly flashing
  51. Installing SimPE in 2020
  52. Snow Flickering and Bright Lighting
  53. Sims extracted from game with SimPE look different in Bodyshop
  54. My Sim is invited to a community lot from the phone, chaos ensues.
  55. SimPE tutorial on recatergorizing food?
  56. SOLVED: Criquette's Lighting Remedy makes my NH terrain flash red
  57. Unplayed Veronaville lots have a newspaper?!
  58. UI is too small in 4K resolution. Do we have a solution?
  59. EA Download Manager
  60. Default replacements still show game thumbnails
  61. Lots look glitched in the Neighborhood view after I play & save the game
  62. Moving downloads to D: drive on Windows 10?
  63. Pet aged up and is pitch black?
  64. Pink glitch in the icon pictures
  65. Best Method to Set Social Classes for Apartment Lots?
  66. Cleaning lots without packaging?
  67. Clean new hood
  68. CAS Sliders are Broken (No CC)
  69. Does this mean my video card is goin out?
  70. Unable to change screen resolution
  71. Customizing InTeen to match Lifespan Mod
  72. 4gb Patch Question
  73. Graphics question -- will my Intel(R) HD Graphics 4400 be able to run Sims 2 UC?
  74. Sims 2 Game Is Flashing Pink and Crashing | 4gb fix not working
  75. CC randomly deleting from game
  76. The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Can't Find DirectX 9.0c
  77. "Deleting 2 Items From Roaming"? What does this mean?
  78. Numenor's fence-arches not showing
  79. Help! The snow is flashing blue AND terrain modifying issues
  80. 4gb patch not working after new Windows 10 Update
  81. NPC chef on OWNED business lot
  82. *SOLVED* Game crashes when entering CC/No CC lot & Pink Flashing Glitch
  83. Dress for work in combination with wardrobe clothing
  84. BB Niche objects darker than walls, is there a fix?
  85. *SOLVED* Neighbourhood Thumbail Glitch
  86. 3D Septum Piercing recolor kinda transparent
  87. *SOLVED* New computer - cannot play The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection
  88. Duplicate Sims found in SimPE
  89. Please help me with deciding on/buying a new computer
  90. *SOLVED* Do I have the Super Duper Hug Bug now?
  91. Sims 2 Mansion and Garden Stuff and Apartment Life Not Appearing in Registry Editor
  92. DirectX 9 Issue with Chris Hatch's Angels & Nurses
  93. SOLVED Brand new computer, game installs but wont run (DirectX9 error)
  94. Graphics suddenly messed up; flashing purple neighborhood, red walls, few ingame graphics options
  95. Too many sims on community lots
  96. Is deleting an occupied lot the same as deleting a family member in the list?
  97. No options for sim to leave lot
  98. simPE says Waiter NPC has 'No Character File', but Hoodchecker finds nothing
  99. Please Help Me
  100. Shiftable objects turn black when moving down, why?
  101. Sims 2 wont load, get small rectangle with an X in it
  102. Young adult walk fix not working with Ultimate Collection
  103. HoodChecker
  104. Tree Hood Deco Disappears in Lot View
  105. Crashing with certain key combination
  106. I borked a Vacation: Part II (now fixed ... kind of)
  107. Deleted dorm lot, unremovable error in HoodChecker
  108. Blue Screen on Startup
  109. Shaders problem on some CC hairs
  110. Problem with a Multi PT Mod
  111. Fun with Pets Collection won't uninstall
  112. invisible families and weird family portrait
  113. Computer Issues for Sims 2
  114. Glitchy lot previews and family thumbnails after installing CleanUI
  115. Conflicting CC
  116. Identical clone of sim on community lot?
  117. *SOLVED* Help! My game keeps crashing when loading a lot...
  118. Is it possible to dive then swim in ponds and lakes?
  119. Negative money from promotion
  120. Ultimate Collection lagging on win10
  121. Fire - Object Error
  122. Moved out with lost pets
  123. Sims 2 on Windows 10 blue around neighbourhood and houses
  124. Can't get familyfunds to work?
  125. Create a sim crashing on Windows 10
  126. Bodyshop crashing
  127. Advice with Clean Installer
  128. Removing tags with SimPE
  129. Does saving while on the phone always cause problems?
  130. I messed up my graphics
  131. Is deleting sims via testing cheats error messages safe?
  132. Message "Sims isn't installed or installed correctly" when trying to start the game
  133. Trying to use Double Deluxe and other expansion packs
  134. "REFERENCE TO TREE TREE PARAMETER WHERE NONE EXISTS" error when trying to use cell phone
  135. In game camera screenshots no longer save anywhere
  136. Can I save created sims in Bodyshop without packing them?
  137. Why is my SimPE Running Slow / Not Doing Anything?
  138. Makeover Station Changed NPC's Face?
  139. Sims unable to leave lot.
  140. Visitor Controller and Colorkey System not working
  141. Lightning mod not working in vacation hoods
  142. Sim Forgetting a Relationship?
  143. Cleared Thumbnail file - how long a load time is normal?
  144. Need some help with ACR
  145. Error With MeetMe2TheRivers Belladonna Cover
  146. Game crashing on a brand new pc
  147. A simple question about Sims2Pack Clean Installer...
  148. Body Shop crashes
  149. Can old hacked objects cause game corruption?
  150. Found Holiday Pack Stuff, but messed up base game hairs
  151. Step by step instructions for a disc install
  152. Changing dormies' appearance
  153. Teen Sims Won't Go to School/Bus Doesn't Show Up
  154. Installing Sims 2 Disc version Problems
  155. About compressorizing bundles
  156. Does anyone have any advice on how to fix this issue with Squinge's "Honeymoon Until Next Morning" mod?
  157. Is your UC really....UC? If you have Origin....
  158. Playable Sim Becoming a Townie
  159. Object Error Stack Trace Will Not Save and Subhood Thumbnails Missing
  160. Deleting Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Registry Entries
  161. Crash While Saving—Sim Stuck Between Ages
  162. Sim Has Become Unselectable`
  163. store stuff
  164. Larson & Gieke Family Missing in Newer Neighbourhoods
  165. Deleted Downtown
  166. Origin Launcher Questions
  167. Help me find
  168. Imposter Xim
  169. Object Error - "Controller - Pregnancy" ???
  170. Graves and vacation lots
  171. Solved! (go to the last post) Making the windowed mode slightly bigger?
  172. Is it possible to extend the video time played on custom Arcade machines?
  173. FIXED! Sims 2 Ultimate Collection Will Not start (windows 10) help? (video of the problem & DxDiag included)
  174. I borked a Vacation
  175. Business Outfits Service Sim vs NPC vs Playable
  176. Registry entries for The Sims
  177. Poses snap out when using talk hack (Solved)
  178. Installing on New Computer and want to put on D drive
  179. UC Not Responding on Neighborhood Loading Screen
  180. BoostSpeed didn´t just delete junk files, it deleted some Sims files and game won´t launch.
  181. Moghughson's Greeting Cards *display* not selectable
  182. Has this happened to your display while playing the Sims? (slightly related)
  183. Painting a Portrait of a sim - how to move the rectangle?
  184. Add snapshots to photo album
  185. How so I stop perma-platinum on sims that haven't done their LTW?
  186. Unable to open Body Shop or the Package Installer for Super Collection
  187. Error on New Year's Bash
  188. Problem with pre-determined things in Pleasantview
  189. Custom witch lots with no head witch [SOLVED[for real this time]]
  190. [RESOLVED] Moved Out Apartment Neighbours and "Unique Separator"
  191. Object Error: Unidentified Transition
  192. Super Duper Hug, No Sim Loaded, and Other Mods
  193. Distance based Audio is a dumpster fire
  194. Fresh Hood
  195. Blank/glitchy dialogue and other issues
  196. Packaged Lots in Wrong Folder
  197. CC Not Showing Up After Moving To New Laptop
  198. I can't enter lots 3 times in a row
  199. Unable to place lot.
  200. Body Shop issue and the Graphic Rules file
  201. Chris Hatch Time Mod & ACR Help
  202. Is there a tutorial on how to translate mods? - Sims 2
  203. SOLVED: How do I get HugeLunatic's Community Phone to show in neighborhood view?
  204. Neighbors In Apartments Glitch
  205. How do you force a YA to age to adult?
  206. Files recently modified in the game folder
  207. Pets - Two items not available on residential lot
  208. ACR causing poor game performance
  209. All paintings and camera portraits are making the same image.
  210. Micromanaging apartment residency using simPE
  211. Missing Graves That Still Appear in Hood View
  212. Bodyshop problem
  213. Does anyone know how to achieve the smoothness of Voeille's Desert Fix but with lush terrain?
  214. New flickering after loading screen
  215. SOLVED: Glitchy issue with the Summerdream lot and land area.
  216. Newest Delphy's Organiser doesn't work for me.
  217. My Belladonna Cove has been reset??? sort of????
  218. Sims 2 Black Patches CAS Makeup. HELP!
  219. How to turn a default replacement into a custom hair? (extract the mesh?)
  220. Invisible Sim throwing errors on "Set Skin" function
  221. Object Error During Baby Bump - Bad Gosub Tree Number
  222. Two "Throw Party" Tree Options
  223. Climate Controller error
  224. The SIMS 2 UC - CRash?
  225. Hermia Capp is crashing my game.
  226. Isn't this super hug bug waiting to happen?
  227. "Surf's Up!" MOD NPC delete himself...help!
  228. Career Defaults Stopped Working
  229. Multi-pollination Technician with no character files
  230. Sims reset when going to work
  231. Problem with the Had a Great Anniversary Party memory
  232. Sims Get Error Trying to Use Walk-in Closet?
  233. Q for Midge re Supernatural garden's Forbidden Fruit
  234. What causes game corruption?
  235. (SOLVED) "Sims" content doesn't show up since I have installed AL & FT with the Clean Installer I think???
  236. Download folder disappeared after first launch
  237. Why won't this config mod work for me?
  238. Inconsistent fade distances
  239. My Sims Cannot Interact with Gilbert Jacquet
  240. Can I donate money in the Sims 2 without using cheats?
  241. MacOSX: Sims 2 (v1.2.3) won't launch - encounter bank error and then crashes. Deleting cache files unhelpful. Terminal reports: "Error: unsupported compressor 8", and "Error: Unknown compression scheme..."
  242. Is it safe to replace default skins?
  243. my sims children cannot go to school ?
  244. Game version shows up in recorded video
  245. Binning occupied lot
  246. Blue screen with hourglass all the time
  247. Missing Texts in Dialog Boxes/Social Interaction
  248. How do I fix this?
  249. Editing compressorized files in SimPE cause corruption...?
  250. Need to tweak an aging mod to work with ep