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  1. Intro skipping, crashing upon loading
  2. *SOLVED*Missing Action string in table & newspaper error
  3. Problem with Clean UI (and Bodyshop?)
  4. Can't call taxi...wrong menu
  5. Why is my game spitting out split character files?
  6. Celebration Stuff won't finish installing because of Pets update. I don't have (or want) Pets
  7. Lots keep disappearing
  8. BO's No Sim Loaded is deleting Biological's clock Inteenimater
  9. Freeze for milliseconds every few minutes.
  10. Reenabling the starry night sky from before Seasons.
  11. Problem with neighborhood pictures folder, and family pictures folder
  12. Game crashes when I try to edit collections
  13. is it possible to play multiple copies of the same hood at once?
  14. Saved sims location?
  15. Gravestones of sims who are still alive appearing in graveyard?
  16. My pleasantview is corrupted and I want to remove it and download a clean reset one but I have subhoods on it i'm attached to
  17. Leftovers disappearing from fridge
  18. lots
  19. no nhood water in lot view
  20. Game crashes when I click tabs in Buy Mode
  21. How to turn off game tips in Sims 2 ? Already searched on Google, found nothing
  22. Delete CC Lots
  23. 3 of My sims keep resetting consistently, one after the other (SOLVED)
  24. Bad Gosub Tree Number fix?
  25. Sims disappearing from only subhoods!
  26. Has anyone had a problem with Community Time and taxis?
  27. Female Sims suddenly have male voices
  28. Jump bug when downloads folder empty
  29. TS2 is locked in 800x600 even though I changed Graphic Rules files
  30. Cant work as DJ, barista, cafeteria
  31. Questions About Changing Sims' Names
  32. Error pops up everytime I try to move a grave from my inventory to another lot
  33. Nanny respamming on every lot after using a mod
  34. Jump bug when visiting the owned community lots
  35. Can you edit a sim's outfit and accessory once they are in the game?
  36. Do the lot roads look normal when zooming out in your game?
  37. My Sims' Net Worth Dropped?
  38. Sims leave phone on the floor after making a call
  39. Sims 2 : Sims in the bin crash the game when moving on lot.
  40. How to expand Body Shop? More columns/rows?
  41. Corrupted Memories
  42. Sims 2 pre-order / bonus items
  43. Confusion at the Pregnancy Modifier Token's weirdness.
  44. Blue outlined Wants
  45. Graphic and Reshade
  46. Can this be done for the radio?
  47. "No actions available" on all display racks (games/magazines, etc)
  48. Is there a default/natural/permanent male fat body type that works?
  49. Sim is complaining about counters
  50. Gothier Green Lawns community lot crashing game after ressurecting Tricous
  51. I don't know how to fix that.
  52. Is there anything I can do to make the neighborhood select screen wider?
  53. Sim unemployed even though she's at work (after entering the household)
  54. Illegal instruction
  55. Having problems coloring female hair in Body Shop
  56. How to add trashcan and mailbox to residential lot?
  57. Community Lot Populator Error
  58. Bug in buy mode with an item becoming invisible
  59. Great Sky of Totalitarianism Not Appearing in Lot View
  60. SimPE Problems
  61. Household pictures changes to large sims, walls etc.
  62. Winrar...reverse
  63. Loading Screen Times are immensely long.
  64. 'Move Grave' Option Missing?
  65. Body Shop Clothes Textures Disappearing After Import (Mac)
  66. TS2upd0.exe unexpectedly crashes when installing Bon Voyage
  67. TS2upd0.exe unexpectedly crashes when installing Bon Voyage
  68. Game Crashes When Moving Gravestones/No Character File
  69. Opening a restaurant in an already established home business / buyable NL restaurant stove
  70. Meetme2theriver's Pleasntview subhood loading without lots
  71. Missing Wants and Fears in the Goth household - Solved
  72. Can't Load Lot Even W/O Downloads Folder In
  73. Changing pet breed
  74. Some items shiny and super bright in CAS
  75. Grim Reaper corruption?
  76. Dummy question - how to uninstall unwanted CC lots?
  77. neighborhood decoration piece flashing
  78. Missing people
  79. Memory allocation issue?
  80. Overpowered wants (w/ pictures)
  81. BV Sauna using car (or helicopter?) get in animation when getting in the sauna
  82. Home business crashes (SOLVED WITH 4GB PATCH)
  83. Pond Water Overhaul/ Clean UI
  84. GPU turning off while playing sims for a few minutes
  85. My Sim swims everywhere!
  86. Lot Package Files
  87. Crashing during Gameplay
  88. Sims 2 UC - Photos not saving, empty photo album
  89. Moving subhood sims with relations to deceased sims, but deceased sims do not exist - corruption risk?
  90. Clean Installer freezing/crashing computer
  91. Sims 2 UC - Neighborhoods not loading? Freezing at "creating magic"? Subhood generation issue?
  92. 2 teen female dresses not showing up properly
  93. [SOLVED] What's wrong with my apartment lot?
  94. Neighborhood dialogs have no text
  95. Installed Lots will not show up in game, teleport folder, and lotscatalog folder
  96. lightning folder (and lightning.package) needed
  97. 4GB Patch/CFF Not working, Game still flashes pink and crashes
  98. is it possible to run two separate copies of the game?
  99. Live Mode Disappears When Visiting Community Lots
  100. Would it be safe to remove an unplayed university subhood?
  101. Small white dots on the back of sims' necks in bodyshop
  102. Distorted/stretched text on a thought bubble
  103. Objects Stuck on Sims
  104. Would it be safe to replace default eye replacements ?
  105. The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection ACCESS_VIOLATION error while loading neighbourhood in vanilla game
  106. How to install a CC that has Data Base File?
  107. How Do I Create New Camera Angles or Change Defaults
  108. Body shop distorting textures.
  109. I think BO's No Sim Loaded is deleting Monique's Hacked Computer's bank accounts.
  110. GUID conflict question
  111. Monica Bratford's Glasses
  112. Sims 2 t pose box
  113. Should I use custom food that does not show up properly in text?
  114. Reinstalled Ultimate Collection, Pleasantview No Longer Has Neighborhood Story
  115. How do you force the game to show community lot items/objects in residential lots?
  116. I Saved The Game Just As Rod Humble Materialized On The Sidewalk. Is My Game Screwed?
  117. Baby set blocks want
  118. Dreaded Squiggly Line Appears on NPC. What should I do?
  119. Can no longer load households - immediate error
  120. Is there a faster way of editing a Sim's Relations in SimPe?
  121. Force Error bug I need help!!!
  122. How to download lots with cc properly?
  123. Can't load any lot in my neighborhood (unending loading screen)
  124. SimPe Interface has turned.. black?
  125. Hood suddenly missing
  126. Deleted Mailbox File
  127. Clean Neighborhood/Extracting lots and decorations
  128. Route fail after teleporting
  129. Sims 2 randomly crashes in buy mode
  130. Stuck Genie Wish Effect After Moveout
  131. What Desktop should I get that can handle the Sims 2 + Expansions.
  132. Sims 2 freezes my laptop
  133. How to add custom TV channels to The Sims 2?
  134. Is it possible to apply multiple accesorries from the same category?
  135. Invisible walls? (UC)
  136. How do I fix translucent hair on the UI?
  137. Goth Tombstones Gone?
  138. Will doing this corrupt my neighborhood?
  139. My SimPE is Won't Open.
  140. Hoodchecker Relation + Memory errors on a Clean Hood as well as >300 character files
  141. I can't save my game...curious baby glitch
  142. Mod Still Works Even Though Its Removed
  143. HoodChecker "User File Warning--Sim has no Character File" - TemplatePerson
  144. Clothing recolors not in catalogue but CAN show up on Sims in CAS
  145. Am I missing something? Starting Sims 2 again
  146. Cannot Find Video Codec
  147. Can someone with SimPE please confirm this?
  148. SimPE - CANNOT use it
  149. Smith Family bug?
  150. Extremely common resets when routing
  151. Uninstalling and installing expansion packs in Super Collection
  152. Missing a few downloads
  153. Some hair & outfits are overly vibrant or white?
  154. Neighbourhood Crashes After Removing Invalid References with HoodChecker
  155. AFs body below the neckline appears pitch black
  156. Neighborhoods missing(Issue Solved)
  157. Lot loading screen loading forever
  158. Uninstal sims 2 package files
  159. Teleporting mods and multiple households with the same name
  160. TestingCheats Suddenly Stopped working
  161. Multiple Lifespans in the Same Game
  162. Finding a "rusty trashcan" default replacement
  163. Resolution/Shaders Issue
  164. How to clean up TSR lots?
  165. Is there a way to place windows & doors "off-grid" + shift them (move up/down)?
  166. New Computer Will Not Install Sims 2
  167. How to get rid of The Super Duper Hug Bug
  168. Custom skin ends at neck for one sim only
  169. Graduate 3 Children from University LTW - broken
  170. Editing my profile
  171. Sims taking snacks out of the fridge instead of taking ingredients to cook a meal
  172. Pets sinking in the floor
  173. For Some Reason, A Short Skirt Won't Download...
  174. Open For Business is not recognized by base game (Windows 7)
  175. Access Violation
  176. Fire Mod Causing Object Errors Every Time Sim Tries to Autonomously Put Out Fire
  177. Sims UC will not boot up
  178. Unable to find custom .sc4 map to import into Sims 2
  179. My cursor is huge
  180. My sim keeps resetting (?) when I hover over her
  181. Origin has removed the Sims2 :'(
  182. Game Crashes when Attempting to Enter Lot with No Custom Content
  183. How do I get access on two sides of the road on a lot?
  184. Is this a sign of corruption?
  185. game just a tad too bright/shiny + some extreme shiny hairs
  186. ACR not showing hood wide settings
  187. Moving SIMPE to another folder
  188. Sims Rolling Extremely Bland Wants
  189. Can't delete stage
  190. Fixed: Adult Male Townie Base Game Blonde hair Has Become Corrupted
  191. Default concrete terrain not showing in lot view
  192. NPC creator and jobs on the control panel
  193. Collection Files
  194. Super Collection: Sims w/Missing Memories
  195. Does anybody have any experience fixing/lessening the weird blotches and visual glitches you get when using a depth of field mod?
  196. Sims2pack installs - Unable to use Clean Installer
  197. Huge lunatics cloud light with sadepaivas recolors shows up for the 4x4 chandelier
  198. One Time Only Enemy Memories - Which is NOT Normal
  199. Is there a way to turn off melody in the bubble blower?
  200. Will cc named [ccname]packagepackagepackpackagepackagepackage.package crash my game?
  201. SOLVED* How to add/edit retirement and pension in simPE?
  202. Can't Clean or Play With Wormrat or Bird
  203. Premade sim in Strangetown is vampire
  204. Custom hair mesh needs a fix
  205. Moving to new desk top
  206. Unlinked multi-PT alien pregnancy. Help?
  207. Failed to find any Directx 9.0c
  208. Graphics Rules Maker issue.
  209. *Solved* Custom neighborhood snapshot shows up blank
  210. Empty Stealth Hoods Not Working
  211. *FIXED* The community lot my sims went to didn’t load and now they won’t come back!!!
  212. Sim visit home every day without knocking/ringing
  213. Game Crashes on Second Page In Comfort Section In Buy Mode - EDIT: New issue
  214. What is this line thing and how do i get rid of it
  215. Broken Anniversary Party Memories
  216. Sims 2 File Structure being created wrong
  217. Sim wants to be friend with themselves
  218. My sim changed name by herself. Is this a sign of corruption? What do I do?
  219. Still Getting Wants Controller Tree Break Encountered Errors after removing all memories of deleted CC food.
  220. Weird legs or arms around or over body Bodyshop
  221. CAS Lighting and Photobooth pictures look like they've been overblown with white light
  222. Essential things to do after a fresh install?
  223. Pregnant sim Glich
  224. Jennifer Burb giving birth crashes my game
  225. Game crashing after adding cc and houses from previous laptop
  226. Paladin's Place/SimsWardrobe Sims 2 Categorizer workaround for UC
  227. Two of my families have vanished without a trace :( Is there any way to bring them back? Don't have a recent backup
  228. PregRel-NL+ not working properly
  229. Lenovo or Acer - I need your opinions :)
  230. Undefined Transition Error - Community Time Project
  231. [SOLVED] InTeenimater: adults can't get jobs because they "need to get better grades and do their homework before being able to work"?????
  232. can't enable CC
  233. Bying new laptop - can I play the Sims 2 on it?
  234. Have I Just Screwed My Neighbourhood Up? (Crashes When Loading)
  235. Can I delete a sim I just made? They haven’t met anyone or left the sim bin.
  236. Does cloning with moveobjects corrupt your game?
  237. Dormies Refuse to Share Dorm Washroom
  238. Broken Automony - Elder Males
  239. Default Replacements dont show up at thumbnail
  240. Sims 2 HomeCrafter Plus in Windows 10 *SOLVED*
  241. Cyjon's One Professor Mod
  242. Case of the vanishing pointy thing
  243. Private School Uniforms Default Replacement (simmeroux/deveroux - skeletontea)
  244. Transferring Old Disk Saves to Origin Ultimate Edition
  245. Base Game Objects and CC Objects
  246. SOLVED* How to fix Sims with Corrupt Faces?
  247. Hood Checker Help
  248. Problems after installing TS2 M&G
  249. How to deal with thin lines and cracks on sims' faces and clothes?
  250. Sims 2 video memory errors not solved by increasing textureMemory